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Is Calisthenics a Waste Of Time? The Truth Will Shock You

I was giving all my best but my body wasn’t moving an inch.

Come on freaking arms, one last pull. 

Every muscle of my body was so tensed that I don’t know how I didn’t explode.

After my second attempt was a total disaster I dropped myself of the pull-up bar, screamed in anger, and kicked the near rock which flew into the nearby bush.

F*****CK! WHY???

How I was feeling

This was 2nd or 3rd month of me trying to do 15 pull-ups but with no avail.

And the worst part was that I haven’t seen any serious progress in my weight, size, or strength during the past 5-6 months.

I’ve finally had enough. 

I was tired of doing these stupid workouts only to stay the same and have no real progress…

Maybe they were all right. Maybe calisthenics was a total waste of time and effort…

But if that was true why there were so many people from all over the world that have amazing physiques, huge amounts of strength and skills to do stunning moves and even complete in the Olympics?

But what do all of them have that I don’t?

Deep inside I really knew that there was a way.

I had to find the true answer and find out if calisthenics is really a waste of time…

and I had to do it FAST…

Hi there, my name is Bozhidar and I’m the dude that had serious problems with calisthenics.

But not anymore.

Luckily I’ve managed to find the solution I was looking for and now everything has changed.

Here’s a quick picture of part of my transformation that I did with the help of my bodyweight training program:

Do you want to learn how I did it?

Keep reading because in the upcoming chapters you are going to learn exactly what to do so calisthenics ISN’T going to be a waste of time!

But before you go any further I want to tell you something EXTREMELY important

Even if you follow all the steps I’m going to share you below you are still very likely to fail miserably and waste your time trying to achieve your goals if you don’t have a solid basic information and workout plan.

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In addition to that I highly recommend you to stick till the end of this post because you will later learn:

  • The truth about calisthenics and its importance
  • The main reasons why some people believe calisthenics is a waste of time
  • How to make sure calisthenics isn’t a waste of time
  • 5 of my best tips on how to get the maximum out of every single workout you do
  • and much more…

Here we go…

Is Calisthenics a Waste Of Time? The Hard Truth

Here’s the short answer to this question:

No calisthenics is not a waste of time because it keeps you in shape, helps you lose weight, build strength and muscle, and improves your overall health. 

Even if doing calisthenics is not easy, and requires a lot of practice and time bodyweight workouts are still one of the best and harmless ways for you to become healthier and more confident.

But there’s a lot more than that. 

Here’s why I strongly believe calisthenics is good…

No, that can’t be true. I’m really trying my best. – I explained to my friends.

Apparently all of them agreed that I wasn’t getting any results because my nutrition and training regime sucked. 

Even if I wasn’t on the same page right from the start I slowly started to see my mistakes. 

So after all calisthenics wasn’t a waste of time. The main problem was me

I simply didn’t know what the hell I was doing and like most people I blamed everything else except for me.

After I learned what were my biggest mistakes I quickly focused on fixing them. 

I recalculated all my calories and started to eat around 500 more every day and bought my first calisthenics workout program called Bar Brothers The System.

This program was recommended to me by a bunch of people because it offered a step-by-step progression plan which was exactly what I needed.

After everything was set up I had only one thing to do:

Stick to it!

At first, I wasn’t very confident that my new plan would work but after the weeks started to slowly pass by I finally started to see actual progress.

My muscles were becoming bigger, I was gaining a lot more strength in certain areas and my overall skill set was improving as well. 

Bodyweight training was finally working for me! 

At last!

So then and there I figured out that nothing is a waste of time if it makes you happy and is making you stronger and healthier.

Especially when talking about working out.

But in order to make sure you are doing everything correctly you need to have a plan.

That’s why I highly recommend you to check out my Bar Brothers The System program review by clicking here <<

Sneak peek of my review

This is hands down one of the best programs I have ever followed and without its help I don’t know if I was going to write this article.

So if you want great results go and check it out.

Before I share with you all the tips I want to answer this very complicated question:

Why Some People Believe Calisthenics is a Waste Of Time?

I’m pretty aware that not all people are going to share my opinion about calisthenics.

But, it’s ok. I won’t go mad.

The interesting thing I’ve seen this similar pattern from all people who have some sort of hate for this type of training.

But let’s be real here. 

I’ve also had a love-hate relationship with bodyweight training for a pretty long time.

I’m human after all.

And that’s the main reason why I understand pretty good where do some of the hate comes from.

Can you guess what happens when you hate and curse everything you do?

Absolutely nothing. 

When your attitude is bad and you blame everyone and everything about your problems you don’t get far.

Believe me, it’s not worth it. 

That’s why I highly recommend you to read the 3 main reasons belowand learn from them.

One of the smartest ways not to have problems is to learn how to avoid them in the first place.

Here we go…

1. They Don’t See Any Results

“Don’t do calisthenics bro, it’s a complete waste of time. You won’t become big or strong and you are going to learn a bunch of things you won’t really need…” 

After I heard those 2 sentences my blood started to boil.

You wot mate!

This was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard but I know where these thoughts come from. 

People who believe such things haven’t seen great results themselves or simply repeat words blindlessly.

As a matter of fact during the period where I was lacking the results I wanted I thought similar things but thinking about certain things doesn’t make them true.

It’s in our human nature to believe that once we can’t do something it usually sucks and it’s a waste of time.

That’s why I don’t believe a lot of people when they tell me something is really bad and I should avoid it.

And why should I? 

You’ve never going to find out if something can help you or not if you don’t try it yourself.

2. They Don’t Have The Patience

This is the second most important factor when it comes to calisthenics and results. 

The majority of people don’t want to wait and demand everything to be completed in the shortest amount of time.

But let me tell you a secret…

Our world doesn’t work like that. If you want results you have to be patient.

You have to be really patient.

What? I’ve been waiting for the mouse for 1 minute…

In order to see my first real results I had to work hard many long months.

If I had quitted only after 1 or 2 months I wouldn’t see any significant changes to my body. 

And guess what…

I would probably say the same thing that calisthenics stinks and it’s no good.

3. They Simply Don’t Like Failure

Nobody likes to fail but that’s what is going to happen no matter what you do.

That’s how life works.

And doing calisthenics is not different. You are still going to fail a lot.

Oh my god…

You are going to fall down, suffer unexpected injuries, miss important goals, lack the power to do enough reps, not have the strength to complete everything, or the patience to learn new stuff.

As you could see becoming good in calisthenics isn’t a simple or easy process.

It requires a lot of learning, trying and testing new things and failing miserably.

And that’s exactly why I believe not many people are going to like it. 

It’s tough.

But we all know that the most difficult things are the most rewarding ones so:

No pain, no gain!

If you want to stick to bodyweight training you need to have a solid plan, a lot of patience and accept all the pain, sacrifice and failure among your way.

Once you understand how to do everything the doors to success will open.

Let’s see what exactly can you do in order to make every workout count! 

How To Make Sure That Calisthenics ISN’T a Waste Of Time (Top 5 Things You Should Do Right Now)

I completely understand that doing calisthenics isn’t easy and you can make a lot of mistakes but if you do these 5 things correctly you will be ahead of everyone.

Here is exactly what you need to do in order to constantly get better and better:

  1. Follow a specific and progressive workout plan
  2. Have specific and challenging goals
  3. Try to constantly get out of your comfort zone
  4. Combine calisthenics with other types of activities
  5. Buy additional equipment

Buckle your seatbelt, take the popcorn and hit the gas pedal because we are just getting in the speed of light.

Here’s the first rule you want to follow:

1. Follow a specific and progressive bodyweight workout plan

Can you get to the other side of the world without some type of map or navigation?

Probably you could but it’s going to be 100 times easier if you use Google Maps or GPS.

The same exact thing applies to bodyweight training. 

Yes, you could still get some results if you do random stuff you find on Youtube or on the web but nothing could beat a well structured step-by-step progression program. 

Why do you need to have a great calisthenics workout plan?

Because everything is already done for you and you are left with only following some steps.

Imagine the program being the jacked personal trainer and you being the skinny nerd entering for the first time in the gym…

Calisthenics program on the left, you on the right

Also, let’s not forget that a nice workout program could save you weeks and months of headaches, no results, and high blood pressure. 

If I wasn’t bought and followed Bar Brothers The System I hardly doubt that I would have the same results and skills I have today.

That’s why I highly recommend you to find a solid calisthenics program and start following it as soon as possible.

Some of the people that have used this program

If you want to get serious about calisthenics and take your results to the next level I highly recommend you read my complete in-depth review of my favorite calisthenics program.

Buying this program was one of my smartest investment of $47 I have ever made.

Click the link above to learn more.

2. Have specific and challenging goals

Hey man, why do you train?” – I asked

Because I want to get big and strong and learn planche. It looks pretty dope.” – Steve answer

Oh no Steve …

Even if this wasn’t the worst answer I have heard it was still pretty bad

From his answer, I learned that my buddy Steve has some type of goal but it’s not specific enough

And that is probably going to cause him a lot of problems in the future.

Here’s why…

Why you must have specific goals?

Even if Steve has some type of goal he will never be satisfied with his results because he can’t track them:

  • If he simply wants to get bigger and stronger how will he know if he has progressed?
  • How is he going to know if he is moving in the right direction?
  • When is he going to finish?

Do you understand why this is important?

If your goals sucks so will your results. 

But don’t worry here are a couple of steps I have learned that can help you create awesome and useful goals:

Step 1 – You need to select a goal you want to achieve and be extremely specific about it. 

For example I want to become bigger and gain 5 lbs of muscle mass.

Step 2 – The next thing you have to do is to pick a time period in which you want that to happen. 

For example I want to gain 5 lbs of muscle in the next 60 days.

Step 3 – Before you are done do the logical test. Read again and use your logic and common sense to find out if your goal is achievable or not. 

It really sucks when you don’t reach your goals so make them something you can do. 

Step 4 – Write it down.

woman writing down on a notebook her progress

Once everything is created write down your newly born goal somewhere and make sure you are going to see it every day.

Here’s my current goal I’m working on right now:

BTW this is my 10th post so far 😉

3. Try to constantly get out of your comfort zone

If you don’t want your workouts to become boring and unproductive you have to take things on the next level.

No matter what exercise you do your main aim should be to do it in such a way that you are going to feel uncomfortable.

That’s exactly how all big results are made.

Is this really necessary?

If you want to get the maximum out of your workouts then yes.

The goal of calisthenics is to become stronger, bigger and learn more skills but if you always do the same boring things none ofthat is not going to happen.

That’s why I recommend to all of you to invest in Bar Brothers The System because this program is full of different exercises and unique variations

Some of the exercises

And the biggest results we make happen when we try new things.

4. Combine calisthenics with other types of activities

If you are only doing calisthenics and nothing else you are losing a lot.

Even if bodyweight training is very effective it’s not the best option for many different things. 

That’s why you have to add variety in your life.

Why not just do only calisthenics?

Because you want to have functional strength and different skills and don’t be like those buff dudes that look like a Marvel Superhero but get tired only after climbing a couple of stairs…

Most guys

That’s why you have to be really open-minded when it comes to different sports and physical activities.

I personally love to ride a bike, go and hike and workout at my home gym as well. 

I’m not limited to only calisthenics.

Me on top of a mountain

As you can see there are a lot of things you can do but if we combine all the benefits you get you are going to see why it’s worth it.

For example, that’s why I’ve never had any problems with long distances, steep hills, lifting heavy weights, etc.

Because of my lifestyle and the variety of different things I do I’m really fit and capable of doing almost any physical activity without any problem. 

So what are you waiting for? Pick some great hobbies and go and learn new things!

5. Buy additional equipment

One of the best things you can in order to improve your calisthenics game is to buy additional equipment.

“But Bozhidar, buying additional calisthenics equipment is going to cost me money…”

Of course it’s going to cost you money but what’s more important for you:

Your long term results and health or losing $30-$50?

I really hope you pick the first option!

Do you really have to buy additional equipment?

When it comes to spending money nobody is really forcing you to spend a dime.

But let’s not be like our old buddy Uncle Scrooge…

If you could spare a couple of bucks for equipment you are going to get 10x better and faster results.

Additional Equipment > No Equipment

Don’t worry you are not going to have to buy a whole high-tech home gym that is going to cost you your daily coffee for 5 years ahead of time.

All the things I use for calisthenics cost less than $50.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

What is the best calisthenics equipment you should get?

Even if there are a lot of stuff you can find in every big sports store most of them are not really that important.

But these are my favorite 3 pieces of equipment I use almost every day:

1. Gymnastic Rings

If you have only $40-$50 and you are looking where to spend it please let it be for gymnastic rings.

They is my favorite piece of equipment because gymnastic rings are extremely lightweight and portable. 

Only with these 2 bad boys, you can make every part of your body scream for help. 

Buying my wooden rings was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done.

Yes, really.

You can attach them almost anywhere and easily change the height and transform them into a portable pull-up bar, dip station or push-up stands.

And this is only a small fraction of all the things you can achieve with this amazing piece of equipment.

After all, there’s a reason why they are used in the Olympics…

If you are looking for some solid and lightweight wooden rings click here and check out the ones I personally use. 

2. Resistance Bands

If you combine rings with bands you are going to feel like a god.

Yes, really!

Resistance bands are the holy grail of extra resistance because they are extremely lightweight (even lighter than rings) and can help you target every single muscle of your body.

If you are going to buy bands make sure you buy the ones that have the whole loop design because they can be used to support your weight for learning new things while also can make all the movements a lot harder.

If you are curious and want to check mine out on Amazon, please click here.

Friendly Tip:

If you want to save a bunch of money I highly recommend you to buy the biggest set you can see.

Even if you won’t be able to use some of the bands now don’t worry. You will be surprised how fast you are going to include them in your workouts.

3. Wall-mounted pull-up bar

If you have the place and the budget don’t hesitate and invest in a nice wall-mounted pull-up bar.

This is one of the smartest things you could do because having a pull-bar directly in your home is going to provide you with a 24/7 place to workout.

That way you won’t have any issues with cold, bad weather and darkness.

My pull-up bar

And let’s not forget the fact that you can use your pull-up bar to hang rings or resistance bands.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune over a pull-up bar but still want to get a very secure one you can click here to check mine.

This bar was easy to install, has enough width for wide pull-ups and hasn’t moved an inch.

Calisthenics And Results: The Next Steps

And these were the top 5 best things you can in order to make sure that calisthenics isn’t a waste of time.

If you have the time, money and desire please try them out.

Now you understand why calisthenics is one of the best things you can do and how it could help you transform your life!

All you are left to do now is to take action!

In order to make things easy for you I’ve separated everything in 3 easy steps you can follow right now!


Enter your email below and get instant access to our brand new guide “How to Start Calisthenics: The Ultimate Guide“.

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If you can spare $47 then you should take a couple of minutes and learn more about my current bodyweight program I recommend.

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Why stop now!

Read even more solid information about bodyweight training.

Here are some of my favorite articles you may enjoy as well:

But at the end of the day, everything is up to you.

With that out of the way, it’s time to part ways.

But before I go I want to thank you for taking the time to read my post. 

I will be extremely happy if any of this was helpful and you learned a thing or two about calisthenics and why it rocks.

If you have any questions and thoughts leave them in the comment section below.

And like always: May the bars be with you,



Hey there, my name is Bozhidar and I'm a certified online personal trainer with University Degree in Sports and Nutrition.

With the help of my knowledge and over 8 years of workout experience, I can help you get on the next level. I own a home gym, do calisthenics, little gymnastics, and love to ride a bike.

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