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Flat Belly Detox Review: See My REAL Results After 3 Months

Updated Today

Do you have stubborn fat you really want to lose?

Are you frustrated with where you currently are?

Do you want to change?

If you want a real solution to all your problems keep reading. 

By the end of this Flat Belly Detox review you are going to learn what is the main purpose of this course, is it really working, what are you really getting and most importantly – is it really worth it?

Later on, I will also share with you a transformation picture with my real results from following the advice of this program for 3 months.

Hi there, my name is Bozhidar and Yes, I’ve actually really bought and used the Flat Belly Detox course for a couple of months. 

Don’t worry I will show you proof and actual results later in this post. I really hope to answer all your questions using my personal experience with this program.

Are you excited to learn the truth? 

Here’s how it all started…

Everything happened a while ago. 

After a long relationship with my girlfriend, she suddenly decided to leave me for no apparent reason. (At least not one I’m aware of)

I was devastated. My life was ruined.. (yeah I know). 

Because of my broken heart during that period I completely stopped working out

I drenched my sorrow in computer games, junk food and sitting on a chair all day long…

Can you guess what happens when you don’t do any physical activities, eat a lot of crappy food and hate your life?

It’s simple – you gain weight. Or in more harsh words – you become fat.

And yes, this can happen to anybody. I’ve never imagined it could happen to me but it did. No one is really safe…

During my depression, I felt completely miserable. I was feeling like sh*t and had no motivation to do anything. 

I hated my life, my ex-girlfriend and my new looks.

I was very ashamed of who I had become. 

After about 3 months of total misery, I started to feel better. 

I slowly started to get out of my negative state and some positive thoughts popped into my brain.

But the damage was already done. Now I had to find a good way to undo it.

Shortly after that, it happened…

It was right after I watched one of those motivational videos about Tony Robbins. 

Man, at that specific moment I was really pissed about how could I let myself down. How could I allow myself to waste my life and potential doing nothing?

And not only that – most importantly my health and well being.

I really wanted to change. I was being sick of doing nothing… But how? I didn’t have any experience in weight loss or cardio.

When that’s when the internet can be your best friend…

So I took massive amounts of action and enter into research mode. A few hours later after doing research and reading, I had found it. 

I had found the solution to all my problems. 

It was simple and it actually worked…

Flat Belly Detox Review: Here’s My Thoughts and Opinions on this program

Yes, the solution to my problem was Derek Wahler’s Flat Belly Detox program. (click here to check the special discounted price I’ve used)

That’s why I’ve decided to take the time and explain to you in-depth everything you should know about it.

But before we get into the details let’s answer one of the biggest questions you might have…

How did I find this product and more importantly why I’ve bought it?

Let’s find out…

How I came across this product?

It happened during my research mode.

I’m not dumb and I know that in order to burn fat I had to do 2 things right – eat healthy foods in small amounts and do some type of cardio workouts.

And to learn those 2 things I had 2 options – do it yourself or buy a course which has everything ready for me.

Because I had the money and couldn’t waste time to try and learn it by trial and error I’ve decided to take the second option – to buy an online course.

But how to find good courses that don’t suck?

Well, the obvious thing I come up with was to join a couple of big fitness forums and fitness Facebook groups.

My logic was this: If normal people like you and me recommend a program or a course it should be good. I have never bought a bad product that was recommended by many other people. 

Inside these groups, I was looking for some type of complete fat burning program that had everything included – both the workouts and the nutrition. 

And luck was by my side. I had found one sooner than expected. 

The next day when I entered one of the forums I saw a thread. The title was a question from another member who was asking about a similar thing. 

And it actually had a few replies.

That got me really intrigued. So I opened the thread and started reading. 

Inside the comments, I saw that a fellow member was recommending a program called Flat Belly Detox. Funny enough he wasn’t the only one. There were a few other replies that were positive about the program.

After some more digging around inside a couple of similar groups, I learned that this program was actually good and recommended by people. 

And if strangers are happy about a product it should be good right?

So I acted. I was searching for a deal and to my surprise, I have found a discount link inside one of the Facebook groups. 

I clicked the link that lead me to this very interesting discount page.

After I followed the steps I landed on a page with a video, I watched it and learned more details about the whole program I decided to give it a try and bought it…

But did it actually work?

Was it a good decision?

Keep reading to find out!

What is Flat Belly Detox?

Before I answer those questions let’s have a deeper look at what exactly is the Flat Belly Detox system.

In short, the Flat Belly Detox is a complete 14 days detox program designed to help you lose weight and burn fat efficiently. 

The whole program is made from different detox meals, smoothies, soups, and great short bodyweight fat burning workouts. 

All the meals and workouts are prepared for you so you don’t have to do anything. 

You get exactly what to eat when to eat it and how much. 

The same thing applies to the workouts. You know what exercises you should do, how many repetitions you have to do, how often to train, etc. 

The whole eating part is focused on the intermittent fasting meal plan. 

For all of you who are not familiar with what intermittent fasting is, in short, this plan is made out of 16 hours of not eating anything (fasting) followed by an 8-hour eating window. 

Don’t worry, you won’t get hungry because the fasting period is mainly done during the night. 

In short, the Flat Belly Detox is an in-depth fat loss program designed to help you lose weight efficiently and in a short period of time. 

It’s a combination of both exercises and meals.

But is it better than other similar weight loss programs?

Great question! Let’s see…

Why is Flat Belly Detox better than most similar products

If I have to be honest this isn’t the first online program I have bought. In the majority of the time, most of the programs I buy suck. 

They are a complete waste of money and time. So everything ends with a refund because they can’t really be in use.

But why I have kept this one? The answer is simple – because it works.

Don’t get me wrong – this program is not ideal and there are things that can be improved but it’s actually well-structured information that can give you results if you take action.

Here are a couple of reasons why I believe this program is better than some of the most famous similar ones.

The program’s author an actual person named Derek Wahler who is a senior wellness coach and a certified personal trainer. (more on him coming next)

Derek and his baby...

That means that all the meals and exercises he gives are backed with science. There is no bro-science or fake personas. You are getting a real program made from a professional.

But in order to lose weight you have to do 2 main things – exercise regularly and eat the right things right?

Well, this program included them both

That detail actually saves you money because you don’t need to buy any other courses. 

The information you get is enough to help you in both areas.

And most importantly the program actually delivered what it promises. You are not scammed or lied to. 

All the included things are well researched and well structured. The workouts and meals are great and easy to follow.

Another thing I want to mention is the price. It’s very cheap. 

For only $37 you are getting a complete program that can help you burn fat. 

I used this link to get my discounted copy for only $37 so give it a try if you want to save some bucks.

So for 37 bucks, you get a complete nutrition plan and many different workouts you can do. I don’t know about you but that’s something not a lot of other programs can offer.

And let’s not forget the workouts.

They take only 4 minutes to complete and are intensive enough to make your body start burning calories and fat. 

I really like how you don’t need any additional equipment and can do them quickly in the morning at home. 

Sadly that’s not the case for the majority of many similar programs that require a lot of time and expensive equipment not all of us have available.

I haven’t counted the exact number but from what I’ve seen you get over 60 or 70 different recipes you can make. 

I don’t know about you but I really like to eat different meals every day and this program can offer exactly that. I once bought a program in which I had only 10 meals. Pretty sad right?

Well, here’s the most important reason why I believe this program is better. 

It actually works

If you apply the basics from it you could really burn fat. 

Of course, that really depends on you. Even with the best program in the world, you won’t achieve anything if you don’t take action.

That’s all good Bozhidar, but can you share more info on the author. Who is this Derek fella and can I trust him?

Keep reading to find out…

Who is behind Flat Belly Detox and can I trust him?

As I have already mentioned the person behind the Flat Belly Detox is called Derek Wahler

Here’s a picture of Derek

Another picture of Derek

As you can see he is in great shape and his physique looks natural. 

But the thing that differentiates him from other fit people is the fact that he is a certified personal trainer and a fat loss specialist. 

That’s why I trust Derek. He actually can give really good advice because of his knowledge. You can see that in his videos in which he talks in great detail.

Speaking of videos Derek owns a youtube channel named Ideal Body that has more than 3200 subscribes.

And the good thing about him is that he actually applies his own teaching into his videos.

He is not one of those people who say one thing and do the exact opposite.

But do other people like him? What they have to say about him?

Here’s a couple of the comments I have read on one of his most popular videos

and this comment too

What makes every course unique is its author

And as you have learned Derek Wahler is a real person, with his own story and real experience. And even better – he has all the knowledge you seek.

But even with that being said is this course for you?

Can it really help solve your current problems and frustrations? 

Keep reading to find out…

Is Flat Belly Detox for You?

I won’t lie to you. This program is not for anybody

Yes, it’s very well made and it actually works but not all people can see results from it.


The answer is simple. It really depends on who you really are and what you believe in.

That’s why I’ve created 2 different lists separated by those things.

Check them out and find out if Flat Belly Detox is a good fit for you.

In my opinion, this program is for people who…

  • Want to lose weight and fat but are not afraid to do the hard work.
  • Are looking for a working and easy to follow program that really works.
  • Don’t believe in magical or unrealistic results.
  • Don’t look for “easy ways” or “shortcuts” because they know such things don’t exist.
  • Love short and space-saving workouts that don’t require any fancy equipment or a lot of time.
  • Are looking for an efficient and healthy way to detox their body and become more healthy.
  • Aren’t afraid to try new things and want to improve and change their lives.
  • Have excess amounts of fat and want to remove it as fast as possible.
  • Can’t afford to buy expensive courses and programs.

Do you see yourself here? 

I really hope you do because that’s how real results are made.

Now let’s see the other side of the wheel.

I don’t believe this program is for people who…

  • Seek results without doing any hard work.
  • Don’t believe that they can really change.
  • Don’t want to invest in themselves.
  • Are too afraid to get outside of their comfort zone.
  • Don’t love to cook healthy meals, don’t care about their health and aren’t willing to make any sacrifice.

So these were some of the basic things that you should understand in order to find out if this program is for you or not.

But that’s not everything. If you want even more information than that click here to watch the official video and save money <<

With that being said I’m really excited to share with you the next part.

Which is….

What’s included with Flat Belly Detox

Because I have actually bought the program and tried it myself I will go throughout the whole process so you can really know what you are getting.

Here’s the actual proof…

Once you pay for the program and your payment is accepted you get sent to this thank you page.

Here’s what exactly you get.

After you scroll down a little you will see this short start guide video made by Derek. 

I highly recommend you to watch it because inside the video he explains all the details about the whole program.

In order to download the actual program scroll down a little more.

As you can see here’s the place in which you can find all the included PDF files and a short video of what fruits to avoid. (more details on that are coming next)

Below this section, you are going to see the 4 different bonus videos in which Derek gives plenty of good advice you can follow.

The next thing you are going to find is the 10 different workouts videos. They are made by Derek in which he explains all the details you must know.

And that’s really it. That’s what you get. 

So to recap here is the complete list of all the different things combined that you are getting from the Flat Belly Detox:

  1. Flat Belly Detox Main Manual (41 page PDF file)
  2. Bedtime Belly Detox (14 page PDF file)
  3. 50 Belly Blasting Red Smoothies (27 page PDF file)
  4. 5 Fruits to Avoid for a Flat Belly (video)
  5. 10 complete workouts videos (4 min each)
  6. 4 Bonus videos
    • 24-Hour Cheat-Tox (video)
    • Fat-Burning Restaurant Survival Guide (video)
    • Accelerate Fat-Burning Formula (video)
    • #1 Vegetable To NEVER Eat (video)

I haven’t done exact math but the length of all videos is about 1 hour and 30 minutes of content. That’s not bad at all considering that most of them are short 4 minute long workouts.

But let’s get in even more detail than that. Here’s what exactly you are getting in each one of the 6 different things. 

1. Flat Belly Detox Main Manual (41 page PDF file)

Here’s a quick sneak peek of the table of the contents of the main manual

Actual table of contents

Inside the manual you are going to find:

  • A couple of great healthy fast recipes for a morning energy boost
  • What to eat for lunch – some healthy examples with options to choose from
  • Tips on what to drink and what to do with snacks
  • 5 different types of special detox dinner soups and the whole recipes how to make them
  • Great tips on how to burn more fat using your metabolism
  • 15 delicious bonus healthy meals – all have photos, ingredients list and step-by-step instructions on how to make them
  • and much more useful tips

2. Bedtime Belly Detox (15 page PDF file)

Here’s what’s inside:

and it’s table of contents

Inside this book, you are going to find some great tips on how to improve your sleeping habits. 

Derek also gives some great healthy detox teas you can drink before going to bed. He also shares some good herbs that can help you speed up the whole fat burning process.

3. 50 Belly Blasting Red Smoothies (27 page PDF file)

Here’s how the recipes look like:

Blurred for obvious reasons

The only thing missing from this eBook are the pictures but except them, all the recipes are nice, short and simple. 

They don’t require a lot of time to prepare and actually taste pretty nice. At least the ones I have personally tried. My favorite one is the Red Power smoothie.

4. 5 Fruits to Avoid for a Flat Belly (video)

The name of the video is self-explanatory but inside this video, there is actually some great info you can learn.

5. 10 complete workouts videos (4 min each)

All the 10 videos are unique meaning you won’t do the same workout twice. 

Derek does a really good job explaining how to do every single exercise correctly. He also gives good tips on the technique and form.

How the videos look

The workouts are short, don’t require any equipment and are on point. 

There isn’t any fluff or waste of time. Another thing I really like is that the videos are raw. 

There aren’t any edits or cuts so you can simply follow him and do the workouts as you are watching them.

And finally, you can also download all of them and save them on your computer.

How the download button looks

I really like this little detail.

6. 4 Bonus videos

As I have mentioned you also get 4 bonus videos. Inside them, Derek gives plenty of good advice you can really apply in your daily life. 

They are not too long but not too short and in my opinion, are worth watching.

Now you know what are you really getting. 

But is everything good? Are there any serious problems?

Here are my thoughts…

Pros and cons of Flat Belly Detox

After using it for a while now I can say that the Flat Belly Detox program is not perfect.

Even so, the pros are way better than the cons.

Here are my actual thoughts about this program after I bought it.

Here are a couple of things I really like about this program:

  • You can actually get results. Yes, this program is working as long as you are doing the workouts and eating only the included meals. It if wasn’t I wouldn’t really recommend it to anybody.

  • I really enjoyed how visually well were all the eBooks made and how great they were structured. In my opinion the whole course everything is designed very well and easy to navigate.

  • The workouts are very short (only 4 mins), effective and time-efficient. Of course, you can double or triple that if you want even better results but with only 4 minutes you can still get a really nice workout.

  • The detox soups are tasty and the overall meals are easy to make. I also like that Derek has included all the steps on how to make them.

  • I like how much value I got from buying this course. You can reuse all of the workouts and meals for as long as you want.
  • You can actually download everything on your computer or smartphone (yes, even the workout videos). That way you don’t need constant access to the internet. That’s good for all kinds of different situations like poor connection, no signal, limited plan, etc.

  • Everything can be followed by anyone at any age, gender or situation. All the techniques, exercises and meals can be done by anybody.

Now let me share some things I don’t like about this program…

  • Although you get a very big amount of delicious recipes I really don’t like that Derek hasn’t included the macronutrients (the number of calories, protein, carbs, fats) you get per meal. It’s not a big deal because with little help from uncle Google and a calculator you can calculate it yourself but it could take some time.

  • The smoothies recipes are lacking pictures. It would be a lot easier for me to see what to make if I could look at them. Even so, I like the ones I have tried so far.

  • It was hard for me to understand what exactly I was getting – a video program, ebooks, both? It would be a lot easier if Derek could have added that on his product page. Luckily for you can read this review and find out.

  • Besides that, I don’t really see anything else really bad about the Flat Belly Detox. It’s a simple and effective program that does really work and can help you lose weight and become lean.

Well. those were some of the things I liked and didn’t like about this course.

As you can see there are some issues with it but the main thing is that the system works and it’s a good value in return.

But now we are going to get to the most important part of this whole Flat Belly Detox review.

Are you excited?

Let’s answer this very important question:

Is it really working?

My Results from Using Flat Belly Detox

Instead of telling you, let me actually show you.

Here are my actual results from following the workouts and meals from this program for about 3 months:

Left before, right after

If you want to see even more similar or better transformations than mine click here to watch this video and get the discounted price <<

As you can see if you follow the advice of this program you can get results.

Yes, I know that I don’t have life-changing results but that’s not the point.

With this photo, I want to share with you my results and tell you what’s possible with hard work and good knowledge. 

And yes, this program can work for anybody no matter how bad your current situation is.

But it could work only if you are willing to do the work hard and are consistent.

And not only with the workouts – you have to apply the same things with your eating habits as well.

So yes, I had belly fat I wanted to get rid of and after applying the principles and being consistent with everything I managed to do exactly that. 

Now I feel great about myself and am very happy with what I have achieved. Flat Belly Detox is a good program and I really recommend it.

And you can do the same if you really want to.

But how long is it going to take you?

Let’s see…

How long is going to take for you to see results?

I can tell you one thing for sure – it’s going to take you a lot more than just 2 weeks. 

Click here to learn more details on that <<

Even if this program is designed for only 14 days that doesn’t mean you can lose 100 lbs in that period of time. 

As you can see it took me 3 months to burn my fat. I personally don’t know how long it’s going to take you to do the same.


Because we are different people. I don’t know you and I don’t know your current situation, believes and experience. 

But don’t get discouraged

You can really achieve amazing results as far as you are persistent with everything. 

Even if this program is only 14 days long that doesn’t mean you should stop after those 2 weeks have passed.

Hell no, instead continue!

Do it for 2 more weeks, and then 2 more, etc. Adjust your meals and workouts as you are progressing.

And don’t forget that you can download everything on your computer. Use it. 

Repeat everything again and again and after some period of time (it may take you weeks, months or even 1 year) you will see amazing results. But only if you are willing to do the hard work.

That’s how real life works – there are no shortcuts or magical solutions.


Are you ready to change your life?

And do you want to save a couple of bucks? 

Yes? Great here’s how…

Flat Belly Detox Price: What a Bargain, Here’s how I got Mine So Cheap

Before I show you exactly where I got mine copy so cheap here’s what I want to answer first:

Is it worth it?

In my opinion Yes.

Even if it’s not perfect the main principles are legit. With the help of this program, you can lose a lot of weight. 

But as I have already told you a couple of times this program doesn’t work like magic. You need to be active.

So for a very low price you are getting everything you need in order to change your body. I have seen many bad programs priced way more than that. 

So if you are looking for a working way to lose weight as fast as possible (realistically) I recommend you to give it a try. 

You will not get disappointed.

Where to get Flat Belly Detox?

I got my copy of the Flat Belly Detox program using this discounted link for only $37 <<

If you want to save a couple of bucks then I highly recommend using the link above. By the time I’m writing this the discount is still working.

But let me help you even more.

Here’s how the whole buying process looks like.

Once you click the link above or this one here (the same) and follow the provided instructions on how to activate the discount you are going to get on this page where a video will start playing.

If you can spare 10-20 minutes I highly recommend you to watch it. Inside Derek shares his story, gives you more information about the program, gives customer testimonials and much more.

When you are ready with video simply click this “Get started” link below the video.

That is going to leave you on the checkout page.

As you can see with your purchase you also get a 60-day money-back guarantee.

I really haven’t used it but it’s good to know that you are protected. That’s why you have nothing to lose.

Once you are ready, enter your details, payment method and click the “Pay Now” button after everything is set up.

After your payment is accepted you will get access to this page:

Here you can find everything about the whole program. Read everything and start from the top. And don’t forget to download everything.

And that’s really it. 

If you stick with the workouts, eat the meals and sleep well you will get results!


To be honest I’m very impressed with the Flat Belly Detox program. It really helped me burn fat and become lean and healthier. In my opinion, it’s worth the price and even more than that. 

I highly recommend this program to anybody who wants to actually lose weight. The program is legit and can really help you do that. 

It’s simple, well-formatted and great for anybody no matter age, gender or current situation. 

Don’t forget to check if the discounted price for Flat Belly Detox is still available here <<.

And that’s all. Thank you very much for reading my Flat Belly Detox review. I hoped my buying and using experience was useful and helped you understand more about this program.

Now you truly know if this program is for you or not.

If you have any questions regarding the program please leave them below. 

I will help you as I can.

See you in the next one,

– Bozhidar


Hey there, my name is Bozhidar and I'm a certified online personal trainer with University Degree in Sports and Nutrition.

With the help of my knowledge and over 8 years of workout experience, I can help you get on the next level. I own a home gym, do calisthenics, little gymnastics, and love to ride a bike.

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