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5 Best Protein Bars for P90X in 2024 [Tasty & Low in Sugar]

5 Best Protein Bars for P90X in 2019 [Tasty & Low on Sugar] - main image

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Eating a protein bar can be a very tasty and fast way to provide your body with all important nutrients and energy for your P90X workouts. 

But which one should you choose and why?

If you want to have clear answers to both those questions read the entire article so you know which are the best protein bars for P90X and what makes them such. 

That way you are going to educate yourself and make the right decision which may save you money, time and have positive effects on your overall health.

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If you don’t have the time to read the entire article I highly recommend you to check our favorite pick – ONE Protein Bars.

I do believe they are perfect for P90X because they have all the important stuff – good taste, price, natural ingredients and good amount of protein and calories.

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Top 5 Best Protein Bars for P90X

In order to make things a lot easier for you we have picked the 5 best products out of the majority. 

All 5 items are proven to be very good by the hundreds of positive reviews left by happy people you can find on the web. 

In addition to that, all of them fit all our list of important things – they are tasty, have good amount of protein and fiber, have a good price, are made with natural and safe ingredients and have a good number of calories.

Comparison Table

Before we start have a quick glance at our comparison table and see what is the macro content to all 5 products compared one another.

ONE Protein Bars (12 Pack) 210-23020g25g6-9g8-10g1g
Premier Protein Bars (18 Pack)29030g25g8g3g8g
RXBAR Protein Bars (12 or 24)21012g22g8g3g14g
Detour Smart Protein Bars15010g16g5g3g3g
Garden of Life Protein Bars28020g36g10g10g8g

Let’s start with the first review…

#1 – ONE Protein Bars (12 Pack) – Best Combination [Winner]

Nutrition per Bar:

210-230 20g25g6-9g8-10g1g

Some numbers vary because of different flavors.

I do believe these are the best protein bars for P90X because they have everything you need – good price, happy customers, good amount of protein, fiber, great taste and aren’t stacked with bad stuff. 

Comparing them to a lot of similar options I see that they have a pretty good price per bar having in mind the size and the content of each piece. 

When multiple people agree that the taste and texture are good and say a product is good (and they are genuine) well it’s probably true.

That’s the main reason why we have chosen ONE protein bars as our favorite product. 

You get around 220 calories, 20 grams of protein and about 8-10 grams of fibers (that’s around 30%+) per serving which places is somewhere in the middle and that’s why I have decided to call it “Best Combination”. 

It has everything you need just at the right proportions so it can help you get energy and recover well for your next P90X workout. 

Every bar is made from a mixture of safe to use natural sweeteners, flavors, and colors so you are not consuming any dangerous or harmful unknown additives. 

I don’t know how they have achieved it but you are getting only 1 gram of sugar per protein bar which is great. 

In addition to that this product is made in the USA and it’s made sure it’s gluten-free. 

Finally, I little detail I like is the fact that in every box you order there are 4 different flavors divided in packs of 3 pers per flavor. 

I find this really cool because it adds variety and you may have a different taste every day. 

So even with the fact that this product isn’t really perfect I still highly recommend it to anybody who wants to have a piece of everything.

Quick Summary:

I do believe ONE has made a very good product worth trying because of a few things. Firstly there are many happy customers who do like the quality, taste, and price.

The ingredient list is clear from additives and you are getting a decent amount of calories, protein, and fiber per bar. As you can see there aren’t any big issues with it so it’s definitely worth a shot.

#2 – Premier Protein Bars (18 Pack) – Best for Bulking 

Nutrition per Bar:


We are going to start with very calorically rich protein bars which are going to help a lot for building addition muscle and gain some strength for your p90x workouts. 

They have the biggest number of calories per bar – 290. 

Because of that they are a good option for a post workout meal and can even replace a meal if you don’t have time to make one. 

Another thing that is making it a great option for people looking for the best protein bars for p90x is the fact that from one bar you are getting a total amount of 30 grams of protein. 

That is very high compared to the 10-20 grams industry’s standard and it’s one of the main reasons It’s on our list. A bar of those gives you pretty good carbs and fats so it could really help to replace a meal if needed. 

One of the most important factors I do like in such products it’s the purity of the ingredients and Premier has done a very good job. 

Their bars are free from gluten, sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors and such meaning you are not consuming things you really shouldn’t. 

Another good thing is that is low on sugar – about 8 grams per bar and the majority of people are happy and like the taste.

What I like about Premier is that they are offering a bulk option of 18 pieces per box resulting in a really good price per bar.

I really like the fact that in one box you are getting 3 different flavors and that’s a very good way to add variety so you won’t eat the same thing every day. 

The bars are not too hard to eat and have a consistency similar to a thick but chewy candy bar but instead of sugar full of protein and helpful nutrients.

Quick Summary:

If you are looking for a high calorie and protein-rich protein bars which are affordable and tasty you have to try what Premier is offering.

With their good ingredients and low sugar amount, they are great for anybody who wants to bulk up and gain muscle fast. 

#3 – RXBAR Protein Bars (Pack of 12 or 24) – Best Ingredients 

Nutrition per Bar:

CaloriesProteinCarbsFatsFiberSugar (coming from fructose)

The second delicious and healthy we are going to review is something unique and most importantly loved by many happy customers who like the taste, natural ingredients, and price. 

Before we go any further I want to add up that I’m very pleased with the huge amount of different flavors these bars are offered in so it’s almost guaranteed you are going to find something you like. 

What makes this product unique is how small is the ingredient list and what ingredients are being used. 

We are talking about only a few natural and helpful things such as chocolate, egg whites, dates, almonds, cashews, sea salt, etc. 

As you can see this product is a far better option than a lot of bigger brands because their products have usually 10 lines of ingredients most of which you have never heard about. 

As you can see this is a simple product that doesn’t use any additives or additional sugar – things like sugar alcohols or the traditional processed sugar. 

Instead, the only sugars you are going to get do come from fructose (14 grams) and are a lot healthier options. 

Each bar contains enough calories (210) and enough nutrients (see the info above) so it can provide you with enough energy and it can fill your body with power and stamina for your workouts. 

This protein bar can be used for both post workout meal, pre workout meal or a snack.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a huge amount of protein per bar (only 12 grams) but that’s no big deal for people looking for something healthy and pure to consume daily.

It’s also gluten, dairy, and soy-free and comes in 12 or 24 package sizes for a reasonable price.

I would recommend you to go after the 24 option because that way it’s going to cost you cheaper per bar. 

Quick Summary:

If you are a person who does really care what you eat this protein bar might be the best option for you because it’s made from only a few natural ingredients.

The taste and price are good and people are usually happy with what they get. Even with some minor issues I still believe this is a great product to have on a daily basis. 

#4 – Detour Smart Protein Bars – Best for Snack

Nutrition per Bar:


The third option made by Detour is a perfect solution for people looking for something energetic to eat after a hardcore P90X workout which doesn’t contain a lot of calories – only 150 per portion. 

It’s smaller than the other bars making it more convenient to carry around when needed. 

Even with it’s smaller number of calories and size this protein bar is still packed of great nutrition – it has 10 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber and a pretty low amount of sugar – only 3 grams. 

You are getting quite a good snack for the price per bar which it cost.

Actually, I find these protein bars to be one of the cheapers options on the market what is making them a perfect candidate for bulk orders. 

The ingredient list is clear from banned and harmful additives, GMO or artificial colors, alcohol sweeteners or flavors. 

Instead of those, you get a combination of stevia (natural sweetener), oats, protein blend, coconut, sunflower oil, salt and more.

As you can see this is not a bad product at all and it can bring you a lot of value for the price. It’s also gluten-free and it comes in 4 different flavors to choose from. 

I know that 10 grams of protein isn’t ideal for some of you but I would rather have a smaller total amount of protein than consuming ingredients I have never heard about. 

Although it’s not ideal for everybody I do believe some you will find it exactly what you are looking for – a small and low-calorie snack that can give energy for the next workout. 

Quick Summary:

So you are looking for a low-calorie protein bar for your nutrition plan? If you are then this might be a great option for you or anybody who is looking to get small number of calories and good amount of healthy macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

As a bonus, the price is really good which does really help if you decide you want to buy in bulk.

#5 – Garden of Life Organic Vegan Protein Bars (12 Count) – Best for Vegans

Nutrition per Bar:

CaloriesProtein (plant-based)CarbsFatsFiberSugarBCAAs

We are going to end up our list with I believe is the best protein bars for vegans who are looking for something to help with their P90X progress. 

The first thing you are going to see about these organic bars is the great price they come with. The price per bar is really good and fits well into our requirements (more on that in the chapter below). 

I have done the math and compared it to a lot of other similar vegan competitors but nothing comes near close to the great value you are getting in return. 

As you can guess this product is entirely made from organic plants which do bring a ton of their own benefits in addition. 

That means you are getting a protein bar that is gluten, dairy and soy free who doesn’t contain any additives, artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. 

That’s the power of nature combined with a good company. What I find quite unique is that you are getting an additional 3.2 grams of BCAAs in addition to the already high number of calories, protein, and fiber. 

I don’t know if it’s just me but I haven’t really seen any other similar product offering BCAAs and I believe they are missing a lot. 

Speaking of protein you are getting 20 grams per bar which are better than the 10-15 gram standard for many of the other plant-based protein bars. 

The amount of sugar is also low and comes mainly from fructose. 

What I like about this product is that Garden of Life has made sure their products are 3rd party tested and as a result of that, they have a lot of certificates that prove their products are good and made from exactly what it’s on the label. 

Every one of the 4 flavors does taste good and many people have confirmed it so whatever one you pick you won’t go wrong. 

Even with the higher number of carbs and the caffeine I still believe this is something consider having.

Quick Summary:

There is nothing bad for trying to follow a plant based diet and lifestyle and Garden of life has made a great product to support you. Their vegan plant based protein bars are affordable, packed with calories, protein and fibers and are way better than most similar products.

Of course, this product is not ideal but it’s going to help you recover for your next workout. 

6 Things to Look for When Buying the Best Protein Bars for P90X

Before you hurry and buy yourself a bunch of protein bars I highly recommend you to read this part of the article. 

I really do believe it’s important because it could really help you make the right decision so you are eating something healthy, tasty and made with good ingredients at the same time. 

At the end of the day, you decide what you eat and how it’s going to affect your health and progress. 

That being said let’s go for the first one… 

[#1] – What are the Ingredients?

I’m a firm believer that this is the most important factor you should consider before you decide what to eat.

It’s even more important than the price, macronutrients, and taste because you can not buy health. 

And consuming banned or dangerous additives may cause future health problems. 

That’s why it’s very important for you to take the extra time and read the back of the label and see what’s inside a certain product.

That way you going to make sure it has a few important things. 

Allergies and Intolerances

You are instantly going to see what are the ingredients and see if you are allergic or have food intolerance towards a certain food or foods.

That way you can easily choose a product that you could easily digest without any side effects. 

The majority of products do contain dairy, nuts and other problematic ingredients so make sure to read it carefully.

The good news is that we have found an excellent plant based option in the products list that doesn’t contain such things.

The Total Number

You are going to see the total number of ingredients used for the creation of each product.

The fewer there are, the better.

Quality of the Ingredients

That way you can easily read the names of the ingredients and see if they are natural, healthy or not.

If you come up to additives you can hardly pronounce and recognize make sure to take the time to educate yourself and see if they are harmful or not. 

That way you can easily identify and stay away from artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors.

Amount and type of sugar

Reading on the label will help you see what is the total amount of sugar contained in a bar and more importantly – where does it come from.

A good rule to follow is to stay away from products that have more than 14 grams of sugar in a portion because excess amounts of sugar can be harmful.

Make sure most of the sugar comes from a natural source such as stevia or different fruits, as fructose, etc. 

Another very important thing I want to mention is to stay away from sugar alcohols.

They are mainly used to make the products sweeter while keeping the sugar amount on the label low.

That is a very clever way of deceiving us into thinking we have picked a healthier choice because it has a low amount of sugar but we actually haven’t. 

Stay away from these sugar alcohols – xylitol, mannitol, sorbitol, etc.

They are synthetically made so they can’t be really absorbed well in our bodys and that may lead to problems such as bloating, diarrhea, farting, discomfort and cramps in the abdominal region, etc.


Make sure that you are getting a high amount of fibers per bar because it has a ton of great benefits.

We are talking about things such as slower digestion, release the gained energy more evenly and more. 

As you will some products can have as much as 3x more fibers than others.

Depending on your goals and wants to pick protein bars that have what you want and make sure there is also some included fiber. 

[#2] – What is the source & how much protein?

After you had found a product with decent ingredients, a low amount of sugar and some fibers next you should check out how much protein are you going to get per bar and what’s the source it’s coming from. 

The average industry standard varys somewhere between 10 up to 30 grams so I would recommend you to stick somewhere in the middle. 

I believe 20 grams of protein is going to be enough to give you what you are looking for while leaving space for all the other important macronutrients you shouldn’t ignore.

Of course, that number can easily change depending on what are your personal preferences are, etc.

The other important part except the amount is the source. Try to see watching the ingredients where does the majority of the protein come from. 

Make sure it’s a good natural source such as plants, whey isolate, etc.

[#3] – How many calories?

Please don’t be like this…

The amount of calories found in bars does usually vary from about 150 cal. going up to 290 cal

As you can see that’s not a little gap and depending on what your end goal is to pick a product that has enough calories to help you achieve it.

Option 1: You want to to get big & strong

If your goal is to gain muscle, strength, and size aka “bulking and eating a protein bar is something like a post-workout meal or an important snack you have to eat then go for protein bars that have more calories, protein, and fiber.

Option 2: You want to to get lean

If your goal is the exact opposite and your workout goal is to get lean and vascular by losing some extra weight then pick protein bars with less number of calories in them.

In our top 5 list, we have both low and high-calorie bars suitable for both goals so make sure to check them and out and see if they are going to help you reach your goal.

[#4] – How good is the taste?

I know and I’m very aware that taste is a very individual thing. Some people may love the taste of something while others may hate it. 

Even with this big difference, there is still something you can do in order to make sure that the bars you are going to eat are probably going to taste well.

Here are the 2 tips I personally use to always pick things I do like to eat regularly:

  1. Read the reviews and check what the majority of people think about a certain taste. If they mutually agree it tastes good then it probably does. 
  2. Another thing it could potentially help is to pick a flavor you like eating in general. For example, if you love eating brownies then you are probably going to like if a protein bar does taste like a brownie, etc. That way you have a higher chance of success rate.


Even with these 2 tips it isn’t 100% guaranteed that you are going to love the taste but even if you don’t it’s still better than no do anything and rely entirely on luck. 

[#5] – What do other people think about them?

The best way to make sure if a product is good or not is to see what other people have to say about it.

If a lot of people are really happy with the quality and taste of something and they are genuine then it’s worth checking and even ordering. 

There are 2 ways I usually decide if a product is worth it or not depending on that:

  1. The first and probably most obvious think a lot of people are going to do is to read some of the reviews and see what the majority of people have to say about a certain product.

    Of course, there will be a lot of haters and people who don’t know what they are talking about or fake comments but after you have moved past them you can easily see what is the real deal behind a product. 
  2. Most of you probably won’t do it but I highly recommend you do. Make sure to take a few minutes and learn about the company that is making and selling the product.

    Look online what are people saying about them, are they happy with their products and customer service, where and how are their products created, do they offer some certificates, etc.

You can spare doing all that by checking out our products above.

We have already done all those steps and have found products that are approved to be good by the majority.

[#6] – What is the best quantity to buy and at what cost?

The main reason why I recommend you buy in bulk these types of products is that most likely you are going to consume them on a daily basis. 

Why buy in bulk?

It’s easier for you to prep for about a month ahead so you won’t have to spare additional time and money again and again for doing the same thing. 

A simple shopping day…

Usually buying something in bulk is a more convenient way to get what you want (it also saves you both time and money).

It’s also going to provide you with proper nutrition right at your disposal so you won’t have to worry about what to eat for your next P90X workouts. 

What’s the ideal cost?

There isn’t such thing as an ideal price because if you do care about your health and wellbeing you have to see what’s inside a protein bar and use that as the leading factor helping you decide if you should buy something or not. 

That being said you can still overpay a ton so a good rule of thumb is to go for products that cost about $1-$2 per bar.

Here’s a quick example of how to find the price per bar. 


Let’s say I want to buy a box with 18 bars that cost $27. To find out the price I’m going to divide the total cost (+ shipping) to the number of protein bars that are inside the box. 

27/18 = 1.5 

So each bar from that company costs me $1.5 which is about the standard so this is a good decision to make.

You can freely use that price to compare different brands to see which one is the best option for you and your monthly budget. 

Final Thoughts

Even if it’s a lot better and safer to cook your own homemade protein bars it’s going to take time which we do not all have. Especially if you want to eat a piece or two every single day. 

That’s why it’s easier and way more convenient to buy yourself a nice stack of bars for your next month. 

And the even better thing you can do is to mix them with a good recovery drink, creatine or protein powder. That way you are going to be sure you are getting the max out of your workouts.

Now you really know what are the things you really should care about before you decide to buy protein bars and what are your best options on the market.

Use all that knowledge and tips in order to make the right decision and get yourself something taste you will enjoy eating before or after every workout you do. 

If you have a hard time deciding which one of the 5 to go for I would share that in my opinion, the best protein bars for P90X or P90X3 are ONE’s

They are my favorite’s and I find them very useful and tasty in my everyday life so I highly recommend to check them out.

Click here for their latest price on Amazon

Finally, I want to add up that even with the help of a good protein bar you will achieve nothing if you don’t follow a strict and good nutrition plan, good and regular sleeping, and proper training. 

It is also highly recommended to have equipment such as adjustable dumbbells, a pack of resistance bands to get the max out your P90X workouts and a proper way to track your results using a diary and a good fitness tracker/smartwatch which has a great heart rate monitor, pedometer, calorie counter, and sleep tracker.

Thank you very much for reading this article. If you find it useful and want to learn more feel free to check our useful guides and best equipment categories for more great similar articles packed with great content.

Don’t forget to leave a comment and share this article with your friends. It would mean a lot to me.

See you soon,

– Bozhidar


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