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5 Best Power Towers for Calisthenics in 2024 for Home Gym – The Ultimate Guide

Updated Today

If you are looking to buy the best power tower for calisthenics money can get you but you still don’t want to overpay and still get all the important features and good quality keep reading.

In the next couple of chapters you are going to learn:

  • What are the top 5 best power towers for calisthenics…
  • What to look for when buying a solid power tower…
  • What are all your options…
  • Which power tower is the best one for you…
  • Which is my power tower and why I use it…
  • And much more…

Hi there, my name is Bozhidar and in this detailed buyer’s guide, I’m going to help you decide which is the best power tower for you so you can save a lot of time, money and effort.

Don’t worry it’s pretty easy once you know everything.

As a person who owns and regularly uses a power tower I really know many things that can really help you make the right decision.

So without any further ado let’s jump right into the useful stuff…

No time to read the whole article?

If that’s the case I highly recommend you to check my personal power tower I own and use almost daily when I train at homeStamina 1690 Power Tower.

My personal power tower I use every time I train at home

Click Here to check Stamina 1690’s latest price on Amazon

Why do you like it so much?

Because this power tower has everything you really need.

I’ve used it for a while now and so far everything is working fine and I haven’t seen any real problems except for the lacking abs station. (the one in which you hold 2 bars and can do leg raises)

In addition to that this model is quite affordable, very well made and has a wide and well padded pull-up bar, solid and comfortable dip bars and very handy push-up handles that are high enough so you have enough range of motion.

It’s also lightweight, portable and wide enough so it won’t wobble around when you are using it. (I’ve done countless of different exercises and there isn’t any problem with the balance)

When it comes to quality I really like how it’s build and there aren’t any problems with weird sounds or broken parts. Everything is solid.

In my opinion if you are going to buy a power tower for calisthenics your best bet is the Stamina 1690.

Sounds interesting? Do you want to learn more?

If that’s the case simply Click Here to check my power tower’s latest price on Amazon <<

With that being said let’s see what are the other models I like…

Top 5 Best Power Towers for Calisthenics in 2020

Here are my Top 5 Favourite Best Power Towers for Calisthenics:

  1. Stamina 1690 Power Tower – Best Budget Power Tower for Calisthenics
  2. K KiNGKANG T056 Adjustable Power Tower – Biggest Number Of Exercises
  3. Fitness Reality X Class Power Tower – Best Quality and Durability
  4. Bowflex BodyTower – Best Design and Adjustability
  5. LIANXIN Home Gym Power Tower – Most Compact Power Tower for Home Gym

Here’s a quick comparison table so you can see which one is the model you need:

Click the name, image or button for more details, latest price and reviews

Don’t worry all 5 power towers I will show you below are made by big and trusted brands, have reasonable prices and their overall quality and features are really good.

But even so they are not the same so take a closer look and select the one that is going to give you with everything you need.

With that being said let’s start with the first one…

1. Stamina 1690 Power Tower – Best Budget Power Tower for Calisthenics

My personal power tower I use everytime I train at home

Click Here to check Stamina 1690’s latest price on Amazon

One of the biggest reasons why I own the Stamina 1690 power tower is the fact that this is one of the most affordable power towers you can find in today’s market.

That’s why I believe this to be a great option for anybody with a pretty tight budget or even a complete beginner who just starting out with calisthenics.

But please don’t be fooled by the affordable price.

I have trained on this tower for many months and in my opinion this model has almost every feature you can think of except the vertical knee station. (which is not that important)

In my opinion this machine provides you with the ability to perform almost every single basic bodyweight exercise you really need.

I’ve done push-ups,pull-ups, dips, chin-ups, different hanging ab exercises and even muscle-ups and front levels on it without any problems.

In addition to the 1690 model is also pretty compact and lightweight.

It takes only 49” length x 42.5” width x 81” height and weighs only 58 lbs (26 kg) making it extremely portable and easy to move around.

Sadly this model requires extra space on both sides in order to be used properly because of the design.

That might be both a good and a bad thing depending on your situation and needs. The pull-up bar is from one side and the dips and push-ups stations are on the other side.

Take a closer look

Click here for more details on the design

As you can see from the picture above this specific model has quite a simple design leaving you with a very easy assembly process because of the minimal number of parts it uses. It took me around 20-30 minutes to assemble mine all alone.

For that reason, the weight it can hold is only 250 lbs which isn’t that much but it’s a perfect starting point for many people that are just getting into calisthenics.

Another great thing I like about this machine is the fact that all the grips are nicely foam-padded.

Even if that’s not a lifechanging addition it’s still a nice feature that really helps with sweaty hands (like mine) and calluses.

And nobody can argue that padding gives you better comfort than bare metal bar.

When it comes to quality I’m really happy with how durable this power station is. I’ve trained countless times and even after that it’s still holding straight.

You also don’t have to worry about floor scratches or wobbly experience because the Stamina 1690 uses non-slip end caps.

They do really help protect your floor and at the same time make the whole equipment more stable and safe.

Finally, I want to mention that Stamina has done a very good job when it comes to overall product quality because of the pretty decent 5-year frame warranty and 90-day parts warranty. (I never have the reason to use them but it’s good to know that you are backed up)

Quick Summary:

If you are looking for an affordable power tower that won’t take too much space and can provide you with all the basic requirements then you should deffinetly check Stamina 1690.

It’s perfect for beginners and it’s the power tower I use regularly.

2. K KiNGKANG T056 Adjustable Power Tower – Biggest Number Of Exercises

k kandstand power tower
This is the power tower a buddy of mine uses

Click Here for K KiNGKANG T056’s latest price on Amazon

The second model I’m going to review is my personal favorite after the one I currently own.

I’ve trained a couple of times on it and it rocks.

It is again quite affordable and if you can spare a little extra I would highly recommend you to purchase it. This is a great power tower and you won’t regret this decision.

Firstly this model is quite secure and stable because of 2 things:

  1. It uses wide and solid U-shape base.
  2. It has 4 solid suction rubber non-slip feet.

Both those things combined have a pretty nice impact on the overall stability and safety you get when you are using it.

My friend trains like a maniac and has told me that everything is still standing in one place.

What I also like about the K KiNGKANG T056 is that it has got every single station you need:

  • A pull-up station
  • A dip station
  • Hanging abs station
  • And a push-up station

And that’s the main reason why this model is better than the rest. It offers you the biggest amount of exercise you can possibly do.

That’s why I believe this is one of the best power tower for calisthenics you can buy.

In addition to that, you can adjust the height of the whole thing using a simple twisting mechanism.

Here’s how it works

Click here to more details

That makes it pretty adaptive towards you or the height of your room.

In some cases, it can even be used with people with different heights.

Another cool thing about this model is the fact that despite the tough reinforced steel frame with cross-bars everything is still quite lightweight and portable.

The whole thing weighs only 60.7 pounds. (27.5 kg)

Even with such light weight you still get the same stability and capabilities more expensive models have.

The assembly process is again easy and fast to do. (My friend told me that it took him about 30-40 minutes to do it)

The K KiNGKANG T056 can hold up to 330 lbs of weight making it a great choice for both beginners and more advanced people

But the most unique feature is the fact that you can use the backside of the machine as a double-tier rack on which you can place a bar with weights.

That may come in handy if you decide to add some basic movements such as squats, military press, rows into your training. 

I find this quite clever and personally haven’t seen any other brand or model having such a great feature. 

The back support is also extra padded for additional comfort when doing leg raises.

Finally, I like the fact that you don’t really need to use the backside (like the one I own) and can easily place it close to a wall saving more open space for other types of training.

Quick Summary:

If you want to get the best amount of features and exercises you can and not overpay a dime, then the K KiNGKANG T056 power tower might be a great fit for you.

It has all the essentials and it can hold quite big amound of weight while being safe and stable.

3. Fitness Reality X Class Power Tower – Best Quality and Durability

Click Here to check Fitness Reality’s latest price on Amazon

The third option made by Fitness Reality is designed to withstand a lot of beating over a very long period of time.

We are talking about 400 lbs of weight which is the highest number out of all other power towers I have seen.

That’s why I believe that the Fitness Reality X Class is perfect for people who have a bigger budget and are looking to invest in a high-end professional piece of equipment.

Everything from this bad boy is made from powder-coated steel tubes making sure extremely long durability many years ahead.

As you can see from the product images the frame design is purposely angled for 2 main reasons.

  1. The first reason is when you are using the pullup-bar there will be plenty of space between you and the frame making everything more comfortable.
  2. The second thing is that way your back can be better supported while doing leg raises or generally using the abs station.

It’s dimensions are 63.4″ L x 49″ W x 83″ H. making it relatively big.

As you can see it’s bigger than the previous 2 models but the reason for that is because this is a more advanced piece of equipment.

With its 150 lbs of weight and the 4 mounting bolt holes on the bottom side, you see that this piece of equipment is not designed to be very portable but at the same time if bolted correctly it can easily be used for explosive calisthenics training.

We are talking about explosive exercises such as muscle-ups, clapping pull-ups, explosive dips, etc.

A really nice and creative unique feature the Fitness Reality X Class has is the fact that you are given 2 adjustable handles that can be used for more than 30 exercises!

Here’s what I’m talking about

Click here for more details

The frame is specially designed so it can provide you with proper step support while doing dips and leg raises.

That might not seem like such a big deal but trust me, it is quite important especially if you want to use additional weight.

All handles on the whole machine are padded with good non-slip material and are comfortable to hold.

As you have probably guessed already this machine has everything you possibly need – pull-up station, dip-station, abs-station, and push-up station making it an excellent long-term investment. 

I really like the overall design of the pullup-bar because it provides you with multiple grip options giving you a lot of unique pull-up variations you can do.

Paying a higher price does have its perks.

With the X Class you are provided with a great number of exercises and premium quality.

With this station you can do dips, progressive pull-ups, assisted dips, push-ups, hammer pull-ups, vertical knee raises, pull-ups and much more.

Finally, Fitness Reality really stands behind their products giving you great warranties – 10 years for the frame, 3 years for the parts and 2 years for the wearable parts which is the biggest warranty I’ve seen so far.

Quick Summary:

If you have a bigger budget and are looking for something very stable that you can secure at one place and know it can hold on for years without any problems then the the Fitness Reality X Class power tower might be a great fit for you.

It uses premium material, a lot of adjustable parts and gives you plenty of different options, exercises and angles.

It’s one of the best power towers I’ve seen.

4. Bowflex BodyTower – Best Design and Adjustability

Click Here to check Bowflex BodyTower’s latest price on Amazon

The next model in my list made by Bowflex is another great choice for anybody who is looking for something affordable and durable at the same time.

The Bowflex BodyTower can hold up to 300 lbs which is somewhere in the middle and would be enough for most people. 

As you can see from the image the Bowflex tower is made from great commercial-grade steel which not only is strong but it is also very eye appealing.

I really like the professional look Bowflex has created for this model.

The unique and adjustable design provides you with more than 20 different exercises you can do because of the 2 adjustable bars use 7 different locking positions.

This is how the look

Click here for more details

Having this freedom gives a lot more angles and exercises to do.

I really like the pre-built attachment holes on both the bar and the 2 handles. You can use them to attach the abdominal sling straps or the 2 hand grips which btw are included with the machine.

I haven’t seen any other model providing such a great variety of additional accessories. (yes, even mine)

For the options this specific power tower provides you with I might say it’s quite compact.

It takes only 50″ L x 50″ W x 77″ H of your floor space which is a pretty small footprint if we compare it to other models on today’s market.

The back pad is actually made from non-absorbent foam and because of the slick design it can also be used as leg support for sit-ups.

I find the attachment guide containing 10 additional exercises with pictures to be quite handy for beginners. It could certainly be helpful at the start.

When it comes to weight this machine weighs around 113 pounds which really does help with stability.

This amount of weight with a combination of 2 non-slip rubbers on the bottom makes sure everything stays in one place.

With this model, you get a 5-year frame warranty with a combination of a 1-year warranty for all the wear parts.

That’s a pretty nice offer that would help if something does eventually break. (which I highly doubt will ever happen)

Quick Summary:

If you are looking for a very visual appealing yet affordable and functional piece of equipment you won’t make a mistake with the Bowflex BodyTower.

This power tower provides you with a great number of exercises you can do and comes with many very handy additional attachments. 

5. LIANXIN Home Gym Power Tower – Most Compact Power Tower for Home Gym

Click Here to check LIANXIN tower’s latest price on Amazon

The fifth and final power tower for your home gym I want to show you is quite simplistic and budget-friendly.

It’s ideal for people looking for something little more simple but still very functional that can provide with quite a nice experience during your workouts.

What I really like about this LIANXIN tower is the fact that it uses only 1 side making it very space-efficient because you can simply place it to a wall and be done with it.

It also has all the necessary features every station has giving you a pretty nice amount of different bodyweight exercises you can do.

With this equipment you could freely do things like pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, leg raises, push-ups, etc.

What I find quite impressive is the fact that everything weighs only 38 pounds and can hold up to 350 lbs.

I really don’t know how they have accomplished that but that is something you should consider having in mind the price and everything.

Weighing that little makes it ideal for carrying it around if needed.

The frame uses steel square pipes with additional supports making it quite sturdy and durable.

I believe these 2 in a combination with one another are the reason why it can hold up to 350 lbs of weight.

What else I really like about the LIANXIN power tower is that it has adjustable height options giving you 6 stalls to choose from.

You can go from 6.5ft all up to 7.54ft.

This feature alone makes LIANXIN stand out from the crowd by providing you with customization options towards you and the height of your ceiling.

Everything is designed to be compact (41″ L x 27.5″ W x [6.5FT- 7.5TFT]), lightweight and easy to assemble.

That makes it some of the best power towers for home gym out there.

A few great little additions are the extra foam padded handles for extra comfort and convenience and the 4 non-slip rubber feet which helps everything stay in one place during your calisthenics workouts.

It’s one very compact workout station that has everything you need.

Quick Summary:

With its solid frame, great weight capacity, lightweight and simple look the LIANXIN power tower could be exactly what you are looking for.

It’s compact but yet very functional and comfortable to use. 

Important things to consider before purchasing your power tower for calisthenics

As there are some very important things you should know about and consider your main goal should be to get the tower that has all the important features to you and can fit your individual needs as well. 

By that I mean things like the size of your budget, your weight, and height, how much additional weight are you going to train with, what is your available space, portability, the total amount of features and options you want it to have and many more.

As you can see for yourself it is not as easy as you might think it could be but at the same time, it isn’t rocket science either.

Below you will find out what things you should specifically look for when deciding to purchase that great piece of equipment for your calisthenic workouts.

Once you know everything you will see how easy it will become for you to pick one or the other model etc.

Let’s get into the interesting part…

Important and not so important features and options

4 Must-Have Features 

As a basic start, there are 4 features the best power tower for calisthenics must have!

1. Some sort of a pull-up station so you can do all kinds of pull-ups, abs exercises, and even muscle-ups. 

Here’s a quick video showing you a bunch of great ab exercises you can do on your tower station:

2. Some models out there have a simple pull-up bar while others may have a more complex different grip system. I would go for the second one if I had the choice.

After a deeper market research, I have come to the conclusion that every power tower has some sort of a dip station so you have the option to do different types of dips targeting your upper body from different angles.

3. Vertical knee station. Actually, there are quite a few more basic models that are missing this quite important piece if you are into ab training. Having this type of station will certainly make your abdominal training a lot more convenient and productive.

Depending on your personal preferences you should or should not want this station. In my opinion the more features you have the bigger amount of exercise you can do so if I had the option to get I would certainly do.

4. If you are really into push-ups a good push-up station will certainly be in great use because of the range of motion it provides you with.

You will be able to target your chest with bigger dept, range of motion and additional angles. That would certainly have a positive impact on your chest development and power.

If you are really into calisthenics then go for a model that has all those 4 stations. Depending on your budget this may vary.

Let’s continue…

Important features

Before we continue any further you should ask yourself this simple question:

How many exercises can I do on this power tower?

In my opinion, these are the features that you should consider next right after the 4 main criteria have been met before you pick a winner. 

Let me give you some great main features you should be looking for in a good power tower.

  • Are there any additional push-up bar grips and if yes are they padded or not?
  • What is the type of pull-up bar? Is it a simple bar or are there any special grip options and if yes how many? Are they also padded?
  • Are there places in which you can hang additional arm slings or handles and are they included in the package or not?
  • Can you bolt the whole machine to the floor? This can be really handy if you decide to do quite explosive movements such as muscle-ups and other special bodyweight exercises.
  • Are there any adjustable parts? Usually, if a part is adjustable then that means you are given a higher amount of angles and such meaning you would be able to do more exercises.
  • As you have seen these are all good basic questions you should ask yourself so you understand what is really important for you and your type of training.

Secondary features

These are features that are not so important and you should really take in note only after all other more higher-value needs are met.

These are things like:

  • Are the handles covered with foam or padded?
  • Is there a hanger so you can attach a heavy bag?
  • What is the main color and how it looks?
  • How much does everything weigh and is it made portable?
  • How long will the shipping be (if it’s more than 1-2 weeks you might have a problem)?
  • Is customer service good?
  • Does the whole structure have some thick rubber on its lower part so you can protect your floors from scratching? (that could easily be fixed with a good workout mat)
  • etc.

Please keep in mind that these questions are only examples and depending on you they might be more or less important. 

What is the weight limit?

As you will probably see not all power towers are made equal. By weight limit I mean the overall durability of the equipment and how much weight it can hold safely.

Usually, I’m a firm believer that the bigger that number is usually the better overall frame quality and materials are being used. Most power towers out there have an average limit ranging from 250 going up to 400 lbs. I believe the lower end should be enough for most people out there.

Another thing you should take in note is that the bigger the number is the heavier the machine will be. If you are looking for something portable you might have to compromise some of the weight limit numbers. My personal recommendation would be to go for something in the middle (around 300 lbs) so you can have both benefits – good limit and some sort of portability option.

Also, 300 lbs would be enough if you are advanced and use additional heavy weights for your calisthenics training. As in time you become stronger and bigger you surely don’t want to overgrow the machine and be stuck at a plateau right? 

Stability, quality, and sturdiness

For me personally, that really is something you most probably don’t want to take lightly because it can make your hairs go gray quite easily.

The good news is that there are a few things you can quickly check in order to find out if a certain power tower is really sturdy and well made so you wouldn’t have any unwanted problems in the future.

The first and probably the most important thing you can do is to check out if the main body is made with thick high-quality steel. You can easily see this using the product images.

Another thing you should check is the width and length of the foundation. Usually the more width there is the more stable will the whole setup be. I know that won’t be a great thing for you to hear because that means you might need a little more space but trust me it’s far safer that way because you can’t flip it over and injure yourself.

I know I have talked about this in the previous section but the amount of weight a certain power tower can handle is directly correlated to the overall quality and sturdiness. So make sure that number is a lot bigger than what you are going to use it with.

Having rubber feet on the bottom side of every home gym equipment does protect your floor from scratches. Owning a pair or two could be something you should consider when it comes to stability because they are designed that way so they don’t allow any unnecessary movement of the whole machine. Great news for you is the fact that almost every single home gym equipment out there uses some sort of rubber protection. Out of our 5 picks only one doesn’t have and that’s because it’s designed so it could be attached to the floor.

When talking about stability and safety let’s get more in dept about floor bolting options. If you are certain you are not going to move your new power tower for calisthenics very often and you want to train very explosively (talking about muscle-ups and other similar movements) bolting the whole thing to the floor might save your life!

If you are looking for a model like this I believe that the Fitness Reality X Class model might be something you should really check. (you can click the name to check its latest price)

Please don’t ignore these tips below because they are essential if you are looking to find the best power tower for calisthenics and be well enough to use it for many years ahead!

What are the size and type of the power station?

Depending on the size of your room or place you are going to place it (ceiling height, width, length, other equipment, etc.) you have to pick the correct size upfront. Different models from different brands vary from size to size and have different types.

What I like in certain models is the ability to adjust the total height of the tower so you can easily adapt it to your ceiling or your height. 


When talking about power stations we have 2 main types:

  • First uses only 1 part of the station (usually requires around 3 – 4 feet in front)
  • The second uses both sides (requires around 8 – 10 feet in total).

Both types require a couple of feet either side in order for you to be able to use them without any worries. 

Depending on what available workout space you have you have to pick the best option for your situation.

If you don’t have enough space go for the one which utilizes only one side and place it near the wall. If you have the option to use both sides freely pick this option instead. Usually, they are a little more stable because of the way they are designed and the position of the pull-up bar.

I personally would go for the one that utilizes only one side because I prefer all my home gym equipment to be placed near a wall so I can have all the middle of the room empty for my training.


If you want to do muscle-ups and other above the bar bodyweight movements you might want to have a lot of extra space above. I will repeat again that I highly recommend you to bolt the equipment down to the floor before you attempt such things.

The majority of power towers are about 7-8 feet tall (I’m talking about ones that are not adjustable). If your ceiling is quite low I would recommend you to check some of the adjustable height models. You can find them above

You should aim to have at the bare minimum at least 12” above the pull-up bar so you can do proper pull-ups and such so the bar can easily reach your chest without you hitting your head in the ceiling.

How easy it is to assemble?

It really doesn’t matter which specific model you have picked if it’s going to be a pretty bad experience assembling it. Before you order anything online make sure it comes with a good manual and easy step by step tutorial with proper pictures. You can get that information on the product page.

After the package has arrived, open it and using the manual, check if all the parts and tools are inside. I would tell you from personal experience that only one little missing part can make everything pretty bad. If it’s something you can find in your local hardware store you are very lucky. If not you would have to contact the seller and ask them to ship it to you.

After you have received all your parts make sure you have all the needed tools to assemble it. Sometimes you may need to use your own tools because either the provided tools are of very poor quality or there aren’t any tools at all. Some basic tools you might want to have in hand before the package arrives are:

  • A set of adjustable wrenches
  • A rubber mallet
  • Bunch of standard screwdrivers with different sizes

I believe you can check out the manual upfront (you can download it from the web) and see what specific sizes and tools you might want to have. 

As Miguel de Servantes once said:

To be prepared is half the victory

Are you going to use it indoor out outdoor?

I know probably most of you would have plans to use the equipment indoors but there are cases in which you would like to place it somewhere outside. A good example of that is going to be the back patio. 

If that’s the case then you should really consider that everything is built from waterproof materials. You definitely want something very durable that can withstand rough weather conditions all year round. Some more expensive models out there can cover all those requirements. 

What about the warranty?

If you don’t care about such things and simply want to ignore it I can tell you that that is most likely a big mistake. 

Even if all models reviewed above are very well made and people have a great experience using them that doesn’t mean everything will always be working fine. There are some manufacturer problems you could potentially face and nothing will be more helpful than a great product warranty. 

Especially if your equipment is worth a couple of hundred bucks. You want to always be protected no matter what. Luckily you can find out details about the warranty on the product page itself. Go for products with at least 1-2 years warranty.

Price and your budget

If you don’t have a huge budget to spend you don’t have to worry because all models reviewed above are affordable and offer everything you need for the price they are worth.

No matter what type of home gym equipment you are getting, paying the highest price doesn’t always mean you get the very best option. This is especially true because everything is very personal and believe me or not even the more expensive versions out there have their minuses. 

One of the most knows is the fact that they are super heavy and bulky. If for example, you are looking for portability you might not get it, etc.

That’s why my recommendation is to aim for something in the middle. Best models out there are somewhere around $100 to $300.

If you are looking for power tower you will use for many years ahead you want to aim for better quality, materials, and features so if you could space a couple more bucks I would recommend you to do so because this investment will pay off in only a couple of months. 

How many exercises can it provide you with?

Unfortunately, not all equipment is the same. Some models can provide you with more and better options when it comes to variety of different exercises for your calisthenics workouts.

I would personally recommend you picked a power tower that can provide you with the biggest amount of exercises for your budget you will do on a regular basis.

Usually the bigger the number of total exercises you can do on a piece of equipment, the better.

If you are on a very tight budget I would recommend you to go for a model that has all the 4 basic but important stations that I have previously stated.

8 Important Reasons Why You Do Need a Power Tower for Calisthenics

Here are 8 good reasons why owning one can be really beneficial to you.

1. Great for beginners

A stable and well-built power tower is a great choice for beginners just starting out in the calisthenics movement because it provides the ability to attach resistance bands or sling straps. You can use them for additional support until you build the necessary strength and stamina. 

2. It saves you money.

Ass odd it may seem at first this is actually true. Paying a couple of hundred bucks now can really save you way more than that in the future.

Let me explain to you how exactly that is possible.

If you look at it in a specific way spending, for example, $200-$300 for this type of equipment isn’t such a bad thing. Let’s say you are going to a local gym and train there and it costs you around $25 a month. If we sum that for a year it gets to $300 (12×25). 

In about a year or less this machine will pay off by saving you those $25 you are going to pay each month. After that period it will actually start saving you money because you can use it whenever you like in the convenience of your own home.

Can you see the power this small investment can do for you?

3. Makes training easier

Owning one of those great pieces of equipment does provide you with the convenience of training in the comfort of your home. You can train at any time you want and don’t have to be dependent on anyone or anything etc.

I know that there are local regions that are lacking proper public places for this type of bodyweight training so here’s another good reason why you should invest in a proper tower.

I know how unpleasant it can be to train in a very cold, wet or dark weather. There isn’t anything pleasant about walking into deep snow and trying to do a couple of muscle-ups on a frozen bar during a snowstorm. 

Please don’t ask why… 

One of the main reasons why I invested in a home gym equipment is exactly that. I don’t want to rely fully on the weather conditions because we all know that it can turn very bad in only a couple of minutes.

4. It saves you time

Let’s do simple math to see how exactly. 

Example: You have to walk 15 minutes until you get to a set of good bars and parallel bars.

The total time it will take you to do a complete round trip is going to be 30 mins. and please don’t forget that I’m not adding the time you prepare for that walk. 

For 30 minutes if you are doing it properly you can start and finish a very good whole body workout. 

Multiply that by 5 and you get 150 minutes per week

Here’s a good way you can save time and energy and use it for something else.

5. Can be combined with other home gym equipment

If you already have some additional training equipment laying around your home here’s a great way how to use it. 

Power tower works great in combination with weight vests, resistance bands, weight belts, gymnastic rings, workout gloves and more. 

If you have some plates laying around you can still use them by placing them inside a backpack and using them as additional resistance.

Quick Tip: If you are creative enough you can really find a way to add additional resistance even if you don’t have any of the listed things above.

I’ll give you a little start – old books…

6. Saves you space

This here might be one of the best reasons why I like it. I really like how one piece of equipment can save you a lot of space because it can combine many machines into one.

In our example “every machine” is going to be a different station.

As you already know each station provides you with a lot of different exercises you can do. I really enjoy how something not that big can sometimes provide you with 20+ different exercises for your whole body.

Some models out there are quite portable giving you the option to carry all those benefits with you whenever you go.

7. Helps you burn fat

I know that it’s not the same as running, fitness walking or doing HIIT but it can surely help you lose the stubborn fat.

Doing all the basic bodyweight exercises can help you burn more fat because in many instances you use a bunch of different muscle groups together in order to complete a certain movement. 

If you decide and add extra resistance via bands or extra weight you can accelerate the fat burning process quite a bit.

So with the help of a power tower not only are you getting stronger and bigger but you can also get leaner. 

How cool is that, right?

8. You can train the whole body

A thing I really like about this great piece of workout equipment is the fact that you can literally train every single muscle out of your whole body (I really mean every – yes, even the legs!)

You are provided with a ton of very good calisthenic exercises that can target your whole body

Here is a quick list of great bodyweight exercises you can do:

  • Pull-ups – all different types
  • Push-ups – many variations
  • Dips – you can do them differently to target chest or triceps
  • All kinds of different ab exercises(seated or hanging)
  • Front and back levers
  • Explosive type of training (Word of caution: make sure your power tower is pretty well secured to the floor before attempting such moves)
  • Muscle-ups 
  • Human flag
  • Assisted pistol squats
  • etc.

Here’s a little bonus video showing you quite a few great ab exercises you can do using the vertical leg station:

As you can see there is a ton of very good exercises you can do. The list below is just a short example. Believe me, there are a lot more than that.

Final Thoughts

It’s finally over! Congratulations!

If you had read everything so far you should have a very solid understanding of what exactly you should be looking for in the best power tower for calisthenics.

If you have skipped some parts I would highly recommend you went back and read them because every single part from this article is important in its own way.

As you can see I have reviewed 5 very good power towers which of one I personally use.

So take your time and pick the best one for you considering your budget, available space, your body weight and height, and features and exercises you want.

If you still have a tough time deciding which one you should really pick don’t worry.

If I have the budget to get only one power tower for calisthenics it’s still going to be same I’m currently using – the Stamina 1690 Power Tower.

The best power tower for calisthenics
The best power tower for calisthenics I love using

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In my opinion for that price and features, nothing comes close to my power tower.

It has everything you really need – a high and wide pull-up bar, dip station, and push-up handles with good padding. (you can also use the handles as a step for the dips)

If that’s not enough you also get a wide and stable foundation that can handle 250 lbs of weight. I know that’s not much compared to some models but it’s enough for me.

I have used it wearing my weighted vest, rubber disk plates and resistance bands and I haven’t seen any issues.

But one of the best features about this machine is the fact that it’s very lightweight, portable and compact. I really love to move it around from time to time and with this model it’s relatively easy.

In my opinion, the Stamina 1690 is an amazing power tower and a great choice for both beginners or advanced people who are into the bodyweight movement called calisthenics.

Do you want to learn more about my power tower?

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Now I really hope that you have everything you need at your disposal.

Be smart about it and make sure to use all that information properly so you can make the right decisions.

If you have found parts of this article useful feel free to share it with your friends or leave a comment below about your thoughts and concerns about power towers and calisthenics.

That’s all for now.

See you in the next one!



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