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5 Best Parallettes for Calisthenics 2024 for Beginners (Guide)

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Buying good parallettes that are not going to wobble and break isn’t as easy as you think…

From personal experience, I know how overwhelming this can be because there are hundreds of different products and brands promising the same things.

  • But which parallettes to get?
  • What are the main differences between the good and the bad parallettes?
  • Which are the top 5 best parallettes for calisthenics?
  • What are the 9 very important things you should know before you buy your first pair of parallettes?
  • What are the main benefits of using parallettes in your workouts?
  • Which ones am I currently using and why?

Hi there, my name is Bozhidar and if you want to learn the answers to all those questions I highly recommend you to read this guide till the end.

As someone who has used parallettes for a very long time I know things most people don’t.

So without any further ado let’s get right into the good stuff…

But before I show you my own calisthenics parallettes and call it a day I want to give you something…

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With that out of the way let’s continue with what you have came for…

No time to read the whole article?

If that’s your case I highly recommend you check out the personal parallettes I have used for over a year now – the Body Power PL1000:

My personal parallettes from Body Power

Click Here to check Body Power PL1000’s price on Amazon <

I really like these parallettes because they are very sturdy, have wide and square legs and are extremely lightweight and portable.

I really like to use them for handstand push-ups, incline push-ups, tricep dips, l-sit and they still look brand new.

I’ve even taken them for a couple of outdoor workouts because they can easily be assembled by removing the 4 small bolts using a tiny wrench.

In my opinion, these are the best parallettes for calisthenics because they are very affordable, well made and versatile.

Click Here to check their latest price on Amazon <<

With that being said, let’s take a look at what are the other options…

Top 5 Best Parallettes for Calisthenics You Need To See

Even if the PL1000’s are very good parallettes I like that doesn’t mean they are the only good ones you can get.

In order to help you find the ones you really need I’m going to review and compare 5 different parallettes I really like that have good quality, reasonable prices and nice durable. 

In order to do that I’m going to compare and evaluate each model in 7 different categories and rate it accordingly on a scale of 1 to 10 so, you can understand which one should be the best ones for you.

Here are all the categories I will be using:

  • My overall experience and opinion
  • Stability and durability
  • Height and width
  • Portability
  • What makes them unique and better than the rest?
  • Who are these parallettes best for?
  • Are there any good alternatives?
  • What I like
  • What I don’t like

With that being said let’s take a preview of what are my top 5 models and what are their unique characteristics:

Top 5 Best Parallettes for Calisthenics

  1. Body Power PL1000 – Best Parallettes For Beginners
  2. Vita Vibe Wood Parallettes Set – Best Wooden Parallettes
  3. Tumbl Trak Portable Parallette Bars – Best Portable Parallettes for Travel
  4. Lebert Parallettes Stand – Best Parallettes for Calisthenics
  5. XTEK Gym XL Parallette Bars – Most Stable Parallettes for Home Training

Comparison table (please click on the name to learn more about a specific model)

NameBest forWeight (Per 1)LengthHeightWeight Capacity
Body Power PL1000Best Parallettes For BeginnersAround 6 lbs24 inches12 inches380 lbs
Vita Vibe Wood Parallettes SetBest Wooden ParallettesAround 5 lbs18 or 24 inches10-3/4 inches300 lbs
Tumbl Trak Portable Parallette BarsBest Portable Parallettes for Travel1.5 lbs12 inches2 inches250 lbs
Lebert Parallettes StandBest Parallettes for Calisthenics5 lbs21 3/4 inches12 inches400 lbs
XTEK Gym XL Parallette BarsMost Stable Parallettes for Home Training9 lbs19 inches14.5 inches600 lbs

As you can see even if all models are parallette bars they are not the same.

Each product is unique and different from others so check them out and go for the model that fits your individual needs the best. 

Let’s start with the first one which I currently use …

1. Body Power PL1000 – Best Parallettes For Beginners

My personal parallettes

Click Here to check Body Power PL1000’s price on Amazon <

My overall experience and opinion:

It’s not hard to understand why the first parallettes I’m going to review are the ones I’m currently using.

In my opinion these parallette bars rock in every possible way.

To begin with, they have a very good and affordable price, are great for home calisthenics and are really tough.

Every part of this model is made out of strong steel and both parallettes can easily withstand the impressive 380 pounds of weight.

As I have previously said (if you are a regular reader) the bigger the number the better overall quality of the product.

And that’s why I really like the PL1000.

Another cool feature is the integrated knurling grip you can find on both handles.

Which is this one here

This is usually done on dumbbells and barbells on the part that you are gripping in order to help with sweaty palms and I really like this addition.

When it comes to dimensions the holding bars are 24 inches long and 12 inches tall.

That gives you plenty of working surface and enough space above the ground for additional calisthenic exercises.

Because of the black finish, I believe these bars would be a great fit with other home gym machines you may own.

Even if you don’t have any additional equipment they still look great!

Despite the bulky size (they are not small at all), both bars are quite lightweight.

That makes moving and storing them an easy task. The thickness of the pipe is 1.5” making it perfect for most people’s grip

Body Power has thought about your floors and your safety so these parallettes come with 4 thick rubber feet.

Not only are they going to protect your precious floor from ugly scratches but they also do really improve the overall stability of the bars.

Isn’t that cool?

In addition to the feet, I want to also mention that the TL1000 has a pretty wide and solid base making the whole thing sturdy and safe to use even during handstands and such.

I’ve done countless reps and so far I haven’t felt!

Another cool thing is that it only takes around 5 minutes to assemble the whole thing with a small wrench which is also included.

Finally, I want to wrap this review by letting you know that you are also getting good customer service, a nice warranty, and a return policy.

Stability and durability: I really like those parallettes and use them regularly because they are very stable and well made. I really like their wide base, thick rubber feet, and high-quality stainless steel with a nice finish. After all, they are pretty large and can withstand near 400 lbs. So because of all those things I’m going to rate them a 9 out of 10 in this category. Even tho they are not the strongest ones that exist they have a really nice balance between weight and stability. 

Height and width: I have bought these parallettes because they are one of the widest ones you can get with 24 inches of space from end to end. When you combine that with their 12 inches of height that do really give you plenty of space to use. I use mine to do plenty of difficult exercises and have never had any problem with having too little space to move around. That’s why I believe they deserve to get a 10 out of 10 in the height and width category. You can’t really get any better than this when it comes to parallettes.

Portability: Sadly because of their bulky size and weight they are not very portable if we speak about taking them inside a backpack and going somewhere far. But they are great for a home workout or a backyard quick workout. All you need is a stable base and good weather so on a scale of 1 to 10 I believe they deserve a solid 7 when it comes to portability. Even if they are not the most portable option, they are not that bad either.

What makes them unique and better than the rest?: What makes my parallettes better than the majority you can find is the overall size, materials, and stability. Even if they are not the smallest or lightest ones you can get they are really safe and well made. And the dimensions are perfect so you would have no problem doing plenty of exercises using the full range of motion. Sadly I can’t say the same for the majority of the cheaper ones you can find.

Who are these parallettes best for?: Because of the thick steel, wide base and good dimensions these parallettes are perfect for beginners who are just starting out and want to learn the art of calisthenics. They are very safe and won’t slide or drop so you won’t have to worry about that. But because of that, they are also a great choice for more advanced people who really want to challenge themselves. So if you are building a solid calisthenics home gym the Body Power PL1000 are a great option to consider.

Are there any good alternatives?: The only parallettes that are worth being compared to them are the XTEK XL Parrallette bars (click here to check them out). Even if both models have a very similar solid design the XTEK ones are a little taller and can withstand more weight. But they are heavier and bulkier so have that in mind. If you want to see my complete review on them keep reading.

What I Do Like

  • Good price for the given quality
  • Made out of steel
  • Decent length and height with a wide and stable base
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Can hold up to 380 pounds
  • Easy and fast assembly – 10 mins or less

What I Don’t Like

  • Not quite portable because of the size
  • Can still move around on some surfaces

Quick Summary:

Even if Body Power PL1000 is not the most compacted model it’s still capable of providing you with everything you need for calisthenics.

It’s sturdy, reasonably priced, well made and comes with good customer service.

It’s a pretty nice choice you should check out.

Click Here to check Body Power PL1000’s latest price on Amazon

2. Vita Vibe Wood Parallettes Set – Best Wooden Parallettes

Click Here to check Vita Vibe parallettes latest price on Amazon <

My overall experience and opinion:

The second set made by Vita Vibe uses a quite good combination of 2 of the best materials – heavy gauge steel and hardwood ash wood.

Yes, I know that sounds really expensive but actually, it isn’t.

You can buy these parallettes at a very reasonable price.

As you can see from the picture the triangle shape design is very unique and tough.

I’ve trained on them once (I friend of mine has them) and they were solid.

There wasn’t any unwanted wobbling or movements even when I was doing very explosive stuff.

I believe that the additional rubber feet helped a lot because they literally glued it to the floor.

These parallettes can hold up to 250 pounds which is a smaller number than mine but it’s still a pretty good limit and it should be enough for most people who are into calisthenics.

But the thing that makes these parallel bars unique is the 2 different length options you can choose.

With Vita Vibe you can choose between 18 inches or 24 inches (If you can choose, go for the bigger option). 

The height of these Vita Vibe bars is 10 inches which is shorter than the previous model but it’s enough for the majority of bodyweight exercises.

Everything is powder-coated and the outer texture is a little rough making the whole surface perfect for gripping and more durable towards scratches.

But the best part is the wood.

I don’t know if you are familiar with this but hardwood ash (the wood these bars are made from) is the same material that is used for the creation of baseball bats. 

That, my friends, speak for only one thing – quality.

In addition to that wood is really good at absorbing water and doesn’t become as slippery as metal or plastic.

You won’t have to worry about the thickness of the handles too, because they are only 1.5” wide which is the standard. 

Another cool thing is that because of the unique triangle design, you are able to place them quite closer parallelly which is something most models can’t provide.

But the best thing is that you will need only a screwdriver to assemble the whole thing (which is included) and you will be ready to get pumped in no time.

Let’s not forget the fact that this is one of the few products manufactured in the USA and that’s why it comes with a 10-year warranty. 

Stability and durability: Even tho I really like my metal parallettes I have to give credit to the Vita Vibe wooden ones because wood is way more comfortable to hold than metal. But even tho they use wooden handles that doesn’t mean they are unstable. As a matter of fact, it’s the exact opposite. Because of the unique triangle shape, these parallettes have a really wide and stable base. When you combine that with the 5 lbs of weight per bar you can easily see why I’ll give them an 8 out of 10 in this category. Even if wood is not as durable as metal, they are very well made and if cared for properly will last you a very long time. After all, they are made in the USA using great materials.

Height and width: As a matter of fact these parallettes have almost the same dimension as the ones I currently use so I have to give them credit for that. The width is great for moving your hand around and the height of almost 11 inches is perfect for most bodyweight exercises. So when it comes to ratings I’m confident they deserve no less than a 9 out of 10 in this category. After all, they are really really big and easy to use.

Portability: When it comes to portability these push-up bars are not hard to carry around the house. After all, they are lighter than the most fully metal ones and still offer the same benefits. Well, it won’t be easy to take them for a walk but they work really well outdoors or nearby. Just make sure to keep them from getting really wet because wood and water don’t like each other. But because of their weight and overall dimensions, I will give them a 7.5 out of 10 when it comes to portability.

What makes them unique and better than the rest?: The thing that really makes them stand out from the rest is the fact that they are made in the USA and use 2 very good materials combined – wood and strong metal. That strategy makes them really unique because they combine the strength of the metal and the nice grip of the wood. In addition to that, the big length with a combination of the wide base also makes them stand from the crowd. So if you are a wood lover but you want durability, you would love those.

Who are these parallettes best for?: Because of the big design, durable base and great price these wooden parallettes are a great option for both beginners and more advanced athletes who want to get on the next level. They are a great addition to any home gym and are not so bulky as many of the other models you can get. So if you are really looking to stand out from the crowd these parallette bars are a great way to do it while keeping the quality high. 

Are there any good alternatives?: If you really dig the wood/metal combination a great alternative you can check is the BLH parallettes (click here for a closer look). Even tho they are a little bit smaller than the Vita Vibe ones they are a worthy alternative because they have very good rubber padding and a very wide base. Check them out and see for yourself.

What I Do Like:

  • Great price and quality
  • Made out of a combination of hardwood ash and strong steel
  • Can support up to 300 pounds even with the handles made from wood
  • Wood handles are ideal for sweaty palms and solid grip
  • You can choose from 2 different lengths
  • It uses rubber feet
  • Made in the USA, easy to assemble, and comes with a 10-year warranty

What I Don’t Like:

  • Quite Heavy – not portable and made for outside usage
  • Bolts are sticking out and could be potentially dangerous if you fall on top

Quick Summary:

The unique combination of wood and steel makes Vita Vibe Parallettes stand out from the crowd.

With their good price, easy set up, heavy and stable design these parallettes are an ideal option for calisthenics.

They are something worth checking. 

Click Here to check these parallettes’ price on Amazon

3. Tumbl Trak Portable Parallette Bars – Best Portable Parallettes for Travel

Click Here to check their latest price on Amazon <

My overall experience and opinion:

The 3rd model I’m going to review is very unique and has an outside of the box design.

Tumbl Trak has done an excellent job creating the ideal parallettes for travel.

Because of their extraordinary lightweight and very compact design you can easily place them in your bag and take them with you wherever you go.

In order to achieve this, these portable parallettes use a very clever design.

When not in use, the handles go literally inside the body making everything extremely compact.

I’ve never seen anything like that!

Click Here to check their latest price on Amazon <

So if you are looking for a design that allows you to carry easily your parallettes and travel around this is what you are looking for.

And the interesting part is that you don’t need any tools to do this.

Everything can be done by your bare hands and it takes only a couple of seconds.

I haven’t seen any other model like this and so I find the assembly process quite unique, fast and easy to do.

As it comes to durability they handle well.

They are made from a sturdy aluminum core covered with polymer which makes everything strong and comfortable at the same time.

Let’s not forget the fact that even with the unique design Tumbl Trak has made these parallettes very affordable.

The overall size is pretty nice considering this is a portable model!

We are talking about 12 inches length x 2 inches height x 6 inches width.

It’s not as tall as some as the other models from this list but don’t forget that these are portable parallettes.

And because of the wide bottom, short height and non-slip rubber base you won’t have any stability problems.

I would even say that the size of the rubber area is bigger than most other models I’ve seen making it more stable and safe. 

With even that small and portable design these parallettes can easily withstand 250 lbs which is really impressive.

In addition to that, you also get a useful travel bag you can use for storage and easy transportation of all the parts so nothing is lost.

If you decide to get this specific model you will also receive good customer service and return policy.

Stability and durability: Even tho these parallettes are made from plastic and wood and weigh only 3 lbs combined they are still very stable because of the low center of gravity. After all, they are only 2 inches above the ground so there isn’t any possibility of you falling on one side. But even with those light materials, these parallette bars can withstand easier over 250 lbs which is pretty impressive. So when it comes to stability and durability I’m going to give them a 7 out of 10. The only reason why It’s not a bigger number is that they are made from plastic which is not the strongest material available.

Height and width: Sadly when it comes to those 2 metrics these bars are nothing special. You could still do handstands, push-ups, planche, and dips but it will be more difficult to have a deeper and better range of motion compared to the previous 2 models. Because of this factor, I’ll have to give them a 6.5 out of 10. But if you don’t mind about the size or what they offer, they are still something really worth having.

Portability: Now here is the place where these parallettes thrive. Because of the unique quickly disassemble design that requires no tools or space you have the option to stack them inside a small bag and take them anywhere you go. I mean these bars are designed for this so anything less than 10 out of 10 would be unrealistic. After all, I’ve never seen anything like this when it comes to the unique, portable, and lightweight design.

What makes them unique and better than the rest?: Just look at them. I don’t know about you but these parallettes are one of a kind and are proof that not all innovative things are bad. But the biggest thing that makes them unique and better is the fact that you can disassemble them in seconds and take them anywhere you want. After all, they only weigh about 3 lbs which is how a big water bottle weighs which is very impressive. And the best part is that they are also very strong and offer everything you want in such a product.

Who are these parallettes best for?: In my opinion, these parallettes are an ideal option for anyone who wants to carry a pair with him often. They are small, light, and strong so you won’t have any problems no matter how much weight you place on top. That makes them an excellent option for outdoor training or a perfect little travel kit when you go on vacation or somewhere else. You can easily pack them inside your bag and include a couple of bands and you are ready to do calisthenics anywhere you want.

Are there any good alternatives?: Because of the unique and innovative design and structure I couldn’t find any worthy alternatives except for the basic 100% plastic push-up bars like these. But to be honest, I wouldn’t recommend them because they aren’t very stable, don’t offer a lot of stability, and are made entirely from plastic. So with these bars, you don’t have any solid options.

What I Do Like:

  • Affordable and unique
  • Perfect for travel 
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Fast and easy assembly by hand
  • Strong, and durable design – can hold 250 lbs
  • Use non-slip rubber base
  • Decent size

What I Don’t Like:

  • Rails don’t absorb sweat and can be slippery
  • Can be too low to the floor limiting the number of exercises you can do

Quick Summary:

If you like to travel and want to have the freedom to do calisthenics no matter where you are then Tumbl Trak Portable Parallettes might be the best parallettes for you.

They are lightweight, use a unique assembly design that you can do with bare hands and at the same time, are quite durable, stable and made from good materials.

And don’t forget the great price, customer service and return policy.

Click Here to see their latest Price on Amazon

4. Lebert Parallettes Stand – Best Overall

Click Here to check Lebert Parallettes’ latest price on Amazon <

My overall experience and opinion:

The fourth set of parallettes made by Lebert is one of my personal favorites and now you will understand why.

Firstly let’s talk about the price.

The price of these bars is very reasonable having in mind what great quality you are getting in return. 

When it comes to design and color Lebert gives you 2 colors to choose from – yellow or chrome.

Even if this isn’t the most important factor it’s still good to know that no other brand offers this choice.

I personally prefer Chrome and find that the overall look it provides is very eye-pleasing and aesthetic.

I want to also mention that for me this is the best looking functional round edge design out of everything I have seen. 

The round edges do not only look well – they add additional safety if you accidentally lose your balance and fall on top of the whole thing.

Speaking of edges it’s good to mention that the whole frame is made out of high-density stainless steel which is sturdy and lightweight at the same time.

Each bar weighs only 5 pounds making them easy to carry and store when not needed. 

Even with that lightweight frame, this set of parallettes can quite easily hold up 400 lbs.

One of the reasons behind why it could hold so much weight and has very good stability at the same time is the fact that the whole structure uses a pretty wide 16” inch base. 

With its 25” length x 12” height, the Lebert Parallettes provide you with plenty of room to do all your favorite movements with enough space from the ground.

Both stands have a handle diameter of approx. 3” which is thicker than most models which can surely improve your grip strength and forearm development.

I know metal can be quite slippery when you are using sweaty palms but because of the 2 pretty long non-slip rubber grips, you won’t have to worry about that.

Everything is easy to assemble but the best part is the free PDF workout program made by Frank Medrano.

Stability and durability: If you are looking for the best parallettes for calisthenics then you need to check the Lebert parallettes because they are very stable and durable. I’ve used them a couple of times and they were very still and were very comfortable to hold. After all, they are made from good stainless steel and have a very wide base and good rubber feet. So when it comes to stability and durability I would rate them a 9 out of 10 because they are made from good materials, have a good, wide, and stable base, and weigh about 10 pounds combined which also helps a lot. 

Height and width: When it comes to width they are a little shorter than my favorite ones but have the exact same height of 12 inches which is perfect for the majority of the bodyweight exercises. For example, you can easily do tricep dips, deep chest push-ups, an l-sit with a lot of space beneath your body, and shoulder push-ups without banging your head on the floor. And because of those things, I’m happy to give it a 9 out of 10 in this category. In my opinion, it would be better if they had a little bit more height and width.

Portability: Because of their size and weight the Lebert parallettes are not the most portable option you can get. Sure, you could be able to move it around but you need to unscrew 4 bolts in order to disassemble them which takes extra time. That’s why I believe they are best suited for mainly home use and on rare occasions at the garden. So when it comes to portability they will score a 7 out of 10 for me. But don’t get me wrong. You can still carry them around. They are simply not designed specifically for that.

What makes them unique and better than the rest?: The main thing that makes these parallettes stand out from the rest is the exceptionally great materials used and the overall size and weight capacity. They also have one of the best visual designs I’ve ever seen (if you don’t believe me click here and check the chrome version yourself) and a very comfortable grip padding none of the other models have. I know it’s nothing that special to have padding but if you have really sweaty hands this might be a real benefit.

Who are these parallettes best for?: After using them I have to say that these parallettes are perfect for home workouts and people who need more space and better stability. Because of their extra padding and wide design, these bars are perfect for calisthenics and more explosive type of training. So if you really like to train at home and you need something comfortable and well made the Lebert parallettes are an excellent option to consider.

Are there any good alternatives?: Even tho I like them a lot they are not the only ones that have such a design. If you are looking for a worthy alternative you should check out these ones. They are taller than Lebert but shorter and with less padding. But in general, the overall quality is the same. Take a look and see for yourself.

What I Do Like:

  • Good price and quality
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy and fast assembly
  • Solid steel frame and nice design
  • Every bar comes with additional non-slip padding
  • Wide base and great size for off the ground exercises

What I Don’t Like:

  • Not very good traction to the floor
  • Not portable

Quick Summary:

Lebert has provided you with everything you can possibly need for a reasonable price.

Their parallettes are very durable, lightweight and look amazing.

The overall quality is nice and with the help of the additional handgrips and wide base, you will be sure that everything is going to stay in the same place.

If you like what you hear click the image below to learn more.

Click Here to check Lebert Parallettes’ latest price on Amazon <

5. XTEK Gym XL Parallette Bars – Best Stability

Click Here to check XTEK parallettes’ latest price on Amazon <

My overall experience and opinion:

The fifth and final model is something you shouldn’t want to ignore and pass.

As you can see from the image these parallettes are really tough. As a matter a fact they are made from 2mm gauge steel with a wide and solid base.

With such a solid design, you will have no problems with wobbling and focus more on the muscle and strength building part of the training. 

XTEK Gym has made sure to stay competitive with the other brands on the market so they have placed quite a reasonable and affordable price for this model.

Each bar weighs 7 lbs which is little more compared to the previous model but is still lightweight having in mind that it can easily hold up to 300 lbs of maximum load. 

All important parts are powder coated for additional protection and improved gripping.

Sadly there aren’t any additional grips and the metal could become slippery if you are not careful.

When it comes to numbers the XTEK parallettes are 19” long and 14.5” tall making this model the tallest and longest parallettes you can find.

Unfortunately, the tubbing is thinner compared to all the previous models with a diameter of 1.25 but even with that flаw, these parallettes are extremely safe.

From my personal experience (my lat pulldown machine has the same rubber feet) I want to say that its 4 rubber feet are solid.

I use them on laminate and everything is holding in one place no matter what I do.

The assembly process takes only 10-15 minutes to connect everything using the included tools and parts.

With this purchase, you also get a 1-year money-back guarantee and good customer service.

Stability and durability: If you wonder why I’ve called them “the most stable parallettes” now you will see why. To begin with, these bars have the biggest weight capacity of 600 lbs. It’s more than all models I’ve ever used and is even doubled what other models can support in this price range which is insane. Next is the fact that each bar weighs nearly 10 lbs which makes them really heavy and stable.

And when you combine that weight with the very wide and square bottom you can see why there isn’t anything better when it comes to safety and durability. So they win an easy 10 out of 10 in the stability and durability category for me. You can do whatever you like and beat the hell out of them and they won’t have a scratch. So if you are looking for long-term parallettes you can’t get any better than the XTEK XL because they are made to last.

Height and width: In my opinion, the improved height of 14.5 inches really make a difference. Even if their bars are only 2.5 inches taller than the majority of similar models, XTEK can still afford that extra height and not lose any stability because of the huge and heavy base. And trust me those extra 2.5 inches do make a difference when you do tricep dips and shoulder push-ups. And the width is not bad at all. 19 inches is plenty of space to hold comfortably. So when it comes to ratings I would give them a 9.5 out of 10.

I would have given them a 10/10 if the width was a couple of inches longer but trust me 19 inches of width is going to be enough for 99.9% of all the exercises you will be able to do with them. But in case you are like me and want the best of the best you should take a look at the Body Power PL1000. They offer 24 inches in length instead of 19.

Portability: It’s not difficult to tell that these parallette bars are not designed to be carried around every day. They are heavy, bulky, and require a wrench to assemble and disassemble. After all, each bar weighs nearly 10 lbs which is what both bars weigh combined in the majority of the models. That’s why it would be very difficult to carry them for a long period of time and because of that, I would rate them a 5 out of 10 in this department.

What makes them unique and better than the rest?: The things that make these parallettes unique are the massive 600 lbs weight capacity, huge 14.5 inches height which is more than all the other bars I’ve seen, the very wide and thick base, and the heavy and sturdy frame. If I have to be honest this is the strongest and heaviest set of parallettes I’ve ever seen. That’s exactly why they are perfect for even more explosive types of movements where the majority of similar models will fail.

Who are these parallettes best for?: If you are looking for stability, durability, and safety then these parallettes pars are going to be the best option for you. Because of their heavy frame made from thick stainless steel and extremely wide and square bottom these bars are the safest ones money can get you. They are perfect for a home gym and can easily withstand huge amounts of weights so if you are into weighted calisthenics these are the ones you should get.

Are there any good alternatives?: The only alternative worth mentioning is the current parallette bars I own (click here to check them out). Even if they are no match to the height and weight capacity of the XTEK, they are a little bit wider and have a better built-in knurling grip. So you won’t make a mistake with either of them.

What I Do Like:

  • Solid steel powder-coated frame
  • Wide and stable base with thick rubber feet
  • High and long design – great for many exercises
  • Heavy and solid design
  • Fast and easy assembly – all tools included
  • 1-year money-back guarantee

What I Don’t Like:

  • They are not very portable – once assembled they are heavy and bulky
  • The diameter of holding bars can be a little thin for certain standards

Quick Summary:

If you are searching for a safe and secure set of parallettes for your home then you should check the XTEK parallettes.

They offer everything you can possibly need at a very reasonable price.

Plus you get a complete exercise Ebook.

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9 Things You Should Look for When Buying The Best Parallettes for Calisthenics

In this part of the article, you are going to find out what are the most important things which you should look for before you get your first pair of parallettes. 

I would highly recommend you not to skip this part if you have the time because it could really save you nerves, headaches, and regrets about your buying decision. 

I’m not so proud to mention that I have made a lot of those quick decisions and now I really try to educate myself a lot so I don’t repeat the same old mistake again and again. 

Please, don’t be like me!

Now let’s check the first important feature which is…

1. Is the overall size of parallettes important?

Yes, the overall dimensions of the parallettes are important because some are made more compact and small so they can be used for traveling and easy storage while others are the exact opposite – they are big and bulky making them a great addition to your home providing you with more stable and safe workouts

In today’s market, you are literally bombarded with different types of parallettes all having different sizes. 

And as you can see each size has its unique strengths and weaknesses.

Now let’s take a closer look to learn more about each metric and how it is important for you.

2. What is the best height for parallettes?

The height of any parallettes is a crucial part when it comes to the number of exercises you can do so in general you want to have something that has at least 10 inches of height (25 cm) so you would be able to do the majority of the exercises with full range of motion.

Height usually separates parallettes in short and tall models. 

Shorter models are specifically designed to be lightweight, portable with an easy assembly.

Their structure is designed to take less space so you can put them in a bag and easily carry them outside for a good workout.

Speaking of a workouts, shorter models are great because they can offer you solid bodyweight exercises such as many variations of push-ups, planche, handstand, etc.

Taller models (10 inches and above) are known to allow you to do more advanced and difficult moves.

With them, you have quite a bigger freedom of movement so you can easily do all sorts of exercises in which you are lifting your whole body off the ground.

Here’s a great example:

I’m talking about many different ab exercises, a deeper range of motion and greater angles for static holds.

Sadly taller parallettes are usually not quite portable, stable, or compact and require additional tools for assembly/disassembly.

If you don’t care about portability and are just looking for the one that can provide you with the biggest number of exercises you can then go for a taller option.

If not, then the short version can be what you are looking for.

But at the end of the day pick the model that fits your lifestyle the best.

3. What is the best parallettes Width and Length? Are they directly responsible for stability?

When it comes to parallettes you want them to have a solid base with minimum of 7 inches of width (17.8 cm) and 12 inches of length (30 cm) in order for them to be stable and comfortable to use. But beware that the width of the base is directly correlated with the height so the taller a specific model is, the wider it’s base should be in order to be stable.

Also please have in mind that when I mention these 2 metrics I’m talking about the assembled condition of a product.

So in general, the wider and thicker the foundation is, the better the stabilization and safety you will receive. 

I know that this isn’t the only thing that is responsible for sturdiness but from my own experience you need to have wide base with strong grip and nice friction.

Let’s not forget that the wider and longer a set of good parallettes is the more space they will need and the heavier they will become.

That’s why I recommend you only to buy bigger and bulkier models if you don’t have future plans of constant movement.

The bar’s length does also matter when it comes to safety and stabilization. If you decide to go for a longer design you will not be wrong.

If the holding surface is long enough you can even do some movements that require your whole forearm to be placed on top of that bar.

So it would be better to pick a longer model if you’ve got the space.

Quick Tip:

If for example, you have the option to choose between a model with a total length of 18” and onther that is 24” long with small price difference between them I would recommend you to go for the longer model.

Trust me it’s always better to have too much holding space than not enough.

4. What material are the parallettes made from?

When it comes to parallettes they are made from mainly 2 materials – wood and steel. But in recent days there are some innovative models that also use thick plastic because of the less weight. But if you want quality you should only stick to wood and steel.

But should you care about what are your parallettes made from?

The answer is yes and here’s why.

As you have probably guessed already here are paralettes made from quite different types of materials.

Every building material has its own pros and cons and depending on your situation you might prefer one instead of the other. 

Like a mentioned earlier the 2 most often used materials for the creation of a good model are wood or steel and sometimes a rare combination of both. 

That is why it’s not recommended to go for anything that doesn’t use at least one of those 2 great materials.

Let’s dive deep and find out more about them…

Option 1 – Wooden Parallettes (Everything You Need To Know)

Parallettes made out of wood are quite strong and durable.

As you have probably guessed they are providing you with a better non-slip grip than the metal option because wood has the ability to absorb sweat and keep the grip securely in one place. 

Let’s not forget the great natural feeling you get when you are holding wood.

It’s something metal can’t give you.

If you decide to go for a portable option made out of wood It’s not recommended to use it too long in wet conditions because wood can rot or become weaker after some time. 

Even with this little flaw, I believe wooden parallettes are one of the best parallettes for calisthenics you can really get.

Depending on the specific model I find some wooden sets more visually appealing compared to some metal ones.

But after all this is just my personal taste.

Option 2 – Metal or Steel Parallettes (Everything You Need To Know)

It isn’t too hard to figure out that steel is way more durable and strong than wood.

If you are looking for something that has the capacity to stay in one place for a very long period of time, then you need to buy a pair of metal parallettes.

Depending on the type of metal being used in the frame sometimes the whole set can be a lot heavier than the ones that are made only by wood.

So depending on your goals and needs this could either be good or bad.

Unfortunately mostly everything made from steel or metal does become slippery when it gets wet. So if your palms sweat a lot you might have a problem. 

As a result of sweat, the metal surface becomes slippery and uncomfortable to hold for a long periond of time.

The good news is that some of the manufacturers are aware of this problem and try to solve it by adding additional non-slip padding, extra rough powder-coating and try other techniques to improve the grip traction. 

Some of them work while others don’t and unfortunately nothing can beat the good old natural wood.

(Btw the same problem occurs with gymnastic rings and other types of equipment so always go for wood instead of metal or plastic if you have really sweaty hands)

Quick Tip:

There are parallette models that use quite clever combination of wood and metal. The holding bars are made from wood while the whole frame is made from steel.

I find this combination to be quite beneficial because both materials individual strengths have been used in the most beneficial way.

5. Durability: How durable should your new parallettes be?

When it comes to durability you want parallettes that are made from thick stainless steel, great solid wood that use really tight and well-made bolts to hold the different parts together. The better materials will equal to stonger design and more durability. Another factor that shows how durable a pair of parallettes could be is the maximum weight capacity. The bigger the number, the better the materials should be.

Let’s face it.

With parallettes your whole body weight is going to be fully reliable on this small construction so you want to have a very durable and well-made product that can hold years of heavy beating.

But like I menstioned earlier there are a few things you should check out to make sure how durable is a specific model.

Sadly even if a product meets all those basic criteria there just isn’t a 100% guarantee that everything will stay in one piece because of quite a lot different factors.

But having all of them combined will certainly help a lot so let’s start with the more in-depth part.

The first thing you should look for when it comes to durability is the type of material used in the frame and the way different parts are being held together.

As you have already read when it comes to maetiral metal (mainly steel) is going to be the best option for a strong frame.

And when it comes to the holding system look for products that use longer and thicker bolts.

Another useful thing is to see how many bolts are holding the pieces together. The more bolts are being used, the better.

You should also check if the bottom part of the base uses some sort of protective rubber.

It is highly recommended to pick a model that uses rubber because it does a lot more than just protect your floors from scratches .

Rubber also helps you to improve the traction with the floor you won’t have unwanted wobbling or bar slippery experiences.

As a matter of fact regular wobbling can lead to faster wear and tear of the parts so everything will break a lot sooner than expected.

A few more things you should check are:

  • The weight capacity – the bigger the number the better
  • Which brand is selling this item – check out his other products, etc
  • What other people think about it – read some reviews, ask a friend who uses it, etc.
  • How much does it weigh? – I know it’s not directly correlated to durability but usually, the heavier models are usually more durable

6. Portability: Do you need portable parallettes or not?

If you have future plans to mainly workout outside or take your parallettes with you frequiently or move them a lot then you will need to own a pair of portable parallettes. They are a lot smaller and lighter than traidional ones making them perfect for moving around.

I know that for some of you these are probably the main reasons why you want to invest in this type of equipment.

You want to have the freedom to workout anyplace, anytime.

Unfortunately, not all models are designed to be portable. As you have seen from the 5 reviewed models above some models are quite lightweight, can be assembled with bare hands and don’t take a lot of space. 

If you don’t mind carrying an additional assembly tool with you then you can get a bigger model that stands somewhere in between.

Yes, it will take you little more time to assemble it but you are still going the get the same functionality as you will with a heavy model designed for home-usage.

A great tip that could help you with portability is to check what type of tool is used for assembly, how fast is the whole process and how much is everything going to weight.

If you are going to carry it on your back for a long period of time you surely don’t want it to be too heavy or bulky.

7. How long does it take to assemble parallettes?

On average you can assemble a pair of parallettes in about 2-5 minutes depending on your previous experience, model and available tools. But if you are looking for something you can take in your local park for a quick workout then it would be very convenient if you can assemble and disassemble the set with only your bare hands for under 1 minute.

If for some reason you will have to do this process quite often then pick a model which design is specifically made with easy assembly in mind.

You are in good luck with that because most manufacturers are quite competitive one another and almost every model is made that way.

When it comes to tools most models require screwdrivers, different sizes of wrenches, etc to be assembled.

Also take in mind the size of all the parts because if you are going to carry them around you have to make sure they easily fit inside a backpack.

Finally, like I mentioned ealier there are models that don’t require any assembly and come as a single piece. 

I would recommend you to skip these types of models because they are usually quite short making it difficult for you to do most calisthenic exercises.

8. How much do parallettes cost? (And how much you should pay)

In today’s market the average price of a pair of nice parallettes is between $50 and $120. Even if there are cheaper and more expensive models than that it’s recommended not to buy them because they are either made with low-quality materials or are simply overpriced.

As you can see owning a pair of parallettes is not an expensive piece of equipment.

If we compare them to other calisthenics equipment such as a power tower or a proffesional wall-mounted pull-up bar the price can easily get 2 or 3 times higher.

But when it comes to parallettes you should stay away from the cheaper models less than $50 because they are not durable and are not made with high-quality materials. 

You can find some great models for somewhere between $50 – $120. (check the products above)

As you can see you don’t have to pay a fortune in order to get a decent set of parallettes for calisthenics. Getting a product somewhere in this range will be enough. Going below or above that price may result in bad quality or overpaying.

Quick Tip:

If your current budget is below $50 I would highly recommend you to find a way to get a couple more bucks.

Spending a little extra will result in you getting quite an improvement in quality and materials.

If you get a decent item you will see how in time it will pay for itself by staying together in one piece. Trust me it would eventually cost a lot more if you have to constantly buy new sets because the previous ones broke.

9. How much weight can parallettes support? (And how much you really need?)

On average a pair of well made parallettes can easily withstand anywere between 250 up to 600 lbs. (113 – 272 kg). But in order to be safe it is not recommended to not use parallettes that have 250 lbs or lower weight capacity.

You don’t want take any chances of something breaking in the middle of use leaving you with a bad injury.

Quick Tip:

The bigger the weight capacity number is the better overall quality and durability you will get. Some products can offer up to 600 pounds of weight capacity.

So if you have to choose between 250 and 400 lbs or weight capacity your safest bet would be to go for the 400 lbs option.

What are the benefits of using parallettes for calisthenics?

Some of the best benefits parallettes provide you with are the ability to get a better range of motion, have the ability to do more upper body exercises and build more muscle and strength at the comfort of your home. They are also great way to learn planche, handstand, and l-sit.

If you are still doubtful if you should really invest in this piece of equipment then you should definitely read this chapter.

Here I will share with you the best benefits you can get from working out with one of the cheapest equipment for calisthenics.

With their help you could also target all stabilization muscles that are quite often ignored.

You can even combine them with a good weighted vest or a set of resistance bands for additional resistance and intensity. 

With their help, you can build muscle, get stronger, become more durable, increase balance and stabilization and build a great lean physique.

Check out this great video to see what type of body you can get and some great basic movements you can learn by their help:

Who are parallettes best suited for?

Parallettes are a great option for people who are just getting into bodyweight training and want to learn the basics.

But if you know how to use them properly they are a great tool for bulding more strength, power, muscle mass and endurance.

With their help you would be able to build the foundation to master all the advanced calisthenics moves as well.

But because of their features, they are also great addition for more advanced individuals who are seeking for greater challenges and opportunities to become better.

With them being portable, lightweight and easy to carry around you are getting the freedom to train anywhere you like. We are talking about inside and outside anytime you like.

Finally, let’s not forget the fact that even with the enormous amount of different exercises you are provided with they are still amazingly cheap compared to other more expensive calisthenic equipment such as high-quality pull-up bars and power towers.

So in my opinion they are perfect for anyone. No matter if you are building a huge home gym or simply want to be able to do push-ups more comfortably.

The Next Steps

As we have come to the end of this article I’m really hoping that you have read everything and picked a model you like that offers all you really want. 

If that’s the case then congratulations, I’m glad I helped you made this decision.

If you have picked one of the 5 models reviewed above you will not have any issues whatsoever.

But that’s not everything…

In order to help you out even more I’ve prepared for you 3 very simple steps you can do right now!

STEP 1: Don’t forget to download my brand new massive guide “How to Start Calisthenics: The Ultimate Guide” for free! (simply enter your email below and get started)

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STEP 2: If you still haven’t decided on which parallettes to choose I would recommend you to go for the parallettes i’m currently using – the Body Power PL1000. (click here to check them out)

My parallettes

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In my opinion they are amazing and do exactly what they are designed to do.

The height, thickness of the bar, grips, the wide base, and the lightweight design are ideal.

Even if the set is not quite portable I believe it offers a lot more compared to the other similar models I’ve shown you.

STEP 3: Why stop learning? Continue improving your know knowledge by reading even more great articles about calisthenics.

Here are some of the best ones you can begin with:

And that was all from me!

Thank you very much for reading my article.

I hope it was useful and you learned useful things from it.

If you liked my content feel free to leave a comment below and share it with a friend. 

See you soon,



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