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HomeBeast™ Resistance Bands

100+ Reviews

  • Full-Body Workout Anywhere and Anytime
  • 10X Cheaper and Faster Than Going to the gym
  • Up to 150 lbs of combined resistance
  • 90+ Unique Exercises for every muscle group

100% No-Risk Money Back Gurarantee

900+ Reviews

I lost 9 pounds in just one month and gained muscle at the same time.

Mike’s 6-month transformation

As a busy dad, I don’t have much time to sit in my car and drive to the gym a few days per week. Instead, I am working out with the Fittylife bands every two days, and the results are great. I lost 9 pounds in just one month and gained muscle at the same time. I can recommend this set to anyone who wants to be fit but has limited time” – Mike

100% No-Risk Money Back Gurarantee

100+ Reviews

Accelerate your fitness results at home. 

It only takes 20 minutes.

Build Muscle

Grow your arms, chest, back and legs with 90+ unique exercises per muscle group.

Lose Weight

Burn all unnecessary fat as fast as possible with the help of different movements.

Increase Strength

Become stronger than ever. Increase your grip strenth, push and pull power.

Get Actual Results 

No experience Or Equipment Required

Complete your whole-body workouts at the comfort of your home, at the park, in the office, and even when you travel.Carry around the whole set everywhere you go and fast track all your individual needs and goals.You choose where, when, and how.

With the HomeBeast™ set you get:

  • 5 tubes of different resistance levels
  • 2 anti-slip foam handles
  • 2 padded foot straps
  • 1 padded door anchor
  • The ultimate workout guide

100+ Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

For which exercise forms I can use the workout resistance bands?

Our training set is the perfect for muscle growth, muscle toning, strengthening, losing weight, stretching, improving mobility, pilates and even yoga. You can also combine it with dumbbells, barbells, gymnastic rings and other home gym equipment.


Does they come with instructions?

Every training set comes with workout instructions that show you how to attach and use everything. Additionally you get many different exercises you can do in order to target different muscles from your body. 


Can I use the resistance bands set as an beginner or expert?

Because of how they are designed bands are ideal for both beginners and experts because they are lightweight and are pretty safe to use compared to traditional weights. You don’t need personal trainers, expensive equipment or ideal form. 

Is training with this set the same as training with dumbbells or going to the gym?

Yes, according to many different scientific studies resistance bands can be as good (or even better in some cases) than regular weights and gym machines. That makes them an ideal alternative for people looking for something inexpensive, lightweight and portable that can do help you achieve the exact same results.

How many exercises can I do with this set?

Even if there isn’t a specific number I can give you I can easily say that you can do more than 90+ exercises for every major muscle group in your body. And that doesn’t include all the different types of training. Your creativity is your limit.

Can I use these bands separately?

Absolutely. You can use whatever combination of bands your like or attach them individualy. You can use all of them or only one at a time. For example you can start with the lightes one and slowly progress to the thicker ones. That way you can easily adjust the resistance you need for a specific movement.

Where are you located and where do you ship from?

Even if our company and website origins in Europe the majority of our available stock is distributed across many different warehouses across the USA. We are shipping from inside the USA a variety of different locations depending on where you are based.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

For customers within the United States, your order will arrive within 3 – 6 business days after processing via USPS Priority Mail or another major carrier. The average delivery time for international orders is around 7 – 9 business days. Beware that because of the COVID situation there may be some delays in the delivery time especially when it comes to international orders.

Which days do you ship?

We ship orders Monday to Friday. Please allow 1-3 days processing time due to the current situation with COVID.

Why Choose HomeBeast™?

HomeBeast™ By FittyLife

  • Up to 150 lbs resistance weight

  • Made from high-quality durable natural latex
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Strong steel hook

  • Padded door anchor
  • 3 – 6 days delivery

Other Brands

  • 100 lbs resistance weight
  • Made from cheap smelling plastic materials
  • Break after a while
  • Small more short-lived weak hook
  • Hard door anchor – harmful
  • 15 – 20 days delivery

Don’t Take Our Word For It!

Look what our happy customers are saying

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Choose Your Bundle

Instance 1

1 HomeBeast™ Set

50% OFF


$69.90 $34.95

  • Free 5 day shipping
  • Free 1 year warranty
  • Complete 12-piece set

100% No-Risk Money Back Gurarantee

100+ Reviews

3 HomeBeast™ Sets

60% OFF



$179.90 $89.95

  • Free 5 day shipping
  • Free 1 year warranty
  • Complete 12-piece set
  • Best Value

100% No-Risk Money Back Gurarantee

100+ Reviews

2 HomeBeast™ Sets

50% OFF


$139.90 $69.95

  • Free 5 day shipping
  • Free 1 year warranty
  • Complete 12-piece set

100% No-Risk Money Back Gurarantee

100+ Reviews

How does it work?

100% No-Risk Money Back Gurarantee

Save Money

No more monthly gym membership, expensive equipment or personal trainers.

Save Time

Achieve the results you want anywhere, anytime.

Free & Fast Shipping

Only 3 – 6 days to receive your order.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Don’t like the bands? Send us a message and we will make sure you get your money back.

My Transformation (Before-After)

About FittyLife & HomeBeast 

As the founder and creator of HomeBeast I can guarantee from personal experience that bodyweight training and resistance bands training work. If you don’t believe me just see my transformation picture.  But I’m not going to lie to you. It wasn’t easy, fast or a simple process that takes 30 days or less. Don’t believe that shortcuts exist. But I can tell you this. If you give your best consistently 20-30 minutes per day, eat the right things and make working out a habit you will achieve lifechanging results. You only need to be consistent and give your best every single day. That’s how amazing results are made.

But nothing will happen if you don’t begin…

Change Your Life Today

100% No-Risk Money Back Gurarantee

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