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Top 3 Best Closed-Door Pull-Up Bars You Can Leave Attached

Are you looking for the best closed-door pull-up bar?

If you are, you are in the right place!

Buying a well made closed-door pull-up bar will really save you time and energy because it allows you to close the door while leaving it attached.

But most importantly…

… it allows you to work out privately.

Sadly choosing the best doorway pull-up bar is a tricky deal because of the huge variety of different brands, promises, and materials!

Luckily for you, I’ve already done the annoying and boring research and after a lot of trial and error, I finally came with a top 3 list…

In the next lines you are going to learn what are my top 3 favorite closed-door pull-up bars.

But before I continue I want to tell you something important.

Even with the best doorway pull-up bar at your disposal you can still fail miserably if you don’t know how to use it…

If you want to learn exactly that + a bunch of more awesome and useful stuff about pull-up bars I highly advise you to take 2 seconds and download our massive free guide Pull-Up Bar Training 101: Everything You Need To Know.

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But that’s not all!

If you stick with me till the end you will also learn:

  • How to pick the best closed-door pull-up bars…
  • Which type of pull-up bar can be used for a closed-door…
  • How to close the door while leaving the pull-up bar attached…
  • And much more.

So without any further ado, let’s jump right in…

Can You Close A Door With A Pull-Up Bar?

The only way you can close a door with a pull-up bar is if you have attached a doorway pull-up bar. Unlike the other types, the doorway pull-up bar does not entail extra-attachments and doesn’t require extra space except the width of your door.

In other words, the bulk and the design of the other type of pull-up bars blocks the door from closing.


All door frame pull-up bars (the pull-up bars that attach to the upper part of the frame) use a curved bar that connects to the other side of the door frame for added support. This alone makes closing the door impossible when in use.

Please look at the table below to clearly see my point:

Door Frame Pull-Up Bar Accessories, Parts, Attachments…Doorway Pull-Up Bar Accessories, Parts, Attachments…
Plastic Bar
Straight Bar
Curved bar
Acorn Nut
Spring Washers
Medium Bolts
Short bolts
and many more…
Touchpads for anchoring
Screws and some bolts (optional)
This is how each type differ in terms of bulk.

CONCLUSION: If you want to be able to close down your door and leave the bar attached your only choice is to buy oand use a solid doorway pull-bar for a closed-door workout.

Curious what is the best doorway pull-up bar? I invite you to check my favorite pull-up bar by clicking the link here.

I have trained many times using this doorway pull-up because and it’s really great.

Maybe you’ll like this too!

But in case you want more info than that I’ve listed my top 3 favorite doorway pull-up bars you have to try!

Let’s check them out…

Top 3 Best Closed-Door Pull-Up Bars You Can Leave Attached

Finally: It’s time to take a good look into my top 3 pull-up bars for the closed door. I’ve been using these products myself and I can assure you…

They’re for real!

1. Feierdun Doorway Pull Up and Chin Up Bar – Best Doorway Pull-Up Bar I Have Used

Solid pull-up bar

Click here to see Feierdun’s latest price on Amazon <<.

In my experience, this pull-up bar truly changes the game for a lot of pull-up bars in the market today. It boasts a number of advantages.

But, the greatest asset it has is its design that allows closing the door while being attached.

Its readily-assembled package makes the fastest installment possible. Needing no drilling holes and lousy attachments, it latches on by simple rotation of its pole.

What should I know about its rotating pole?

Its design involves a locking catch that you simply rotate to either turn loose or tight. Within the locking catch are screws and belts fitted in the middle rod.

Here’s how you attach it:

  • Attach the bar to the doorway frame.
  • Once attached, rotate the middle rod/pole to extend the bar’s length.
  • Continue rotating the pole (approximately a 360 degree turn) to secure the pressure of the bar.
  • As you adjust the pressure try grabbing and pulling up on the bar (make sure to do this very slowly).
  • If you feel that it’s tight, then it’s good to go.
  • Try closing the door. If blocks the door, then you might have to adjust the placement of the bar a bit father off the door.
  • After adjusting, close the door again. If it doesn’t block anymore, then it’s a success!

There’s more…

I’ve been using the product for many years now and it never shows any signs of damage both to itself and the doorway.

This could be due to its innovative retainer technology and a padded construction.

What should I know about its retainer?

It releases the pressure off the bar, preventing any untoward collapse mid-workout.

Of the two features, I find the padded construction a bit off. It tends to be too bulgy so that it consumes too much space.

Finally, I find the bar’s length: 28.3”~36.2’’ (72cm-92cm), to be entirely sufficient.

Do you want a quick review of this product? Check out its pros and cons below…

Click here to see Feierdun’s latest price on Amazon <<.

Here’s What I Like About the Product:

  • It’s a ready-assembled package.
  • It’s easy to install and remove (can be done within minutes).
  • You can close the door while it’s being attached.
  • It has sufficient length.
  • It feels solid and sturdy.
  • It helps you build upper body muscle groups, including the abs.
  • It doubles as a chin-up bar.
  • It supports at max 440 pounds of weight.
  • It does not easily slip or collapse on early use.

Here’s What I Don’t Like About the Product:

  • It creates dents on the door jambs if over-tightened. So, be careful when adjusting it.
  • Its screws need constant tightening/adjusting.
  • This product very tightly latches on to your doorway. So make sure to use an extra-sturdy doorway to truly support it. If you use a weak doorway for it, the doorway could break.
  • Its padded construction is too bulky that it takes too much space.

Final Verdict: The product has got the advantages of a closed-door workout. From the dozen of critical reviews about it, including my own, it’s proven to be solid.

Nevertheless, it’s got a lot of things to improve upon. That includes reducing the size of its bulky pads.

Therefore, I’d recommend to use the product for its lasting durability alone.

Click here to learn more about my favorite pull-up bar

2. Sunny Health & Fitness Door Way Chin-Up and Pull-Up Bar – Most Affordable Doorway Pull-Up Bar (You Can Close The Door)

Click here to see Sunny Health & Fitness’s latest price on Amazon <<.

This product surely has much to offer on its plate.

But here’s my best impression of it…

Even if its pole looks and feels thin, it’s actually very sturdy, thanks to its chrome-plated steel bar body!

Despite having used this for several years now, it still never fails to impress me with its stability. Hell yeah! I even use it with my door closed.

You can use this on any doorway locations (provided that it’s a strong doorway), and it will hold on to it like magic.

Which length of this bar should I pick?

Good news: You don’t have to go through the trouble of picking the right lengths over this one. That is because; it’s designed with an adjustable length of 24. 5 to 36 inches.

With this feature, I can easily store it in tight spaces under short time.

How much can the product hold?

It can hold a maximum of 220 pounds.

But be careful though…

This is only a maximum estimation. And even if it says it can hold a heavier weight, it wouldn’t be recommended to subject it to tremendous pressure.

In my case, 180 pounds is already heavy.

As they all say, prevention is better than cure.

Special Features of the Product:

  • Adjustable length
  • Bearing brackets for added stability

Before we proceed with its pros and cons, let me emphasize that its grip is not as comfortable as it says so.

That is because it can get slippery when you have sweaty hands. So, I recommend that you use gloves when pulling-up with it.

Are you looking for good workout gloves? I invite you to pay my favorite workout gloves for a quick visit here.

These gloves impress for years now with their strong grip, durable leather quality, and a lot more…

Now, read on to see the product in a nutshell…

Click here to see Sunny Health & Fitness’s latest price on Amazon <<.

What I Like About the Product:

  • It can be used for a closed-door workout.
  • It’s slim, yet stable.
  • It doubles as a chin-up bar.
  • It has bearing brackets for added stability.
  • It holds a maximum of 220 pounds of weight.
  • Its length is adjustable: 24. 5 to 36 inches.
  • Chrome-plated steel bar body.

What I Don’t Like About the Product:

  • Grips can easily get slippery with sweaty hands.
  • It might fall if you don’t attach it in the doorway to limit the chances of having to remove it again. Anyway, it can be left there even with a closed door. Just position it in the higher part of the door jamb to allow you to pass through.
  • The bar might spin at times.
  • The black caps easily loosen up and fall. I recommend taping them.
  • It might need supplementary screws because its own screws are poorly made.
  • The product might take time to put up.

Final Verdict: This product is fairly stable, and it’s got all you need for a closed-door workout.

While it has a lot of advantages, it also needs to improve on some important aspects namely, quality of screws, attachment speed, slippery grips, etc.

Therefore, it’s a continuously-improving, yet trustworthy product.

See the product by clicking this link here.

3. AmazeFan Doorway Pull Up Bar for Closed Doors – Most Comfortable Doorway Pull-Up Bar

Click here to see AmazeFan’s latest price on Amazon <<.

Besides the fact that this product is best to attach with the door closed, it’s got an extended grip length that is anti-slip.

This feature alone made me buy the product a year ago. And it didn’t disappoint me because that’s exactly what I was looking for then.

What do I need extended grip handles for?

According to science [4], the act of changing the distances between the hands when pulling-up builds more muscles. And this is what the long/extended grip handles provide.

In my experience with the product (even when it’s still fairly new), I can say that it’s extremely stable.

Firstly, its grip handles are 101% non-slippery. Secondly, it does not loosely rotate, thanks to its added firmness.

Finally, it’s made of durable iron. But even with its iron build, you’ll be surprised that it consumes the least space possible!

Because of that, it’s highly compatible to many doorway types and heights.

Good news: It can be attached to several doorway heights/levels. Meaning, you can do exercises with it other than pull-ups.

These include:

  • Chin-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Crunches
  • Stretching
  • Sit-ups

Another thing I find excellent in its package are the 2 wrist straps included.

What do I use the wrist straps for?

The wrist straps are sewn piece of cloth (or leather) worn around the wrist to support them and make them hold on to weight easily.

One of the biggest benefits of wearing wrist straps is the fact that despite tiring out your target muscle, you are assured that your grip won’t tire first.

Click here to see my wrist wraps on Amazon (trust me they are the best)<<

What should I be concerned about when using the product?

You should be concerned about adjusting its length. The bar’s rotation mechanism can spin uncontrollably if you do it carelessly.

When that happens, it can grip too tightly unto the doorway and potentially damage it.

I recommend that you rotate its pole very carefully.

What if my roommates don’t want to see drill holes on the doorway?

The best solution is to use a no-screws doorway pull-up bar instead. Click the link to this video to learn how to do it.

Keep scrolling down for the pros and cons…

Click here to see AmazeFan’s latest price on Amazon <<.

What I Like About the Product:

  • It’s multi-functional. It can function for chin-up, push-up sit-ups, etc.
  • It’s durable and stable; it doesn’t loosely rotate.
  • It can be used as closed-door pull-up bar.
  • It has certified non-slip and comfortable foam grips. Also, its grip handles are extended, allowing you to change distances between grips.
  • It can hold a maximum of 300 pounds of weight.
  • Its length is adjustable between 26-39 inches.
  • It is easily installed and removed.
  • It consumes less space.
  • It can be used on several doorway levels and heights (high-compatibility to a lot of doorways, in terms of width and height).

What I Don’t Like About the Product:

  • Its screws are poorly made. It helps to have extra-screws at home.
  • Leaves large ring marks in doorway wood.
  • Grip handles can loosen up once you put its length to its longest reach.
  • Rubber in feet might loosen and fall off.
  • Its adjusting mechanism is sensitive to pressure that it spins off uncontrollably if pushed too hard.

Final Verdict: This product highlights a durable iron construction, extended comfortable grips, high-compatibility to a lot of doorways, an all-around quality, and a lot more.

It has much to improve upon its design namely, its adjustment part, tendency to damage the door, and other issues.

Click here to see AmazeFan’s latest price on Amazon <<.

But which one of the 3 doorway pull-up bars should I get?

All-in-all, its a decent product to use.


Without a doubt, my best pick is the number one product, the Feierdun Doorway Pull Up and Chin Up Bar!

I picked it because of its wholesome, durable, and totally trustworthy package. On top of that, it requires no drilling at all.

I’m pretty sure it will make it beyond 3 years…

5 Good Reasons Why You Would Want To Be Able To Close a Door With Pull-Up Bar On

If you prefer to close the door while doing pull-ups, you are not alone. And, you’ve got good reasons for that.

Here are 5 good reasons why you’d want to close the door with a pull-up bar on

1. You Can Work Out Privately.

Working out with a closed-door pull-up bar allows you to keep things private.

This can be helpful if you are working with other people in your home and you don’t want them to see you sweating, or struggling.

Other reasons that call for private workout:

  • You just started your workout routine.
  • You’d like to surprise people with your transformation.
  • You just don’t feel other people in your home observing your workout.

2. You Can Mount or Remove the Bar Easily.

The doorway pull-up bars for closed-door workouts are totally easy to put up and remove. That is because they’re designed with the least drilling needs possible.

How can I prevent the pull-up bar from damaging my door?

Here’s how I do it:

  • Place a piece of cloth or towel on the spot of the door where the tip of bar touches.
  • Avoid swinging when hanging from your pull-up bar as it causes it to rub and cause damage to your door.

3. You Can Avoid Disturbing Your Roommates.

Working out behind-closed-doors works as a double plus. It both pays you and your housemates the pleasure of privacy.

You see, workouts can be a little distracting to some people in your home…

The closed-door pull-up bar allows you to work out full blast without being concerned whether you’re disturbing your mates or not.

4. You Can Leave It Attached to a Door Permanently (you can close and open your door with it).


According to this study [1], the greatest plus of the closed-door pull-bar is the fact that it can simply stay attached if you prefer it too.

The normal pull-up bar, in contrast, requires that you detach it in order to close the door.

That mate can be a bit of a hassle!

5.  You Won’t Be Bothered by the Door Suddenly Closing in on You.

I know a lot of friends who get paranoid about the fact that the door, upon the strong gush of wind, can suddenly slam on them.


Someone could cause the door to move and shut on its own.


“That’s quite a valid thought”, I thought.

So with a smile, I simply advise them:

  • Make sure that you place a stopper against the door.
  • Make sure that your door is not a self-closing door.

The simplest solution: Buy a closed-door pull-up bar so you can finally close the door for good.  

What if someone suddenly opens the door in the middle of my workout?

Good point: That’s what the lock is made for! It’s made for the golden rule that presses the need for locking the door every time you do workouts.

It applies to all workouts, especially to those involving resistance bands.

Did you know that there are several types of pull-up bar…

And, that only 2 of these types can be attached to a door?

Read on to find out…

2 Common Types of Pull-Up Bar for Door You Need To Know Now!

Pull-up bars actually have 5 known types: the doorway, door frame, wall-mounted, ceiling, and outdoor.

Knowing the differences between these types helps you easily determine which bars to attach to a door.

As you go further into the types of door bars and learn their different functions, you’ll understand why only a specific type of bar can be used for a closed-door workout.

Also, if you know their differences, you’ll simply know what you want to use in the future.

But since this article tackles only the door bars, we’ll only be talking about 2 types...

Behold, the difference between a doorway and door frame pull-up bar!

Type 1- Doorway Pull-Up Bar

This type of pull-up bar is attached to the sides of the door frame (jambs) [2]. It can be attached and removed quickly because it doesn’t require screwing or drilling.

The doorway pull-up bar is cool to use on doors that are located in the corner of the room, or in any tight space.

Example of a doorway pull-up bar

Click here to see my favorite doorway pull-up bar I’ve used <<

Of all the types, this is the only one that qualifies as a closed-door pull-up bar.

Read on to know about the pros and cons in using this equipment…

What I Like About It:

  • It’s light and portable.
  • It takes very small space.
  • It’s easier to mount.
  • It’s easier to store and maintain.
  • It doesn’t need extra attachments.

What I Don’t Like About It:

  • It’s not stable.
  • It can damage the doorway.
  • It can fall in anytime.
  • It lacks headroom allowance causing your legs to touch the ground when hanging from it. It can especially become problematic for tall people.
  • It isn’t compatible with a lot of door frames.
  • You can’t perform a lot of movements with it.

How do I activate my muscles using this bar?

This bar allows you to build muscle groups through the differences in the gripping distance: close, or wide grip.

Quick Note: Pull-up bars are usually noted because of their inclination for a wider grip distance (wider than the shoulders).

If you prefer a pull-up workout with tighter gripping distance, you can use the chin-up bar.

What should I know about using the pull-up bar as chin-up?

Check the section below this to learn about chin-up bar…

Why We Commonly Use Doorway Pull-Up Bar as Chin-Up?

The chin-up is simply the way the person holds the bar, wherein the orientation of palms are facing toward the person, not against him/her.

One of the disadvantages of the doorway pull-up bar is that it isn’t wide. So you can’t really do wide-grip pull-ups with it.

Also, the bar is limited to the width of the doorway.


Since a regular doorway pull-up bar has got extra padding in its grips, it should be comfortable for chin-ups.

And again, because of its limited width, it’s only commonly used for close-grip pull-ups, chin-ups, and regular pull-ups.

How can I build muscles through chin-ups?

Here are things you need to learn to build muscles through chin-ups:

  • Hold the bar with your palms and pull-up.
  • As you pull-up, arch your back and lift your head backward to let your chest touch the bar.
  • Now, if you want to build your larger muscles in the back, reverse the said processes by starting with a lifted position and ending with a release.

And, that’s all there is.

(Know more about the difference between a chin-up and pull-up by clicking the link to watch the video here).

Click here to see which is the most comfortable chin-up bull-up bar I’ve used.

Type 2- Door Frame Pull-Up Bar

This type of pull-up bar is attached to the upper frame of the door. It usually has several grips or fasteners.

(Check out my favorite door frame bar I own by clicking this link here).

Because of its multiple grips (including the curved bar linked to the platform), it’s considered as safest to use [3].

Still, this won’t change the fact that the pull-up is highly dependent on the strength of the door frame.


I recommend that you find out if your door frame can support a pull-up bar.

(Click the link here to learn the 5 fast ways to find out).  

Read further to know about the pros and cons in using this equipment…

What I Like About It:

  • It has multiple grips (overhand, underhand, neutral) and fastening options for ultimate safety.
  • It has padded touchpoints.  
  • It has a sturdier build.
  • It does not fall anytime.
  • If the door you are attaching it to is strong enough, then there’s no reason for it to collapse.
  • It’s easy to pack and store.
  • It’s wider than the other type and in most cases, doesn’t require screws.

What I Don’t Like About It:

  • It can be uncomfortable if the length between the floor and the door’s upper frame is shorter than usual.
  • It takes time to put up.
  • It sometimes needs screws to put.
  • It’s heavier than the doorway pull-up bar.
  • It doesn’t allow the door to close because of its attachments.
  • It takes a lot of space.

(Click the link to this video to learn how to assemble a door frame pull-up bar.)

You’ve finally got your hand on the top 3 best pull-up bars!

But even tho, I have something else I want to show you…

Pull-Up Bars… The Next Steps

As you already saw the top 3 best pull-up bars featured in this article are all doorway pull-up bars!

And that’s not random…

Given its design and size, a doorway pull-up bar type is the only type that qualifies as a closed-door pull-up bar.

That is because a doorway pull-up bar is less bulky and it does not have additional attachments that might block the door from closing.

As you already know you can simply attach it, close the door, and voila! You can now do pull-up exercises privately!

The top 3 doorway pull-up bar products I recommend are:

But this is just scratching the surface.

If you want to learn EVEN MORE about pull-up bars you need to follow these 2 simple steps…

STEP 1: Enter your email and download our completely free huge guide about pull-up bars training. (it really has everything you really need)

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STEP 2: Continue learning by checking my other awesome articles about pull-up bars and how to use them.

Here are a couple of my favorite ones:

And remember – “A pull-up bar is worthless if you don’t know how to use it…”

– Bozhidar


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With the help of my knowledge and over 8 years of workout experience, I can help you get on the next level. I own a home gym, do calisthenics, little gymnastics, and love to ride a bike.

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