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9 Ways to Add Grip to Pull-Up Bar (Stop Hands from Slipping)

I know the feeling of being frustrated with your pull-up bar all too well.

You want to be in the zone when you work-out, and it can be hard to focus when your hands are slipping down from your pull-up bar.

Luckily, I found 9 amazing ways to help you add grip to your pull-up bar and to keep your hands from slipping.

Keep reading to get an in-depth look into the creative ways you can avoid slipping while you use your pull-up bar. 

How Do I Add Grip to a Pull-Up Bar and Keep My Hands from Slipping Down?

There are tons of ways you can add more grip to your pull-up bar and keep your hands from slipping off.

You can do simple things to add more grip to your bar, such as adding foam grips to switching to a wood pull-up bar. 

Without further ado, check out my 10 easy and effective ways to add extra grip to a pull-up bar.

Method 1: Use Wood Instead of Metal

An easy way to keep your hands from slipping off of your pull-up bar is by switching out your metal pull-up bar.

When metal gets wet from your sweat, it gets slippery and it can be hard to focus on your work out.

You can use a wooden pull-up bar instead because wood can give you a better grip.

Plus, replacing your metal pull-up bar will not cost you that much.

Grabbing a very sturdy wooden pole that can fit may only cost you about $20-60 depending on where you get it.

And you can even get wooden gymnastic rings!

My wooden gymnastic rings

You can also check out my favorite wooden gymnastic rings I use daily by clicking here<<.

I love these gymnastic rings because they are affordable, durable and are not slippery no matter how sweaty my hands are.

Method 2: Use Chalk

One of the most popular ways you can add more grip to your pull-up bar is by using some chalk.

man using chalk for calistenics

Lots of powerlifters love to use chalk whenever they do workouts, especially when they lift heavyweights.

The chalk keeps a power lifter’s hands from slipping from the metal while they lift.

According to this study [1], chalk is also used in gymnastics to get better hand grip strength.

So, you can do the same thing whenever you use your pull-up bar to avoid slipping!

You can get some power lifting chalk then rub some of it onto your fingers and palms. You will not need too much to get a strong grip.

Buying chalk is also another affordable solution to get a better grip on your pull-up bar. Most chalk for working out can cost as low as $9!

However, there are a few disadvantages to using chalk.

For example, you are only supposed to have chalk on your pull-up bar and hands. Yet the chalk always finds a way to get on your floor and clothes.

If you do not mind getting your hands a bit dirty while working out, then chalk will work great for you!

My favorite chalk

You can click here to check out the chalk I use and recommend<<. 

I love this chalk because it is affordable and convenient and doesn’t make a mess.

Plus, it has no artificial ingredients and it is non-toxic, so it is better for your skin and overall health.

Method 3: Use a Solid Pair of Gloves

Another great and quick fix to help you stay on your pull-up bar is by getting a solid pair of gloves.

You can grab athletic gloves, such as football and baseball gloves, to get a better grip on your bar.

That is because these kinds of gloves were made to have a good grip on your football or bat in an intense environment.

You can also grab some traditional gym gloves. Certain gym gloves have hooks on the palms, which lets you hold on your bar well without having to grip very tightly. 

So if you have a tough time keeping a firm grip on your pull-up bar, traditional gym gloves are the way to go.

Most gym gloves will not cost you much either. Many of them only range from around $15-25.

My gloves I regulary use

If you want to figure out which gloves work for you, you can click here to check out my article about 5 best gloves for pull-up bars<<.

In that article, I go into detail about what kind of gloves you will need based on your workout, what you should look for in gloves, and what my favorite gloves are. 

You can also take a look at my favorite gloves I use regularly by clicking here <<.

However, using gloves and chalk and switching to a wooden pull-up bar are not the only solutions. 

Here are some more unique ways to add more grip to your pull-up bar. 

Method 4: Clean Up Your Pull-up Bar

If you find it hard to stay on your pull-up bar, it might not be your grip. Your pull-up bar might just need a good cleaning.

Over time, your pull-up bar will go through a lot of use, which means the moisture and oil from your hands will stay there unless you clean it.

Luckily, it is pretty easy to clean up your metal pull-up bar after working out.

Just grab a dry soft cloth and rubbing alcohol and rub it on your bar to get rid of the greasy spots.

To keep the natural shine, do not forget to dry off your metal pull-up bar after!

Method 5: Use Tape on Your Pull-Up Bar

If you want more grip on your pull-up bars, then you can opt for this super popular method.

Lots of athletes love putting athletic tape on their pull-up bars to get more grip.

All you have to do is wrap the tape around your pull-up bar and you are good to go!

Some people use different versions of tape. Hockey tape is a great option because it has a nice mix of stickiness and grip. You can also use baseball bat grip tape!

Did you know that you can even use electrical tape?

Example of how to add electrical tape

While it might not offer as much grip as athletic tape, it can be a quick solution if needed.

However, there are some flaws to using athletic tape. 

After using your pull-up bar that is wrapped in athletic time about 12 times, it can look and feel dirty. It will be especially noticeable if you have white athletic tape. 

Sweat and grime from your hands can also slowly seep into your athletic tape. That will make it look grubby and discolored.

However, if you do not care about how it looks, athletic tape is great.

Plus, you can always grab new athletic tape to re-wrap your bar if you want it to look new. Most athletic tape can range from anywhere from $10 to $30.

If you want some great athletic tape, here is one of my favorite ones<<.

I love this athletic tape because it is latex-free and hypoallergenic.

The tape can be a great quick fix, but it does not end there! Continue reading to learn about even more creative ways to get a better grip on your pull-up bar.

Method 6: Make Use of Straps

Maybe the problem is not that you have a slippery pull-up bar. The problem might be your grip.

You might find it hard to grip for a long time, especially if you are still new to using a pull-up bar.

Luckily, you can grab some lifting straps for around $10-30 to help you out.

Tighten your lifting straps around your wrists.

After you are done, wrap your lifting straps around the pull-up bar several times.

Then you can close your grip around the lifting straps.

That way, you know your hands will not slip off of the pull-up bar. 

Although this method is not always ideal. It can be hard to develop forearm muscles if you always use lifting straps.

To learn how to have a strong grip, you have to engage the forearm muscles without straps.

Your forearms will take longer to develop with straps because it puts less demand on the forearms.

What you can do to make sure your muscles develop is by using lifting straps occasionally. For example, you can use straps for day 1, not use it on day 2, and so on.

That way, you can build up more strength so eventually, you will not need the lifting straps! 

Do you want to see how good straps look like? Then I recommend you check out these ones <<.

I really love them because they are affordable, very strong and long enough.

Method 7: Grab Some Foam Grips

One of the quickest ways to get more grip on your pull-up bar is by sliding some foam grips onto it.

This study [2] shows how foam can help people get a better grip on tool handles, so you can apply the same logic to your pull-up bar!

All you need to do is buy some foam grips at the right width. Most foam grips will only cost you about $9-20.

A major benefit that you can get from foam grips is that you can choose different textures. For instance, some foam grips are cushy while some are tough.

However, that does not mean that foam grips are perfect. They can make your grip very thick.

While it usually only adds several millimetres to the pull-up bar, it can still have a huge difference to your workout.

Very solid foam grips I really like

Do you seek some awesome foam grips for your pull-up bar? Then take a look at these ones<<.

Even if these foam grips are not designed for a pull-up bar, they are still a really effective solution to help you add more grip.

Now we have looked over some standard ways to add grip. Check out some more of my unusual yet effective ideas below!

Method 8: Spray Your Pull-Up Bar with Anti-Slip Spray

A lot of people spray some clear anti-slip spray onto rails and stairs to prevent falling and slipping.

So, you can use the same logic by spraying anti-slip spray on your pull-up bar.

You can find anti-slip spray online and in many hardware stores. It normally costs around $10-20 for a can.

If you are interested in a really good anti-slip spray I’ve used, you can try this one out<<.

You can use it to easily spray down your metal bar, and you can use it on other materials too!

Bring your pull-up bar outside then use the anti-slip spray to spray your handlebar down at all angles.

However, it is important to remember that you need to let it dry for a full 24 hours before using your pull-up bar.

While anti-slip spray can help you avoid slipping down from your pull-up bar, it is not 100% effective.

If your hands are really sweaty, you might still slip even after you spray anti-slip spray.

However, it can still help you get a better grip compared to a bare pull-up bar that does not have anti-slip spray on it.

Method 9: Use a Bicycle Inner Tube

Yes, a bicycle tire might sound crazy at first, but it can really help you get a better grip on your pull-up bar.

This study [3] explains why pens have a rubbery grip. Therefore, you can use that idea to get a better grip on your pull-up bar!

A bicycle inner tube offers a textured firm grip to your pull-up bar. Many people prefer this method because they do not like the way tape or chalk feels.

Now, let us talk about how you can use a bicycle tire on your bar.

How to Put a Bicycle Tire on Your Pull-Up Bar

  • Try to grab a bicycle inner tube that is thick enough in its circumference. That way, it will be able to cover the pull-up bar.
  • Next, you have to cut the bicycle tire to 2 grip size pieces. Each piece should be around 6-in. Long.
  • Now, wrap the grips around the pull-up bar. You want to focus wrapping the areas you would normally grip your pull-up bar.

Then that is it! You now have a nice rubber grip to enhance your overall workout. 

However, this method might not be great for everyone. You might not have any extra bicycle tires lying around in your garage, especially ones that can fit your bar.

Some tires might be too large, which can make your grip too loose. If your tire is too small, it will not be enough to wrap your pull-up bar. 

The cost of a bicycle tire will depend on how much tire you will need to cover your pull-up bar. It typically costs around $15-40 for a bicycle inner tube.

You can take a look at this item if you want a good and inexpensive inner tube<<.

I think this inner tube is ideal because of the texture, so you can stay on your pull-up bar for a longer time.

But before you start cutting in down remember that it’s going to be 100 times better to use it for a while and once it gets too many holes then you should act.

To Conclude

Adding more grip to your pull-up bar is not difficult to do.

You can wrap it with athletic tape or a bicycle tire, slap some chalk on your hands, and much more!

You can try your hand at experimenting with any of my ideas above. That way, you can find out which method works best for you!

If you want to learn more about pull-up bars to get toned and build more strength, you can check out my other articles, too!

You do not have to get discouraged whenever you slip from your pull-up bar. 

There is always a solution to everything to help you keep progressing with your fitness journey.

You can follow my tips to get the most out of your workout and stop slipping from your pull-up bar!


Hey there, my name is Bozhidar and I'm a certified online personal trainer with University Degree in Sports and Nutrition.

With the help of my knowledge and over 8 years of workout experience, I can help you get on the next level. I own a home gym, do calisthenics, little gymnastics, and love to ride a bike.

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