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Critical Bench Program 2.0 Review: My Results After 3 Months

Updated Today

Do you want to build more strength and muscle fast?

Do you look for an efficient and proven way to increase how much you can bench?

Are you tired of being weak and getting no to little results?

If you are looking for the solution to all those problems you are in the right place. Keep reading because by the end of this Critical Bench 2.0 review I will show you exactly what you get, what were my results and most importantly – is it really working?

Hi there, my name is Bozhidar and Yes, I’ve actually bought and used the Critical Bench Program for a couple of months

Do you want to see my actual results?

Keep reading because in the next few chapters you will learn the real truth about this program.

Here’s how it all happened…

One more rep. I could do it. I had to do it, but the bar wasn’t following my instructions. 

Instead of going up, it stayed on top of my chest no matter how hard I pushed. Luckily, it was only 60 kg (120 lbs). Otherwise, I would be stuck underneath it. 

After sliding it over my body and leaving it on the floor I thought about my frustrating situation.

This was my 4th month of doing bench press on my brand new adjustable bench I had bought for my home gym. 

Here is my adjustable bench

Even with this amazing equipment available, I was still weak and my chest wasn’t growing. 

I’ve always had a problem with my chest being smaller compared to the other parts of my body. That’s why I really hated my situation. 

But what I hated, even more, was the feeling you get once you have invested months and months of hard work only to see no results. Nothing. Nada.

Screw you, Youtube and all those useless videos I was constantly watching in order to learn something useful. It was a total waste of time and my results were confirming it.

I felt miserable and beaten. I have lost. 

But I wasn’t going to give up on my goals that easily. I would fight. I had to try something else.

Maybe it was time to spend some money? Try something new? 

It would be awesome if I could find a legit program designed for me that could teach me how to get bigger and stronger in only a couple of months.

But from where to start? 

How to find something that is legit without paying an arm and a leg?

I don’t know anybody who could advise me and I could not trust Youtube. 

Which left me with only one option – Google.

Even if the web is full of junk products, fake promises and bad advice I finally found exactly what I was looking for.

I had found the solution to all my problems and it was actually working. 

And on top of that, I got it for a very low price…

The Critical Bench Program 2.0 Review: Here’s My Thoughts and Opinions on this program

Yes, the solution I’m talking about is Critical Bench.

But before I share all the important details you need to know let’s start from the beginning

Why I have decided to buy it.

How I came across this product?

I was determined. I was going to find a working solution to my problems. I was sick of doing all these workouts and not getting any results.

Once I sat down in front of my computer I stopped for a brief moment and thought. 

Ok, I can’t trust Youtube so where is the best place to find good products? 

First of all, how to determine if a product is good or bad? 

One word popped in my head – reviews. Or simply recommendations from happy customers. 

Ok, that’s a good start but where to find these people…?

Maybe in a big fitness forum?

Why not? I’ve previously seen thousands of people talking all sorts of stuff and maybe, just maybe I could find what I was looking for.

After opening a couple of the worlds biggest fitness forums,

I stumbled upon a recently started thread that could my attention. The person was asking something of the lines of:

Can somebody recommend me a good program in order to build a bigger chest and more strength?” 

I was intrigued so I opened the tread and started to read all the comments.

Inside one of them, another member has shared this program called The Critical Bench Program 2.0 and some sort of discount link from which you can get it cheaper. 

His answer had a couple of likes and a few other members were also recommending and saying good things about this program. Things like how the program is good, it works, etc.

So I decided to click the given link that lead me to this very interesting discount page.

After some reading and a bit more research I’ve decided to give it a try and bought it.

After all, many people were recommending it and the price was nice so why not.

But what is this program exactly?

How it can help you?

Let’s find out!

What is The Critical Bench Program 2.0?

The Critical Bench Program 2.0 is a complete 10-week program designed to help you increase your maximum bench with at least 50 lbs for that period of time

Its main purpose is to help you get stronger, build more muscle mass and improve your physical performance.

The whole program is made out of different ebooks, videos, interviews and success stories. It’s something like the ultimate guide you need in order to take your bench pressing skills on the next level.

With its 80+ different workout logs, you can easily customize everything towards your goal. 

The workout longs start at the goal of 100 lbs one rep max and go up to 500 lbs. 

That makes this program suitable for almost anybody. It doesn’t really matter if you are a complete beginner or a hardcore veteran – there is still room for progress. 

And let’s not forget that the stronger and more powerful you are, the bigger your muscles are going to get. Progressive overload is the magic behind this program.

Do you want even more details than that? Click here to get the special discount and learn more <<.

But what things have made me invest in it?

Is it really better than the rest online courses?

Let’s find out…

Why The Critical Bench 2.0 is better than most similar products

Yes, I’m very aware that this isn’t the only program promising more strength, muscle mass and results. 

But in my opinion, it’s a lot better than the majority of them.

Here’s why…

The first and most obvious thing is that this program is recommended by a lot of people.

If I haven’t read those positive comments in the forum I would not even know this program existed. And when a lot of regular normal people recommend something it’s most likely good. 

As a matter of fact, that’s how I bought many things. Not by the advertising I see, but by the recommendations, I get from other people.

The next thing I want to add up is the fact that you get a lot of value. I was really impressed when I learned that with my purchase I also got more than 80 different workout logs.

Now that a lot…

Having so much variety can really be helpful because It could provide you with everything you need to get stronger and stronger as long as you want.

And most importantly – the workouts do really work

By following them for around 3 months (little more than the 10-week default time of the program) I actually did become bigger, stronger and my bench press personal record improved by 30 kg (about 60 lbs).

And let’s not forget that this course is made by Mike Westerdal.

Photo of Mike

Mike isn’t just some random guy who in most cases is a fake persona that doesn’t really exist. 

Instead, he is a certified personal trainer, powerlifter and athlete with decades of experience.

And you can learn a lot from somebody who can bench 603 lbs right?

Finally, I believe that buying this course is a great deal. For the small discounted price of $47 you get a lot of stuff (more on that later).

I have seen many different overprices programs that cost up to 3 or 4 times more than that offering only a small fraction of the value you get here.

Do you want to save a couple of bucks? Click here to use the discounted anniversary price and get Critical Bench 2.0 for only $47 <<

And those were the main reasons why I believe this program is a lot better than what’s out there on the web.

But I don’t believe I’ve shared enough details about Mike.

Let’s find out if he is somebody who can be trusted?

Who is behind Critical Bench Program 2.0 and can you trust him?

As I have already shared the creator of the Critical Bench Program 2.0 is Mike Westerdal.

Mike’s transformation

Mike is a certified personal trainer and a powerlifter who competes in both APA and APF federations. 

Besides his competitive carrier, he is also a strength coach and is in great shape. His best bench press is 630 lbs or around 300 kg. That’s really impressive.

But rather than keeping all his knowledge and years of experience for himself, Mike shares it with the world using his massive social media presence.

By the time I’m writing this Mike’s got over 355 000 likes on Facebook,

about 262 000 followers on Instagram,

and over half a million subscribers on Youtube.

These numbers are very impressive and prove that many people trust his advice and knowledge. 

If Mike was full of sh*t, nobody was going to follow him. Especially so many worldwide fans.

But let’s get even more in-depth than that.

Here’s what some of them have to say about Mike and his videos.

Please check this screenshot:

And this one as well:

As you can see there are a lot of things you can learn from him and his course. 

But even if his course is good and effective it’s still not for everybody.

Here’s why…

Is The Critical Bench Program 2.0 for You?

The reason why I think this program may not be a good choice for some people is the way everything is structured.

In order to complete the whole program, you need to train 5 times per week for 2 and a half months.

I know that doesn’t seem a lot but surprisingly, for many people it is.

Even if I don’t like to say it, most people are not going to get through those 10 weeks because it’s not easy.

The Critical Bench Program requires actual hard work, sweat, and patience.

And not only that. 

In order to make things easier for you to understand I have created 2 different categories.

Check them out and find out where you fit. Then you will have a clear understanding of this program and if it could help you or not.

In my opinion, this product is for people…

  • Who have good work ethic and don’t have any problems following routines.
  • Who are willing to do the hard work and sweat.
  • Who want to increase their strength, power, and personal accomplishments.
  • Who want to build a bigger chest and improve their bench press one-rep max.
  • Who have access to a gym or home gym equipment.
  • Who don’t have any serious shoulder or elbow problems.
  • Who want to test their limits, compete and improve their physical performance.
  • Who are looking for a complete workout program to follow.

Do you see yourself somewhere in there? 

I hope so because we are getting to the opposite side of things.

Let’s see who is the type of person that may not benefit from this course.

I don’t think this product is for people…

  • Who currently have some type of injury or can’t lift heavy.
  • Who don’t have access to a gym or any home gym equipment.
  • Who want to train only by using their body weight.
  • Who can’t follow a routine and constantly make excuses.
  • Who believe that good results come quickly and easily.

After you have read both categories you should have an idea if this program is for you.

If you believe it is, keep reading because we are getting into the exciting part.

Let’s see what you really get once you buy this course…

What’s included with The Critical Bench Program 2.0

As you will see shortly I have actually bought the whole course. To make things easier for you I will guide you from the start till the end of the whole buying process so you really know what you get.

Here we go!

Right after you pay and your payment method is accepted you get access to the course. You can download and watch everything from this page:

After you scroll down a little you will see all the download links to the main files and all your bonuses.

Here’s how everything looks:

And here are a few more links to the bonuses:

and this one as well:

There are also a few more links I haven’t shown but you get the point. After you download everything you get 9 things in total.

Here’s everything you get from the Critical Bench 2.0 program:

  1. Your Critical Bench Program 2.0 (main 65-page ebook)
  2. Critical Bench Program Training Logs (80 complete 10-week programs designed to help you increase your one-rep max)
  3. Bench Press Fundamentals Online DVD (40-minute video tutorial)
  4. The Critical Deload Routine (29-page ebook)
  5. Conversations With Elite Iron Warriors (146-page ebook)
  6. Critical Exercise Guide (226-page ebook)
  7. In-depth Report On Creatine’s Usage In Sports (31-page ebook)
  8. Bonus: World-Class Bench Pressing Ken Lain’s Record (ebook)
  9. Bonus: Five Muscle Building Expert Interviews (ebook and audiobook)

Do you want to learn all the details about those 9 things? Click here for the special anniversary discount price <<

But why stop here?

Let’s get more in-depth and see what each one of those things can help you.

1. Your Critical Bench Program 2.0 (main 65-page ebook)

This is the main ebook of the whole program.

Here’s sneak peek of its table of content:

Inside this ebook you are going to learn:

  • The science behind the whole program
  • Important details about rest and recovery
  • How to adjust your workouts to gain more strength
  • How to choose which days to work out and why
  • Vital things about bench press such as positioning, grip, back arch, feet placement, shoulder blades position, etc.
  • The importance of picking the right supplemental exercises
  • How to stretch and warm up correctly
  • How much to rest between sets, number of reps and the importance of workout partners
  • How to get the right mindset
  • What are the best supplements for this type of training
  • Some good meals and interesting and useful tips
  • FAQ section
  • How to track down your progress
  • and much more

2. Critical Bench Program Training Logs (10-week programs)

This is my favorite part of the whole program.

Here’s how all the training logs looks like

As I have already mentioned you get 80 different training logs starting from 100 lbs and going up to 500 lbs one rep max using 5 lbs increments.

Here’s how a week from each log looks like:

As you can see with each log you get all the exercises, the number of sets, weight, and reps. You also have the option to print it for more convenience.

3. Bench Press Fundamentals Online DVD (video tutorial)

This online DVD is one nearly 40-minute long video tutorial explaining all the things from the main ebook in video format.

The video is full of great stuff and I highly recommend you to watch it even if you have read the entire ebook.

Here’s what the video looks like:

All the information from the video is well explained and easy to understand.

4. The Critical Deload Routine (ebook)

This is a 29-page ebook teaching you everything you need to know about deloading.

What it is, what are the benefits, why you need to do it, how to do it, what supplements to use and even how to handle common injuries.

As you can see this ebook is not very long but it is still packed with great info.

5. Conversations With Elite Iron Warriors (ebook)

In this massive nearly 150-page ebook, Mike shares in-depth interviews with world-famous bodybuilders, powerlifters, and fighters.

After reading it I can tell you that this book is great and full of useful gems if you know where to look.

6. Critical Exercise Guide (ebook)

With its 226 pages and hundreds of different tutorials, this book is amazing only on its own.

I find it really helpful when I’m looking for new exercises and information on how to do them correctly.

One of the best things about owning such a document is that you don’t need an internet connection to use it. 

You can simply download it on your phone or computer and you are done. It’s like having a complete workout library just with a few clicks.

7. In-depth Report On Creatine’s Usage In Sports (ebook)

Table of content sneak peek

If you are looking to add creatine inside your nutrition this ebook is exactly what you need.

It has everything you need to know about creatine and how it can help you. Sadly there is only one ebook. It would be great if there was an ebook for every type of supplement.

8. Bonus: World-Class Bench Pressing Ken Lain’s Record (ebook)

As I have told several times in my blog, one of the best things you can do is to learn from people that are already done what you seek.

And this pdf ebook does exactly that. Inside it you are going to learn from one of the best athletes in this category – Ken Lain

Almost the whole ebook is written as a big interview worth reading.

9. Bonus: Five Muscle Building Expert Interviews (ebook and audiobook)

The final bonus of this program is even more interviews with famous athletes.

Here’s how the download links look like:

As you can see you are given 2 options – to listen to the interview (some of them are a few hours long) or to download it as a PDF text file and read it.

Whatever option you choose you won’t get wrong.

I want to also mention that you are given the option to register your program and get sent even more interviews than that. 

Do to so you simply need to enter your name and email at the top of the same page containing all the links.

And that’s really it.

As you can see you are getting a huge amount of value in return. 

Do you want to save a couple of bucks? Click here to get the Critical Bench 2.0 at a special discounted price <<

Now you know what this program is about, who has created it and what you get.

But is it all perfect?

Are there any major flaws you need to know?

Let’s find out…

Pros and cons of The Critical Bench 2.0

If I have to be completely honest with you, this product is good but it’s not perfect.

After following the program for about 3 months and reading and watching almost everything you get I can share with you my honest opinion about the Critical Bench Program 2.0.

Let’s begin…

Here are my favorite things I like about this program:

  • One of my favorite things about this whole program is the freedom you get with the big amount of training logs. It was super easy for me to pick exactly the one I needed.

  • I also like how this program is only 10-weeks long and uses the progressive overload technique. It also targets your whole body, not only your chest which is another great thing I want to mention.

  • I find the additional exercises ebook very helpful because only with a quick glance I can see many different exercises I can do. It’s a great thing to use when you get tired of doing the same exercises.

  • The many different interviews are very inspiring. Reading or listening to them is one of the best ways to learn something new right from the best. Inside these interviews, you can find a lot of gold nuggets if you take the time to check them.

  • I really liked all the different tips Mike give. They are very useful and can really help you improve your form and results. There are things I learned that I would never figure out on myself.

There are a couple more good things I like, but these are my favorite ones. 

But enough positivity. 

Let’s see what are the cons of this program.

Here are a couple of things I don’t like about this program:

  • In my opinion, the main problem with this whole program is nutrition. There are a couple of great meals and tips but besides that, there isn’t anything more. It would be really helpful if there was more information on that topic.

  • It would be great if there were some type of huge video library filled with all the different workouts and exercises. All the pictures and descriptions are good but videos would be even better.

  • The structure of everything is a little confusing. Because you get so many things, it could easily become overwhelming from where to start. That was an issue I had during the first couple of hours after I bought it.

Except for these few problems I don’t have any major issues with this course. It’s simple, easy to follow and most importantly – it gives results.

Do you want to check it out? Click this link to get the discounted price and see the course <<

With that being said I’m really excited about what’s coming next. 

We’ve arrived at the best part of the whole review – my results.

Let’s check them out…

My Results from Using The Critical Bench Program 2.0

Because the best way to share results is to show them that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Here are 2 pictures showing my progress after following this program for about 3-4 months.

Before – left, after – right

Do you want to see more similar or a lot better transformations than mine? Click here to see what’s really possible with the help of this program.

As you can see I don’t have life-changing results but during that period of time, I managed to achieve 2 very important things:

  1. I gained more muscle on my chest and upper body
  2. I increase my one rep bench press max with about 30 kg more (that’s around 50-60 lbs).

    It went from 70 kg to 100 kg (140 lbs to 200 lbs if I’m calculating right)

And that’s exactly what the program promises

So after sharing that I can easily say that I’m very happy with how things turned out after I tried the new workout plan. 

It’s not easy to follow and sometimes you are going to hate it but it works. 

And that’s the most important part of every program. The results.

Here’s how the whole process works:

With the help of this program, you are going to get stronger. With your increased strength you will be able to lift heavier weights.

With the additional resistance will come more muscle, size and better physical performance.

After you have seen my results you probаbly think:

Your results are great, but how long it’s going to take me to get similar ones?

Let’s find out…

How long is going to take for you to see results?

If I had to answer this question in only 3 words my answer would be:

I don’t know

Even if every workout log is 10-weeks long that doesn’t guarantee that after this period you are going to be able to have the power to push the amount of weight you are supposed to. 

It’s all about your genetics, work ethic, nutrition, recovery, and a couple hundred more things.

Nobody really knows how long it’s going to take you. Your results are a direct impact on your hard work.

But from personal experience, I can tell you this:

If you do the hard work and sweat, follow everything and don’t make any serious mistakes you will see positive results.

There is not a single doubt behind it. 

With that important question being answered I’m left with only one thing I want to share with you…

The Critical Bench Program 2.0 Price: What a Bargain, Here’s how I got Mine So Cheap

Before I share with you this secret, I want to answer one of the biggest questions that probably have.

Which is…

Is it worth it?

My short answer to this question is this.

Yes, totally.

But let’s take things more seriously than that. I will try to answer this question as well as I can.

Here are my top 5 reasons why I recommend this course.

1. It helps you build more muscle – I know that the main purpose of this whole program is to help you get stronger. But with the added new strength and regular workouts, you are going to get a big boost in your muscle mass as well. 

So not only you are going to get much more powerful, but you are going to build an awesome physique as well. 

Great right?

2. You can use the same techniques in many different areas – I’m talking about the progression and the whole program. With some creativity, you can use everything to increase your squat, deadlift, overhead press and any other major lifts you can think of. The main principles are multifunctional and once you grasp them your options are limitless.

3. It can be used by anyone – The main reason why I believe that to be true is the huge number of workout plans you get. No matter where you currently are you can pick the one best suited for you. If you haven’t read the whole article I want to add up that the plans start from 100 lbs and go up to 500 lbs one rep max.

4. It really saves you money and time – This course is very cheap if we compare it to many other ones. You also get a complete week to week program plan so you don’t need to waste any time thinking about what to do, when to do it, etc. Everything is done for you. No mistakes and no failures. And trust me, that saves you a lot of time and energy.

5. Jammed packed with great knowledge – As you saw for yourself with this program has many different ebooks and videos. And from what I’ve seen every one of them is unique and useful. We are talking about thousands of words and hours of interviews. If you want to learn a lot of useful stuff you are going to love this program.

Did I manage to help you?

I hope so because there’s one last thing I want to tell you…

Where to get The Critical Bench Program 2.0?

I got my copy of The Critical Bench Program 2.0 from the official website using this discounted anniversary link for only $47 <<.

If you are looking to buy the program and save some money I highly recommend you to use this link. It’s really worth it.

But why stop here?

Let’s go throughout the whole buying process so you really know what to expect.

Here we go.

Once you have clicked the discounted link above or the link here and follow the instructions you are going to land on this page.

Down this page, you are going to find all the details about this program, how it works, what you are going to get and what previous customers think.

If you have the time I recommend you to read it because you can learn a lot of things I didn’t have the time to mention in this review.

Once you are done and want to proceed further scroll down until you find this button and simply click it.

Clicking on this button is going to send you to the checkout page. This is how it looks:

Once there enter your details, choose your payment method and once everything is set up, click the “Pay Now” button.

As you can see from the highlighted area this whole course is 100% digital and with your purchase you also get a 60-day money-back guarantee.

I’ve never had to use it but it’s good to know that you are protected.

After you have clicked the button and your payment is accepted, you are going to get instant access to the course. 

Here’s how the course looks like from the inside:

and this:

Once there, download everything, watch all the videos, pick the right workout log for you and start following it.

And don’t forget that you must take regular action and hard work in order to see results.

And that’s really it.

From there on it’s all up to you.


In the beginning, I was a little skeptical about this program but after using it for a couple of months I completely changed my mind. 

The Critical Bench 2.0 Program was a great investment and really helped me get out of my plateau and start getting good results again.

The program helped me gain more muscle, increase all my major lifts and become way stronger in a relatively short period of time.

I believe it’s worth it and I’m very happy about the results I got.

I highly recommend Critical Bench 2.0 to anybody who has access to workout equipment and wants to build more muscle, strength, and size.

I believe this program is good and does what it says and that’s why I highly recommend it to anyone looking for great results.

Don’t forget to see if the anniversary discount price for Critical Bench 2.0 is still available here <<

With that being said it’s time for me to end this long post. 

Thank you very much for reading my Critical Bench Program 2.0 review. I hope you learned some useful things about the whole system and the way it works. 

Now you really know if this program is for you or not. 

If you think I have missed something don’t forget to let me know in the comments section below.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read my post. I hope to see you again,

– Bozhidar


Hey there, my name is Bozhidar and I'm a certified online personal trainer with University Degree in Sports and Nutrition.

With the help of my knowledge and over 8 years of workout experience, I can help you get on the next level. I own a home gym, do calisthenics, little gymnastics, and love to ride a bike.

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