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Top 5 Best Resistance Bands For P90X Workout 2024 (Tested)

Updated Today

Buying the best resistance bands for P90X isn’t an easy task…

In our modern times, there are many different types, shapes, and brands of resistance bands each having its own unique purpose.

  • But which one to buy?
  • Which resistance bands do you need for P90X training?
  • How many types are there and what are the differences?
  • How to make sure you are not wasting your money and time?
  • Which resistance bands I personally use and why?

Before I answer all these questions and give you the bands I personaly use I would recommend you to take 3 seconds off your time and download our completely free huge guide called Bands Training 101: Everything You Need To Know.

It containes everything you really need and is going to help you 10X your results. Simply enter your email and we are going to send it over.

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With that out of the way let’s jump to the good stuff…

Hi there, my name is Bozhidar and in the next couple of paragraphs, you are going to learn all the answers to those questions and find out exactly which bands you need and why.

Don’t worry it’s nothing complicated!

As I person who owns a bunch of different types of resistance bands, I can really help you make the right decision that is going to save you both time and money.

All 3 different types of bands I own
All 3 different types of bands I own

That’s why I highly recommend you read this post till the end.

So without any further ado let’s get into the real deal…

Are you in a hurry?

If you don’t have the time to read the whole post (which I highly recommend you do) I want to recommend you check out my personal favorite bands I use almost every time when I do P90X workouts – the HomeBeast Resistance Bands Set.

Part of my favorite resistance bands for P90X

Click here to check the best resistance bands for P90X

I believe these are the best resistance bands for P90X training because they are the most versatile I own.

You can attach them anywhere and combine them with everything (bodyweight movements, dumbbells, barbell and many different types of machines).

In addition to that they are really durable (I’ve used mine for many months now and the only problem I have is little dirt), lightweight, portable and inexpensive.

In my opinion, these are hands down the best bands you should get and if you only have the budget to buy one set please go with these ones.

Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Click here to check them out

With that being said let’s take a quick look to all the other 4 resistance bands I still recommend so you know what to expect:

Click on the photo or the name to learn more about a specific model:

Have you picked a product?

Before you jump to buy it I highly recommend you to read the post till the end starting from some very interesting things you should know…

3 Important Features You Should Look for When Buying Resistance Bands for P90X

There are many important things you should consider before buying the best resistance bands for p90x workout in order to save a few headaches later on but if you are going to learn and follow only 2 let them be these...

1. What is the type of the bands?

As it comes to resistance bands, there are 3 main types of bands you should know about:

Type 1 – Tube Resistance Bands

These are my tube bands

Click Here to check my tube bands

There are bands with handles on both ends which makes them great for working your upper body.

They are a great replacement of weights and work very well for home and outdoor workouts

The best thing about the tube bands is the fact that they come with many useful attachments such as

Type 2 – Flat Loop Bands

One of my flat loop bands

Click Here to check my flat loop bands’ latest price on Amazon

Flat loop bands are good for many exercises that target your whole body and are a very effective way to increase the difficulty of your P90X workouts.

In addition to that, they are also great for assisting different exercises such as pull-ups, dips, chin-ups, and different static holds where you don’t have enough strength to still do.

Type 3 – Flat Thin Resistance Bands

These are the ones I use

Click Here to check my flat thin bands’ latest price on Amazon

The minibands are usually shorter and thinner than the flat loop bands.

They are specifically designed for stretching and rehabilitation but they can also be used to help you train your lower body such as the outer parts of your thighs and glutes or target smaller muscle groups as well.

That’s why they are a great addition to have and play their role in your P90X workouts.

2. Make sure to pick only quality products

My bands are really tough

Something that everyone should pay attention to is durability and quality.

Nobody wants to buy something that will eventually snap after the second use.

Not only is it inconvenient as you will be forced to buy new bands, but it is also extremely dangerous if it snaps during your workout.

Imagine you have extended your band at its fullest and it suddenly breaks…

It won’t be nice!

So my advice is – do not, by any means, save money on quality!

Only buy bands that are recommended by many people and have a ton of positive reviews that use nice materials and have a solid return policy.

3. What additional equipment is included?

If you are going to buy a set of tube bands it’s nice to check what additional equipment is provided and look for those few things.

Most packs of tube bands should come with:

Some type of handles – Sadly not every band allows handles to be attached. But if they do you are lucky, because some handles are very cheaply made and can rip off quickly making the need for replacement.

Ankle straps – They are really useful enabling easy attachment of the band to your ankle without the risk of constantly slipping up and down.

Door anchors – With them, you can turn any resistance band into a fitness machine in the presence of a single door. It’s better to have more than one anchor because that way you could do different exercises at once.

Friendly Tip: Make sure the door is 100% closed when using anchors if you don’t want to get your head opened like a pack of chips

Some type of a carry bag – What you can also check is whether a storage bag is included. A carrying bag may come in handy when you want to take your bands on a trip, no matter if it’s to the Maldives or to the near park.

Additional Detail – Most brands separate their bands into different colors, indicating their resistance. This, in my opinion, is really helpful as it allows you to differentiate the types of bands easily. That’s why I highly recommend you to buy

Example: Usually the yellow color stands for the easiest resistance; green and red for the medium; dark blue or sometimes even green may be used for the heavy resistance and purple, black or silver are mainly used for the heaviest bands.

Please Note: The colors highly depend on the brand, so don’t be bewildered if they do not correspond to what I have listed above.

Top 5 Best Resistance Bands for P90X or P90X3 Workout

Below you will find our top 5 picks which I believe are the perfect addition to your workouts using all the things you have learned above.

Let’s start with the first one…

1. HomeBeast Resistance Bands – Best Resistance Bands for P90X / P90X3

How the bands set look like

Click Here to check HomeBeast’s latest price

In my opinion, the HomeBeast resistance bands are the best choice for anybody who is following the P90X or any similar program.

They are extremely versatile and it can also be used for many other things such as powerlifting, stretching, calisthenics, mobility, and bodybuilding.

You can literally do anything you like with them.

These bands could provide great assistance for anybody who wants to learn how to properly do pull-ups and dips and other similar moves.

And still, these bands work extremely well with regular weights and could really help you get better and faster results from your workouts. [1]

For example, I really like doing flat barbell bench press with a combination with the medium intensity band and the burn is great.

Even if I highly recommend you buy the complete set because it’s cheaper and better for the long term you could still buy only one band using this link here.

Just make sure to select the one that is going to offer you enough resistance and please keep in mind that the stronger the resistance the higher the price for the band goes.

But even if you decide to get the complete set you won’t pay a lot because the set is pretty affordable having in mind the amazing quality you get in return.

Unfortunately, these types of bands can be litte uncomfortable to hold if you don’t use the handles. (especially the thicker ones) – Click Here if you are interested to see the gloves I use with these bands.

Quick Summary:

If you are serious about your workouts and are looking for something you can use anywhere with anything then the HomeBeast bands are the right fit for you.

They are universal, lightweight and really handy when it comes to P90X, P90X3 and all kinds of different programs.

With them, you can do almost anything and even completely replace the traditional weights if you have to. That’s the reason why I like them so much.

How the bands looks like


  • You can buy one, two or three sets
  • They comes with fast free shipping
  • A lot tougher and made from better materials than other tube brands
  • A perfect combination for P90X and all kinds of training
  • Provides support for pull-ups and dips


  • Tube bands may be little difficult to attach to wide object
  • It’s little hard to hold one for long without the handles or other attachments

Click Here to check my favorite bands for P90X

2. Tribe Resistance Bands Set – Best Resistance Bands For Home Gym Training

Click Here to check Tribe’s latest price on Amazon

From experience, I can tell that these resistance bands have everything you need for your P90X training.

With this set, you get wide and comfortable handles that make holding the bands not an issue and completely replace the need for gloves.

The included ankle straps would really make your life easier when it comes to leg training. You wouldn’t have to worry about the band getting out of your legs during the workout.

Once you tighten the straps there isn’t any unnecessary movement.

But my favorite part is the door anchor.

With its help, you have the option to train at home even if you don’t have a solid place to anchor your bands.

You wouldn’t have to search for what to do and how to do it because the whole set comes with a free ebook containing all the information you need.

Everything comes with a carrying bag so you can easily take all the equipment with you when you go outside to train.

I personally find it really effective and don’t understand why some brands don’t offer any.

As you can see from the description above you can train literally every body part targeting it from many angles and resistance.

That’s why this set is a great fit for P90X, P90X3 and all kinds of programs you can think of.

With this set, you get 5 different bands starting from 5 and going up to 35 lbs.

Quick Summary:

If you are a big fan of home training and want comfort and safety then the Tribe resistance bands set might be a good pick.

They are cheap, well made and very practical and portable. Give them a closer look if you want.


  • Comes with Door Anchor and ankle straps
  • Has a carry bag
  • Comes with ebook full of workouts
  • It has anti-snap technology
  • made by high-quality material finish
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee


  • Not all buyers are happy with the product quality

Click Here to check Tribe’s latest price on Amazon

3. Fit Simplify Thin Resistance Bands – Best Resistance Bands for Warming Up/Isolation

These are great for warming up and stretching

Click Here to check Fit Simplify’s latest price on Amazon

I really love to use these bands because of the great tension they give me even with their smaller diameter and size.

Because they are very compact (the smallest bands I own) these mini resistance bands can be used everywhere – at home, outside or even when traveling as they take up less space than the regular bands.

Not only are they great for your lower body, but you can also use them for some upper body exercises as well.

That makes them perfect for women or beginners who are just starting out who require little to medium resistance.

These bands are also practical as they can be easily incorporated in your general workout with some other bands, adding some more resistance without making the grip too hard to hold.

And of course, they are really good for different stretches, warming up routines and many bodyweight exercises.

Although the bands may wrinkle easily as they are light and thin, this could be easily solved by simply storing them appropriately.

Quick Summary:

If you are a beginner or a person who wants to own some bands but doesn’t need ton of resistance then the Fit Simplify bands may be for you.

They are extremely small and compact and can easily fit any bag or drawer. And the price is really good as well.

Depending on what you need these bands may be exactly what you are looking for.


  • Offer more tension
  • They are more compact than other bands
  • Perfect for lower body exercises
  • Can be used with other bands in order to activate more muscle groups


  • Bigger people may face difficulties in putting the bands over both legs

Click Here to check Fit Simplify’s latest price on Amazon

4. DYNAPRO Exercise Resistance Bands Set – Most Comfortable Resistance Bands

Click Here to check their latest price on Amazon

I really like these bands because you can adjust the length of the band to your specific need using the adjustable connection in only a couple of seconds.

In addition to that, the non-slip handles are really comfortable and wide so you won’t have any problem using them during your intensive P90X workouts.

But the best thing I like the most about these bands is the fact that every part of them is from high-quality materials that are going to last a very long time.

With them, you wouldn’t have to worry about tearing it apart.

Every band from this set is also sold separately which would be helpful for anybody who is looking only for a specific band with X amount of resistance.

Speaking of resistance, DYNAPRO offers 5 different bands that start from 5 lbs and can go up to 50 lbs.

With these bands, you also get free workout resources you can use containing different exercises and workouts that could be helpful.

Especially if you are a beginner who is just starting to include bands into his training.

Sadly, they are a little more expensive than some of the similar products in this category but at the end of the day, you pay for what you get.

In my opinion, the quality is really nice and the higher price is well justified.

It’s also good to know that the DYNAPRO bands come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty which covers all defects you could possibly have and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Quick Summary:

Even if the price per band is a little high the DYNAPRO bands aren’t something to be ignored.

They have one of the best built-in quality I’ve seen and their length can be adjusted.

In addition to that, they use thicker tubes and thicker and more comfortable and strong handles. In short very good bands worth checking.


  • Good length – 66”
  • Good Packaging – Suitable for gift
  • Does not damage shoes
  • Great fit for older people
  • Adjustable Connection


  • Some people tall the product is too light

Click Here to check their latest price on Amazon

5. SPRI Braided Xertube Resistance Band – The Strongest Resistance Bands for P90X

Click Here to check it’s latest price on Amazon

If you are looking for a single and super strоng resistance band for P90X then the SPRI braided Xertube is a very good choice.

With this design, there are 5 levels of different resistance to choose from.

Each one of them is 50 inches long which is more than enough for good tension.

The uniqueness that separates this model from the rest is the four-hole connector that attaches the cable for the grip.

With the additional 3 attachments, the whole design is going to be a lot tougher than the average band.

That means you get higher protection against snapbacks and breakage.

The braided rope-like construction of the tubing gives you a much stronger end result than the average product.

These great improvements make this band ideal for upper and lower body workouts and exercises. You can do anything you can think of and everything will stay intact.

But the coolest part is the 360-degree rotating hand grips that are one of a kind.

I personally haven’t seen anything similar on a resistance band before and really like it.

Having that rotation available will certainly remove unnecessary stress out of your wrists and help you target your muscles better.

In addition to that, the handles are wide enough so you can hold the band firmly and they even enable you to place your foot there so you can use it for your lower body. (not all models have enough space for that)

Quick Summary:

If you are looking for something extremely well designed that is strong, versatile and lightweight then you are going to want to try these bands.

The SPRI Braided Xertube is a unique one of a kind band that is a lot better than it’s competitors in almost any area. These bands are made to last while still be very comfortable and safe.

That’s why I highly recommend them to anybody who wants something more different.


  • Rotating Hand Grips
  • Four-Hole Connector
  • braided rope-like construction
  • Soft Handles
  • Lightweight


  • No instructions
  • No additional equipment

Click Here to check it’s latest price on Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

What resistance bands should I buy? – A single one or a whole set?

When you are ready to purchase your bands you will most likely have this dilemma.

I personally, recommend you to buy a whole set instead of only one band for the reasons you will see below. If you need only one band don’t worry, I have also reviewed some brands that offer single pieces.

It’s better to own a set of bands because you will have the opportunity to do multiple exercises that require a different type of resistance at once. This is called a superset.

Example: You can use a low resistance band to train your biceps while using a hard one for your back from different anchor points one right after the other.

If you own a band with the least resistance (for example around 3 pounds) it will be very difficult for you to train your legs. That’s because your legs are a lot stronger and it’s better to have more options to choose from.

As you train regularly you will eventually become stronger and you might as well need a stronger band to accommodate your new strength gains.

One more good thing to do if you have more than one band is that you can stack them together in order to achieve heavier resistance. This is quite useful if you train somewhere outside because you do not have to carry an additional heavy one in the set.

Tip: If you have strong legs and you are lacking the needed resistance for proper squats try doing them this way.

Another cool thing to do if you have a set of bands is that it gives you the opportunity to train two separate muscles at the same time. This could save you time and help increase the intensity during your workout.

Example: You can target both sides of your chest when doing crossover by anchoring 2 bands on both sides of your hands.

Why resistance bands tension is important for you?

In most cases, there are mainly 4 levels of tension when it comes to bands.

They are often separated by different colors, thicknesses, and lengths of the bands themselves. The tension varies from light for rehabilitation/warming style workout to a very advanced one.

These are the 4 main categories they are separated in:

  • Light Tension Bands
  • Medium Tension Bands
  • Heavy Tension Bands
  • Very Heavy Tension Bands

Let’s have a deeper look at what is every category used for. That enables you to see how you can pick the right tension for you.

What are Light Tension Resistance Bands used for?

They have the thinnest design and provide the lightest resistance – roughly around 3 pounds.

They are ideal for warming up or training smaller muscle groups like side shoulders, abs, and forearms.

They are also a great choice for anyone who is recovering from injury or undergoing rehabilitation. You can also work on your flexibility using them.

What are Medium Tension Resistance Bands used for?

They are thicker than the light ones and the resistance while using them is somewhere in the range of 6 to 13 pounds.

They are ideal for most isolation exercises and perfect for anybody who has already developed some strength.

They are also a perfect place to start with when buying additional resistance for your p90 workouts.

What are Heavy Tension Bands used for?

With their thicker and longer design than the previous two categories, this type of band is perfect for advanced people.

They are ideal for basic compound lifts such as squats, shoulder press, chest press, dips, etc.

If you have a lot of power you can also use them to train your back muscles.

They provide usually somewhere around 19 pounds of resistance which is more than enough for a lot of exercises.

What are Very Heavy Tension Bands used for?

They can provide you with the biggest resistance out there – around 23 pounds per band.

That makes them a perfect fit for someone who already has great and long experience in weight and resistance training.

If you believe that the heavy tension bands are not going to give you enough resistance then this category will be a good match for you.

What resistance band tension is right for me?

Sorry, but there isn’t a “perfect” tension I can give you because they all serve their own purpose.

Even if you are a complete beginner you want to have all of them at your disposal because in time you are going to build the required strength to use all of them.

In addition, different bands can be used in various situations and help you target your body at different angles and ways which is another very efficient way to build a lot of strength and size fast [2].

That’s why I highly recommend you buy yourself a complete set of resistance bands instead of only 1 or 2.

That way not only will you save money – you will also be prepared for the resistance you will be using years ahead from now.

If you are still not sure which set to buy I would recommend you invest in my own set I personally use during my P90X trainingthe HomeBeast set.

One of my bands

Click Here to check my favorite bands for P90X

But we are not over.

Here’s some more awesome information…

10 Great Reasons Why You Should Add Resistance Bands Into Your Training

If you are really interested in resistance bands but you still don’t know if you really need them then this might be quite interesting for you.

Below you will find out what are the top 10 very good reasons bands can be really useful.

1. They Save You Money

Buying a good set of bands is really cost-effective and will not leave you with empty pockets. You can get a decent set as much as $20-$50. If you compare this to other home gym equipment you will definitely see why this part is called that way.

With some offers, you can get a lot of additional equipment besides the bands which will give you a very big variety of exercises. You can even receive a free DVD or ebook containing workouts and other useful information. If you combine the cost of all those things you can see for yourself why this is a great solution for anybody who wants to save some money.

2. Add Variety and Get Results

Adding resistance bands to your regular training has its perks. The additional balance and strength needed to finish the set will shock the muscle helping you overcome plateaus.

Bands work great in a combination with free weights and machines because of the constant tension they provide. It also allows you to target your muscles from totally different angles and contractions when doing exercises.

3. Provide You With Great Options

As you already know there are a lot of different types of resistance when it comes to bands. You can choose a light or heavy, with handles or without, etc. You can stack as many as you like in order to increase the difficulty of a certain exercise.

Also, you are given full control over the whole movement. You can decide how much tension you need by going closer or further from the anchor point. Another way you can do this is by choosing where to hold the band.

Holding it only an inch lower can make everything a lot more challenging. On the contrary, if you hold the band on a higher place it will make the whole exercise a lot easier.

Resistance bands are also great for a lot of things. Some of them are building muscle, losing weight, building strength and stamina, increasing flexibility and more. It’s also good for rehabilitation and mobility.

It can be used for people of all ages but it’s especially a great fit for older people because it’s a lot easier on your joints than free weights.

4. Save You Space

Owning resistance bands will leave a very small footprint compared to other gym equipment for your home. The great news is that you can get the same results but you do not have to own anything heavy or expensive.

When you are not using the bands you can easily store them in their bag (if they have one) anywhere you like – under your bed, in your closet, inside your desk, etc.

Tip: If your bands are the type that can get wrinkled easily when not stored properly after the workout take your time and carefully fold them and leave them that way. Doing this will preserve them for longer.

5. You Can Carry Them Everywhere You Go

This tip goes hand in hand with the previous one. The small size can be associated with portability and lightweight. That gives you the option to carry your bands with you wherever you go.

This is perfect for people who want to keep up with their workout routine even if they are on vacation or in a hotel. You have the freedom to train literally anywhere.

You could even go in the middle of the forest, anchor the bands to some trees and have a very good workout. That’s especially useful in the hot summer days when you prefer to be outside.

If you are sitting a lot carrying a light resistance band gives you the opportunity to stretch and get some blood flowing in your lower body during the day.

Now you see what freedom and portability do bands provide you really with.

6. Never worry about injuries again

Injuries are something that nobody wants to experience (If you’re not a masochist, of course). Undoubtedly, one of the biggest advantages of resistance bands is that they are safe to use.

For example, if you have been to the gym you must have noticed those spotters assisting a person, that is obviously in huge pain, lifting heavy weights. Well, with resistance bands no such partners are needed!

Also, with weight lifting, there is a risk of injuring yourself due to the heaviness, whereas the weight of resistance bands is well-balanced. It is common that our ego makes us push weight we can not control which then leads to awkward situations or even injuries. And your precious self is not the only thing that can suffer – don’t make me upload a photo of the hole in my floor.

Oops, my mistake… 😀

whole made by dropping barbell on floor
Every time I look it, chill goes down my spine…

Last but not least, if you’re a person who cares about your well-being in the future then bands are definitely your thing. Resistance bands are easy on the joints. After all, nobody wants to listen to their joints popping like popcorn by the time they become 40!

7. You Can Train Literally Everything

With a single medium band, you have the ability to train every muscle of your whole body. That way you don’t really need to have a lot of equipment and different machines at your disposal.

Let’s say that the band is something like one massive machine combining all the functionality from most machines out there but without taking so much space.

If that’s not enough you can even do a lot of additional movements such as stretches, warming routines, rehabilitation exercises, and even cardio!

Try to imagine how much it will cost for all that equipment and how much space it will take.


Yep, that’s one of my favorite things about resistance bands and why they are a great fit for a workout such as p90x.

8. Build Muscle with the Help of Time Under Tension

If you are using only free weights for your workouts you are not getting the max out them.


Let’s take for example the bicep curl.

When curling up the weight your bicep is really under tension (the peak contraction) only when your arm is near parallel towards the ground. Also, muscle tension stays the same throughout the whole repetition.

On the other hand, if you add extra resistance using a band to the exact same exercise things change a lot. The higher your dumbbell goes, the higher the tension gets. You can even hold the band that way so the muscle tension kicks in from the start of the whole movement.

The more time under tension you can get for every rep you do, the better the results you will get. [1]

The same goes for the intensity of your reps.

9. It’s so easy even your dog can use them

You said what?

Yep, you heard me right! It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy…

Bands give you complete freedom. For example, you can go wrap it around a tree, pole or any other stable object you can possibly find.

In only a few seconds you can adjust the proper resistance for you. What is more, by placing the band higher or lower you can choose the angle from which you target the muscle you’re training.

Not to mention that there is no need to spend a fortune on personal trainers. All you have to do is go on YouTube and search for some workouts with resistance bands. YouTube is a platform overflowing with such content. So what are you waiting for, make the most out of it!

Imagine this little scenario:

Cool, now you have your bands.

Now what?

I know the feeling when you have something new but don’t have a clue how to use it. Do not worry! Today’s most sets of bands come with a free DVD or ebook that explains you straight away what exercises and workouts to do.

Tip: If you are not quite sure what exercises to do and are struggling with your workouts you can watch this great video:

Here’s a good total body workout you can do.

10. Get Full Range of Motion

Some machines and exercises limit the range of motion you can do. On the other hand, using a resistance band can help solve this problem. Because of the freedom of movement, you can go for a better range of motion.

It may be a great choice for people who are looking to get the max out of every exercise they do. Of course, don’t forget that the better range of motion you can do, the faster and better the results you will get.

Resistance Bands: The Next Steps

Now you know which ones are the best resistance bands for your P90x workouts and why.

Even if, after all that information, it is still difficult for you to decide which one to pick – don’t worry.

Even if all the 5 products here are very good and I highly recommend all of them there is still one set of bands I prefer and use the most when it comes to P90X workouts.

If I have the option to buy only one set of bands, in my opinion, the best choice for the money you give are the HomeBeast Resistance Bands.

One of their bands

Click Here to check their latest price

I believe these bands to be the winner because they have everything you’ll ever need when it comes to band training for the P90X program or any training program in general.

I like to use them at home or outdoors when the weather is fine and I want to change things a little.

But the best part I like the most is how well they work when combined with different equipment.

I’ve used mine with adjustable dumbells, gymnastic rings, squat rack, pull-up bars, dip bars, parallettes, and even a cable machine.

When I tell you that they are universal I’m not messing around. And that’s why I highly recommend you to get them.

If you want to check out the price, read more reviews and see more pictures of my favorite bands please click Here <<

But that’s just scratching the surface…

If you really want to learn more awesome and applicable information about resistance bands, different workouts and how to use them I highly recommend you to follow these 2 steps:


If you haven’t already enter your email below and download our ultimate guide about resistance bands called Bands Training 101: Everything You Need To Know. It contains everything you need and it can help you a lot.

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Take a couple of minutes and learn more awesome stuff about resistance bands or P90X by checking these articles:

And finally…

… if you find this post useful, feel free to share it with your friends.

Or leave a comment below on what is your thought and leave me feedback.

Thanks again and good luck with your P90X workouts,



Hey there, my name is Bozhidar and I'm a certified online personal trainer with University Degree in Sports and Nutrition.

With the help of my knowledge and over 8 years of workout experience, I can help you get on the next level. I own a home gym, do calisthenics, little gymnastics, and love to ride a bike.

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